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REMOVE vitamins w/Codex Aliemtarius, KILL microbiologists, STEP UP mycoplasma/chemtrails

[1] STEP UP: The government perpetrates non-detectable, virulent, stealth pathogens on the population by way of mosquito vectors (West Nile), primary aerosol, chemtrails, vaccines and possibly the food chain, and then you're put through a medical merry-go-round of disease specialists that know little or nothing about Mycoplasma ideology and do not have access to the necessary diagnostics for detection. --- The pharmaceutical companies and the warlocks in Washington and Wall Street are laughing all the way to the bank as they profit hundreds of billions of dollars on humanity's suffering while fulfilling their agenda of population control. --- Protocols To Treat Mycoplasma: Since Mycoplasma cannot be successfully treated with the usual short course duration of antibiotics due to their intracellular location...few Mycoplasma experts that specialize in this field... --- undeniable rapid increase of all neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases coming out of nowhere since the mid 1990's with absolutely no origin to their genealogy.

[2] REMOVE HEALTH CHOICE: However, if a patient does not want to destroy their body, a total overhaul of every cell from head to toe using a multi-faceted, non-toxic, holistic treatment approach is absolutely necessary to overcome Mycoplasma infections naturally. This is why vitamins and nutritional supplementation are so important in the therapy. However, these are being removed and "reclassified" out of reach under Codex Alimentarius. 5000 high strength vitamins are going off the market THIS YEAR until you Call Congress: Oppose bills S.722 and H.R.3377.


It's all coming together in my mind...
mycoplasma (mold) diseases, chemtrails, & your health choices discussed below
mycoplasma (mold) diseases, chemtrails, & your health choices discussed below
Are the dead microbiologists related to the step up of genetically engineered CHEMTRAIL delivered aerosol (U.S. military biowarfare grade) mold diseases?

Molecular Terrorism By Mycoplasm
Genetically Engineered Stealth Microbes
May Be The Source Of Your Health Problems
By Gary Tunsky
Crusador Newsletter

You wake up dead tired. You feel like you've been hit by a truck. Sleep becomes sporadic, if at all. When sound sleep occurs, the restoration of energy is minimal causing you to meticulously save your energy like a miser hoards gold. If you force yourself into activities beyond the scope of your normal daily chores, you pay a heavy price. A possible consequence is being bedridden for days.

You have trouble concentrating. Short-term memory losses make you feel like you're trapped in a brain fog. You have unexplained muscle aches and joint pains like a never-ending flu. Your spouse and family don't understand this new metamorphic change in you, going from active and bubbly to sick and decrepit in the prime of your life almost overnight. Your social life has disintegrated and once close friends are slowly drifting away because the monotonous explanation that you're too tired to see a movie or go out to dinner has waned thin. Your taking an abundance of sick time and your boss is starting to question your sanity. Nobody understands. Nobody believes. Nobody offers help. Well, almost nobody.

Thanks to the research of Professor Don Scott and Dr. Garth Nicholson, there is a growing awareness of a mysterious and debilitating illness that is affecting over 800,000 Americans, and being carried dormant by everyone in North America just waiting to be triggered into molecular terrorism. This man made, hidden stealth pathogen is named Mycoplasma, and is the common culprit in almost every disease process today including AIDS and Lymes disease.

Chances are if you feel sick and tired and your doctor is unable to make a definite diagnosis because lab tests, blood chemistry profiles and tissue cultures fail to reveal any disease pathogen, you might very well be infected with Mycoplasma.

According to Professor Don Scott, this newly formed virulent pathogen is a weaponized crystalline form of the nonpathogenic Brucella bacterium which resides naturally in the oral cavity, gut flora and superficial body sites that has been genetically engineered with the retro virus visna from sheep (scrapies) by our own military.

This mutated sub-viral particle acts by attaching to a gene in either the cell nuclei or mitochondria and given a suppressed immune system, acidic pH, low oxygen cell environment coupled with a triggered physical or emotional trauma, the Mycoplasma/amyloid will initiate a replication process of useless protein fibrils called nucleation. This process triggers programmed cell death disabling the ATP producing factories (mitochondria). These sub-viral bacterium particles have been termed prions by Dr. Prusiner, stealth viruses by John Martin, amyloid by Dr. Gajdusek and Mycoplasma/Brucellosis by Don Scott and Garth Nicholson.

Despite government manipulated statistics, there has been an undeniable rapid increase of all neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases coming out of nowhere since the mid 1990's with absolutely no origin to their genealogy.

My question to medical science is why are there such an unprecedented number of Americans caught up in a medical merry-go-round of being bounced from one doctor to the next without ever receiving a proper diagnosis? The simple answer is mainstream medical doctors are not trained in detection of non-detectable pathogens. Since Mycoplasma hides intracellularly and invades multiple organs and systems, it manifests a vast array of symptoms throughout the whole body, making a correct diagnosis virtually impossible for a mainstream doctor's linear, magic bullet mentality.

Due to the misdirection of medical science compartmentalizing the human body into 10 separate specialty fields (dermatology, endocrinology, urology, neurology, psychology, oncology, gastric specialty, general practice etc.), like an auto mechanic would segregate engine parts, none of the mainstream physicians understand how all 10 body systems work synergistically as a whole like a flowing river. This has led medical science to perpetuate trash can labels to terms for symptoms of Mycoplasma to hide their ignorance.

Syndrome X, Graves disease, Systemic Lupus, Sjogren-Larsson syndrome, Huntington's chorea, Guillain-BarrÈ syndrome, myasthenia gravis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Rift Valley fever, Hashimoto, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, post traumatic stress syndrome, ADDH, even the recent West Nile virus, are all virulent Mycoplasma invasions in disguise. The names of the mysterious diseases are simply the location of the Mycoplasma invasion/destruction, not a new disease. Almost every neurodegenerative and autoimmune disease has a pathogenic Mycoplasma species responsible for the initiation of the disease process.

7 Mycoplasma Variants Linked To Numerous Diseases

The seven weaponized Mycoplasma variants that enter fluid and blood circulation that were created covertly by the U.S. government and are now wreaking havoc on the population are the following:

1.) M. Fermentans (incognitas strain). The term fermentans reveals fermentation process (i.e.: yeast, molds, fungus, spores, cancer). 2.) M. Penetrans penetrate the cell membrane and invade host cells. 3.) M. Pneumoniae attacks upper respiratory epithelial cells, inflaming them and causing upper respiratory infections and chronic pneumonia. 4.) M. Genitalium (Genitalia) invades urethral tissue and cells in the genital area causing pelvic inflammation and urethritis. 5.) M. Hominus is found in joint tissues in rheumatoid arthritis. 6.) M. Pirum is found in AIDS as a co-factor accelerating AIDS progression. 7.) M. Salivarium is found in salivary glands and joint tissues in rheumatoid arthritis.

High-level exposure of Mycoplasma to blood, semen, mother's milk or vaccines will lead to AIDS. Low-level exposure to bodily fluids where concentrations are less will contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. Specific diseases can be targeted by controlling the Mycoplasma concentrations to bodily fluids.

Mycoplasma Thrives On Cholesterol

What makes these designer diseases so elusive is that they're genetically engineered only for DNA replication, transcription and translation with no organelle or cell wall. They have lost their genes for amino acid and fatty acid synthesis, forcing them to invade and steal proteins, sugars and sterols (cholesterol) from healthy neighboring cells to survive.

These cholesterol dependent molecular terrorists immediately take up residency in the individual's genetically pre-disposed weaknesses, (the weak link in the chain of organs or systems), or the path of least resistance. Since Mycoplasma has absolute dependence upon the uptake of preformed sterols (cholesterol structures), they have an affinity toward cell membranes, nerve cells, sex hormone cell factories, glands and the gray matter in brain tissue, where cholesterol sterols are found. Since cholesterol is a co-factor in glandular hormone production, the endocrine balance is drastically altered with cholesterol being pulled out of the cell cycle. That is why pathogenic changes are seen most often during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, steroid therapy, menstrual cycles and xenoestrogens from pesticides, herbicides, meat and dairy.

With the disruption of the hormones, comes an open invitation for the RNA directed HIV to replicate. The newly formed HIV RNA makes its way to the host cell surface where it connects and breaks away carrying with it a GP 120 protein envelope that was hijacked from the previous cell's surface. It repeats by countering another cell, adheres to the cell surface and accesses the interior genetic material of its new host where the cascade process is repeated.

Unless Mycoplasma penetrates into tissues and cells they cannot exert their terrorist effects. They will lay dormant, sometimes for a decade, until physical or emotional trauma, severe stress or vaccine contaminants wake up the sleeping giant to invade and feed on the cell's genetic material like an intracellular parasite, taking the cell hostage until it ruptures and dies.

Mycoplasma Triggering Mechanisms

Mycoplasma is activated and stimulated by initiators (ignition) and potentiators (promoters). The potentiators are the toxic substances in our food, beverages, environment, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals (mercury amalgams) and chemicals that we bath in, etc. that store in fat cells and weaken our cellular terrain and immune system to allow the initiators (i.e. stress, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, emotional and physical trauma, fear, increased estrogen, anger, etc.) to ignite or light up the gasoline that's poured on the barn -Mycoplasma.

If the gray matter of the brain tissue is the target of Mycoplasma invasion, you'll portray symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or memory and cognitive thinking disturbances depending on the area of the brain terrorized.

If the spinal cord is the victim, you will exhibit symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases like myasthenia gravis, Guillain-BarrÈ and ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). If your weakness happens to be the synovial fluid cells in your joints, rheumatoid arthritis with severe joint pain will be your disease. In fact, many of the 21st century diseases that were thought to be autoimmune turned out to be Mycoplasma invasions. I do not believe that God made our immune systems that stupid to attack our own tissues.

If Mycoplasma invades the beta cells in the pancreas that manufactures insulin, you can't regulate blood sugar and Diabetes Mellitus will be your demise. If your cardiac tissues are your weak link, cardiomy-opathy will manifest. If M. Pneumoniae or M. Fermentans attacks the bronchial lining of the bronchial tubes, the inflammation will trigger asthma and upper respiratory infections. If the myelin sheaths of the nerves are targeted, you will exhibit neurological symptoms of multiple sclerosis. If the intestinal lining is penetrated, the damage to the mucosal lining will perpetrate Crohn's disease or leaky gut. In the case of Lou Gehrig's disease, 80% of the patients have detected at least two Mycoplasma strains -M. Penetrans and M. Fermentans.

In ALS, the oligodendritic nerve cells which require cholesterol to synthesize neurosteroids are eaten. If Mycoplasma population is large enough, they gobble up so much cholesterol they diminish neurosteroid synthesis which leads to severe central nervous system malfunctions. Even Lymes disease, which is the fastest growing infectious disease in the U.S. and possibly Europe, with the exception of AIDS, was found to be linked to both Borrellia and Mycoplasma infections as a co-infection. The Mycoplasma species of M. Pneumoniae and Chlamydia invading the pericardium lining of the heart, seem to be common dominators of myocarditis and pericarditis infections.

Mycoplasma steroid stealing properties also make the energy producing mitochondria leaky by robbing cholesterol lipids that are necessary in mitochondrial membrane integrity. When mitochondria bleed, they cannot generate ATP energy necessary for cell energy and function and nerve cells are the most sensitive to energy deprivation. This explains why chronic fatigue and neurological disorders are the main symptoms of the trinity diseases chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia (FMS) and Gulf War illness (GWI). In my opinion, they are the same disease ideology with all three characterizing common symptom traits of chronic fatigue, short term memory loss, low grade fevers, tissue and lymph swelling, joint and muscle pain, stomach and digestive disorders, immuno-suppression and severe systemic chronic infections that invade various organs, tissues and cells including the brain, nervous system and heart.

Mycoplasma Infection Leads To A Medical Merry-Go-Round

Since the disease pattern of CFS, FMS and GWI affect all major body systems (cardio vascular invasion involving the left ventricle, neurological damage ranging from mild cognitive problems to bi-polar depression or schizophrenia, genitourinary damage presenting incontinence or urethritis, pulmonary symptoms of asthma and the development of fibro masses or nodules in the lungs etc.), this multi-faceted symtomatology is causing a medical merry-go-round in the medical profession starting with a general practitioner who will usually prescribe an anti-inflammatory and a short-term antibiotic regimen for the chronic infection.

Since you also exhibit symptoms of neurological disorders and your general practitioner is not versed in neurology, you will be referred to a neurologist.

After the examination with a neurologist and a couple scripts later for your anxiety and insomnia, you will be pawned off on an endocrinologist for your hormonal imbalance because the neurologist has limited knowledge in endocrinology.

Due to the combined adverse side effects of the antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics and tranquilizers, you may exhibit signs of gastric disturbances and skin reactions where you will be further drugged by a dermatologist or a gastrologist.

Next in line on the "gist" medical treadmill is the cardiologist who will push a beta-blocker or a diuretic on you for your cardiomyopothies. After seeing ten different disease specialists and spending thousands of dollars on MRI's, CT Scans, X-Rays, surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc., without finding a solution to your dilemma, you will be labeled psychosomatic, hypochondriac or suffering from severe depression where you will end up with a psychologist. You're now a walking drug store with more complications than what you started with thanks to the combined adverse reactions of the drugs and the limitations of medical doctors who specialize in only 1/10th of the body. What a racket!!!

The government perpetrates non-detectable, virulent, stealth pathogens on the population by way of mosquito vectors (West Nile), primary aerosol, chemtrails, vaccines and possibly the food chain, and then you're put through a medical merry-go-round of disease specialists that know little or nothing about Mycoplasma ideology and do not have access to the necessary diagnostics for detection. The pharmaceutical companies and the warlocks in Washington and Wall Street are laughing all the way to the bank as they profit hundreds of billions of dollars on humanity's suffering while fulfilling their agenda of population control.

Protocols To Treat Mycoplasma

Since Mycoplasma cannot be successfully treated with the usual short course duration of antibiotics due to their intracellular location, slow proliferation rate and inherent resistance to most antibiotics, the few Mycoplasma experts that specialize in this field are recommending six-months to one year of non-stop treatments using strong antibiotics such as Cipro and Doxycycline. However, if a patient does not want to destroy their body and immune system with Cipro and Doxycycline, a total overhaul of every cell from head to toe using a multi-faceted, non-toxic, holistic treatment approach is absolutely necessary to overcome Mycoplasma infections naturally. This is why vitamins and nutritional supplementation are so important in the therapy. Chronic illness patients must also be weaned off antidepressants and other potential immune suppressing drugs before they can fully recover from their illnesses.



CODEX - Health freedom choices in jeopardy!

he U.S. President and Congress agreed to this take-over when the WTO Treaty was signed. Violations are punished by WTO trade sanctions. CODEX drastically restricts vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements. CODEX met secretly in November, 2004 and finalized "Step 8 (the final stage)" to begin implementation in June, 2005.

CODEX now applies to Norway and Germany, among others, where zinc tablets rose from $4 per bottle to $52. Echinacea (an ancient immune-enhancement herb) rose from $14 to $153 (both examples are now allowed by prescription only). They are now ?drugs?. Vitamin C above 200 mg, niacin above 32 mg, vitamin B6 above 4 mg?all are banned over-the-counter as drugs. No amino acids (arginine, lysine, carnitine, etc. = essential amino acids!), essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, 9, etc.), or other essential supplements such as DMEA, DHEA, CoQ10, MSM, beta-carotene, etc. are allowed.

The CODEX rules are not based on real science. They are made by a few people meeting in secret (see web sites below), not necessarily scientists. In 1993 the FDA and drug corporations tried to put all supplements under restriction and prescription. But over 4 million Americans told Congress and the President to protect their freedom of choice on health supplements. The DSHEA Law was passed in 1994, which does so. But this will be over ruled by CODEX and the World Trade Organization.

Virtually nothing about it has been in the media. What the drug corporations have failed to do through Congress they have gotten by sneak attack through CODEX with the help of a silent media. What can be done at this late hour?

(1) Spread the word as much as possible. Inform yourselves fully at
www.ahha.org, www.iahf.com, and www.alliance-natural-health.org.

(2) Oppose bills S.722 and H.R.3377. These support the CODEX restrictions
with U.S. laws, changing the DSHEA law.


(2) Oppose bills S.722 and H.R.3377. These support the CODEX restrictions
with U.S. laws, changing the DSHEA law.



A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health
author: Michael Davidson

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health (Revised - updated)



Michael Davidson, FTW staff writer

and Michael C. Ruppert

[© Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, www.copvcia.com, All rights reserved. May be recopied, distributed for non-profit purposes only; May not be posted on an Internet web site without express written authorization. Contact  service@copvcia.com for permission.]

[ED. NOTE: As FTW has begun to investigate serious discussions by legitimate scientists and academics on the possible necessity of reducing the world's population by more than four billion people, no stranger set of circumstances since Sept. 11 adds credibility to this possibility than the suspicious deaths of what may be as many as 14 world-class microbiologists. Following on the heels of our two-part series on the coming world oil crisis, this story by Michael Davidson, a graduate of the Syracuse University School of Journalism, is one which takes on a unique significance. In our original story we incorrectly reported the original date of disappearance of Don Wiley and two other microbiologists. These errors have been corrected and we have updated the story to include new deaths that have occurred since we published an earlier version on Feb. 14. The newest connections to DynCorp, Hadron and PROMIS software are leads an amateur would not miss. How else would any microbiologists threatening an ultra secret government biological weapons program be identified than by secretly scanning their databases to see what they were working on? -- MCR]




PARTICULATES: In 1987, US environmental regulations limited airborne concentrations of particles less than 10 microns in diameter, for human health concerns. In Dec. 14, 2000, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that inhaling particulate matter of a size 10 microns or smaller leads to "a 5% increased death rate within 24 hours". Harvard School of Public Health team determined particulates with a diameter less than 10 microns as being a serious threat to public health. (A human hair is about 100 microns across.) David Hawkins, a lawyer for the Natural
Resources Defense Council, speaks for "about a quarter-million Americans who have died prematurely as result of fine-particle exposure". The filament
strands of radar- reflecting 'chaff' (used to track dispersal) are highly toxic and can lead to severe allergic reactions. Cobweb-like filaments are found draped over mountain forests, oil rigs, porches, powerlines, highways & police cruisers across the USA.

RED AND WHITE HUMAN BLOOD CELLS: Lab techs were startled and concerned by the biological organisms and markers turning up in samples from low-level drops that left at least one homeowner stricken with a heart attack.
Presence of human blood cells on these artificial filaments is unable to be explained as 'weather control'. They do match earlier findings by the lab tech who analyzed similar human cells on gel-material splattered
over Oakville, Washington in August, 1994.

MOLD/FUNGUS: Pseudomonas (which dines on fuel) and various molds and fungi routinely grow inside cavernous aircraft fuel tanks - to rain down
on everyone along these flight paths, along with dozens of other toxic
benzene derivatives. Aluminum & other sprayed compounds can serve as a
matrix for fungal growth that may be activated rather than attenuated by
increased UV levels at spray altitude. While the corporate-
controlled media continue to bleat about the 'flu,' the CDC has consistently
reported blood tests showing that between 65% and 99%
of acutely ill patients jamming emergency rooms and clinics do not have the flu. Instead, officials with that infectious disease-tracking agency have publicly attributed epidemic death rates to an 'unknown pathogen.'In other words, they refuse to say.

What are they hiding? Based on extensive research—including input from experts on fungal symptoms & outbreaks— we are in the midst of a massive fungal invasion fueled by warmer, wetter temperatures from a rapidly heating atmosphere. Actually, falling blood temperatures accompanying symptoms of an intense yet feverless 'flu' is a classic sign of a chronic fungal infection.
Fungus within us also signals its presence in sharp joint pain,
sudden extreme fatigue, sudden dizziness, mental confusion and short-
term memory loss. Same mycotoxins present in the fungi growing silently in many North American homes and offices have been cultivated,
air-dried & delivered to American soldiers in warheads of
SCUD missiles by world's most experienced proponents of biological
warfare—the Iraqi Chemical Corps who were supplied by Reagan/

In other words, there is no difference between US stocks of biowar
mycotoxins and domestic Stachybotrys (pronounced Stack-ee-bot-ris)—
an especially lethal black mold now proliferating wildly across the USA.

Exposure to fungal infections leads to the same symptoms seen in sufferers
from Chemtrail-Related Illness (CRI).

These include: acute asthma and allergies,
joint pain, headaches, bloody noses, abdominal pain, gas and bloating,
indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis extreme fatigue and severe headaches—as well as depression, anxiety, sudden mood swings,
lack of concentration, drowsiness, lethargy, insomnia, memory loss, and 'spacey' light headedness.

In a recent survey among 179 patients reportedly suffering from chemtrail-
related illness, naturopathic Dr. Joseph Puleo found that fully 99%
were found to have fungus in their blood. Plus, Chytrid fungus has just been implicated as a probable cause of 50% amphibian die-offs in pristine areas around the globe.

at least including Australia,
New Zealand,
and the United States.
Croatian chemtrails began the day after that country joined NATO.

chemtrail educational flyers

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Dude, what mushrooms did you say you ingested? 31.Jan.2005 19:12

Not interested

The thing that I like about conspiracy theorists - and the author of this 'article' certainly qualifies as such - is that they can mix together completely contradictory and wrong information and yet come up with what appears to be a unified theory.

Just one small example from the 'article'. Supposedly a naturopathic physician finds fungal growths in the blood of hundreds of people.

Where I come from, which is work with patients who are fighting off life-threatening infections, that would be called an epidemic. The CDC would be involved, since it would be such an unusual occurrence. Blood normally doesn't carry any bacteria or fungi and, we hope, no prions. If you have bacteria or fungal growth in your blood, you are going to be very sick and, if you're lucky, in a hospital getting decent IV treatment.
I'd like to know what tests were run on those hundreds of patients and what treatment they got. Oh, I forgot, they were exposed to 'chemtrails'. Guess I should have known that they were cured with raw vegetables and Reiki (nothing against raw vegetables. I eat them. I wouldn't use them to cure TB).

Can you give me the ages of the microbiologists, the death rate for men and women in that age group and then compute the statistical probability of this actually being normal versus being a government plot to kill microbiologists? Or is that cheating, to use science in the search for truth?

Just a note on the CDC 31.Jan.2005 19:37

Still not interested

Those of us who actually work with patients - sick people, if you will - have more than a little scepticism about the CDC.

The Center for Disease Control is a government agency and, as such, is subject to political controls and manipulation. Anyone who is familiar with its record during the beginning stages of HIV/AIDS outbreak in the U.S. acknowledges that.

But, hundreds of people with fungi in their blood would be such an unusual happening in any one geographic area that scores of hospital and health workers would know about it. In those situations, even the CDC could not do a clamp down.

CDC 31.Jan.2005 20:39

know nothing

One of the top four scientific advisors to the CDC made a comment in my presence in regard to Africa, saying that there were 20,000 do gooders in Africa, but that they had been factored into the equation. There were areas of Africa that they wanted to overpopulate and die off. That said, the paranoid conspiracy dude above is just like doctors, putting a negative spin on everything. That will cause sickness, since 60% of medical cures are placbo effect. Power of the Mind. Power of Faith. Rise up Righteous Dudes.

Not Interested, then it simple what to do... 31.Jan.2005 22:27

move on along

and troll elsewhere. It is impossible to debunk the wealth of information given with
such glibness as NOT INTERESTED tosses out. If you're truly not interested, then just
move on along...nothing here folk's...just move on along!

Those of us that's got sense to enough to realize the TRUTH will download this and be keeping it for in-depth study and future referencing. Thanks for your labor of love
in posting it! It's much appreciated!

same Nazi-Bush-pharma-mycoplasma alliance for 30 yrs. at least 01.Feb.2005 07:59


..even down to the mycoplasma vector. What's surprising?

another interesting point that ties in [1] and [2] historically and currently is that the pharmaceutical companies that have been so hot to remove cheap and more effective consumer choices and jack up the prices of their deadly, expensive "drug cures"--that these companies do link back:

--to Nazi Germany, particularly its pharmaceutical and bioweapons programs

--to the current Bush administration

--to the CIA under Bush in 1976

--to bringing these Nazis to the USA--done under Kissinger mind you

"Project Paperclip, the Nazi exfiltration program that helped approximately 2,000 scientists and technicians, Hitler's finest, come to America, was directy by these Rockefeller front men along with General Alexander Bolling and Henry Kissinger. This latter fact comes from Managing Editor of Newsweek, Walter Isaacson, from his biography of Kissinger. Among Paperclip's most valuable draftees was Eric Traub--Hitler's top biological weapons developer and world-class cancer virologist. Dr. Traub, and his assistant, went to work for the U.S. Navy beginning in 1948. The Navy has consistently been at the forefront of America's biological weapons research and development.

"At the end of WWII, I.G. Farben, hatched largely through the combined efforts and assets of Bayer Co. (Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedrich of Ludwigshafen), Hoechst (Farbewerke vorm. Meister Lucius und Bruening of Loechst am Main), and Agfa (Aktiengesellshaft fuer Anilinfabrikaten of Berlin), was broken up into a variety of chemcial and pharmaceutical companies that dominate these industries today." These Farben-Rockefeller enterprises, according to G. Edward Griffin, based on his meticulous review of U.S. Congressional Records from that period, included Sterling Drug and American Home Products (AHP), the parent company of American Cyanamid.

"...while introducing the topic of genocide, George H. W. Bush, at the time Elmer Bobst ["The Vitamin King"] was coaching and bankrolling Richard Nixon's successful election bid, stood beside his frandfather's best friend, General William Draper III, to warn congressional legislators (sic) about the imminent national security threat posted by burgenoning Third World populations. Black Africas were particularly troublesome they said, as did George's grandfather, Prescott, during the 1920s. Prescott, at that time had joined financial resources with John D. Rockefeller, the Draper family, and the Royal Family of England, to fund the initial research that led to the first racial hygine programs. It was first called "eugenics." Later, it was renamed "population control," as actively practiced in "family planning," and "maternal and child health" clinics that administered infanticide and dubious vaccination programs...."

The Bush and Draper population concerns prompted Henry Kissinger to begin writing the infamous National Security Special [i.e., Secret] Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth on U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." Submitted before he left his NSA advisor post in 1974, and declassified December 31, 1980, the document called for massive Third World depopulation. As NSSM 200 was being prepared, George H. W. Bush was appointed to serve as CIA Director.

"According to two previous CIA directors--Richard Helms and William Colby--as published in the U.S. Congressional Records, Dr. Kissinger oversaw the development of biological weapons for covert operations including depopulation programs.

"To this time of writing, Dr. Kissinger has remained a leading foreign policy advisor for American presidents, as well as on the Board of Advisors of the Merck pharmaceutical company--another firm largely supported and directed by Rockefeller/Sloan Foundation [DuPont connections] investements, and in days past, by I.G. Farben officials.

"Curiously, the President of Merck, George W. Merch, was America's biological weapons industry director for most of the Cold War. This, according to a U.S. Army publication celebrating Fort Detrick's fiftieth anniversary as America's biological weapons testing center.

"According to CBS News correspondent Paul Manning, who credited Allen Dulles for much of his information, on August 10, 1944, the lion's share of the Nazi war chest, that is, the working capital of the I.G. Farben-Rockefeller chemical-pharmaceutical cartel, went largely to George Merck's company.

--to mycoplasma being the vector used in these covert medical experiments on open air populations

"...in 1999, U.S. legislators learned that as many as 200,000 Gulf War troops were untittingly used in AIDS vaccine experiments wierein portions of the AIDS virus, HIV [others would deny the link exists except as words in the air] were recombined with the 'Pathogenic Mycoplasma' cited earlier...

"the toxic exposures were more hantingly reminiscent of a litany of crimes against humanity, violations of the Nuremberg Code, by agents who have consistently conducted global depopulation for Manthusian eco-genocide.

"As with recounting these facts [links], the following chapters present an alternative, highly unsettling, and heavily documented view of contemporary 'public health' as it relates to 'non-lethal' toxic warfare that includes white-collar bioterrorism. Most people believe that the 'public health' community heroically defends against such attacks. Unfortunately , as the following chapters document, 'public health,' as a branch of medical science, most actively promites and veils the waging of class warfare and global genocide.

"The following chapters detail our entrance into an era of accelrated depopulation, with the methods and materials, particularly airborne, by which the vast majority of us are being affected..."

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare,
by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

All the links are there, people, even down to the mycoplasma vector. Chemtrails is a massive expansion of the mycoplasma vector. There is even a detailed chapter on the chemtrail vector in the book.

Please pass to caring doctors who want toknow mold species likely involved 01.Feb.2005 10:03


nothing novel about what they are doing, folks, what is novel is that the Nazis are being found out as they are doing it this time.

All, Note CSIS (likely 9-11 planner org.), mycoplasma, and conference in 2000 below, with secret conclusions and zero publicity.

Doctors, note the specific species, symptoms, and vectors for helping your patients with mold/Mycoplasma diseases.


"Credence tends toward certainly for many following a review of Congressional Records from 1977 to 1994, along with recently declassified British defense documents, that detailed 50 years of 'open air' tests that used ships and spray-equipped aircraft to spread biological warfare 'stimulants' on hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

"Even as atomic weapons tests were being conducted upwind of U.S. cities to study the effects of fallout on unsuspecting residents, airborne biowarfare tests began in earnest in 1957 and 1958 when a cargo plane cross-crossed the country spraying carcinogenic zinc cadmium sulfide. A U.S. Army report stated, "Virtually, the whole country of the United States was covered with this material." Small particiles were chosen, the army said, because it approximated "that which is considered most effective in penetrating into the lungs."

"In the United States, such experiments are still allowed under legal loopholes and provisions. Initially, the U.S. Code Title 50, Section 1520, effective through the late 1990s, stated that the Secretary of Defense may conduct tests or experiments "involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population...if related to research activity." But, the revised law stipulated, "Only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject," and corporate contrators paid for the tests, not taxpayers!


. . .

"Evidence is mounting that such biowar tests on North Americans are continuing.

"In November, 1998, veteran health researcher Erminia Cassiani began investigating a series of rooftop level drops of powder and gel-like material on residences in Ontario and in many areas of the U.S.

"Normally taking from three or four days to grow in a Petri dish, Cassiani's first gel sample from a Michigan suburb spread "all over the plate" within 48 hours. The head of the testing lab had never seen anything grow so quickly. "Where did you get this bio-hazardous material?" she asked Cassani.

"The lab found Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria, ALONG WITH A COMMON "RESTRICTOR ENZYME" USED IN BIOLABS to restrict, or cut, DNA when transferring genetic traits between different microorganisms. In another report a 'day-glo' bacterial marker was also found in gel droppped by a prop-plane flying at roof-top level on what may have been a landing approach to a nearby airfield.

"Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, and Streptomyces fungus predominated in the Michigan samples, and predated widespread outbreaks of "staph" and "strep" invections in that state and nearby Illinois. Other found fungi included the "black mold" Nigrospora, and Aureobasidium pullans. Both organism can lead to a severe upper resporatory infection, even pneumonia.

"Similar samples were taken from an aluminum-sided structure in Pennsylvania after a neighbor watched "a huge, dull gunmetal gray, unmarked" plane flying so low it almost hit his barn. Windows shook as the plane--possibly a C-130 Hercules--sprayed several sides of his neighbor's three-story farmhouse with a gel-like substance that, as in Michigan, proved extremely difficult to remove.

"When Cassani took the year-old Pennsylvania sample to the same lab, technicans again found Streptomyces and "an overpowerful amount" of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Tiricella otitidus also turned up, along with Rhizomucor mold.

"Then, in March, 1999, residents of the small Ontario town of Espanola began experiencing severe respiratory problems. Strange aches and pains also became endemic over a 50-mile ara following what appeared to be deliberate spraying by high-flying U.S. Air Force tankers. Former Ontario Provincial Police Officer Ted Simola reported lingering X's and numberous contrails--some of which "just ended" as if they had been shut off, but remained in the sky.

"On November 18, 1999, a petition signed by about 550 Espanola residents was submitted to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa demanding an end to the aerial spraying. [The Ministry denied the events, and refused all action. Additionally, aluminum in water samples were seven times known toxic levels, toxic enough, the lab report stated "to kill fish."]

"But chemtrails were not residents only concern. At nearby Birch Lake on July 18, 1999, a retired couple was sitting on their patio when a huge gray Hercules glided silently over the roof of their home trailing a reddish-brown powder that covered their patio, dock, and neighbor's dock, before coating McGregor Bay.

"Erminia Cassiani arrived soon afterwards. She learned that the retireees, their neighbors, a nephew who swam in the lake and even their neighbor's dog had all become ill the next day. When tested, Cassiani's stick red blood samples included pathogenic Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and bacilli similar to the Pennsylvania and MIchigan material. The fungi found at Birch Lake also included a primitive mold, as well as Penicillium and Acremonium--"a rather nasty organism", Cassiani commented, "found most frequently in AIDS patients."

"Erminia Cassiani also interviewed officals and eyewitnesses in Utah after 29 rooftop-level flyovers dropped "goo" there, too. A public health statement later identified the material as "sewerage"....said to have dropped... "twenty-nine times!"

. . .

"In a possibly unrelated story published in the March/April 1997 edition of the Portland Free Press, investigative reporter John Titus documented the diversion of an estimated 42 former Navy P-3 Orions and spray-equipped Air Force C-130's from fire-fighting duties with the U.S. Forest Service to the CIA. "The C-130 scandal is but the tip of an iceberg," Titus wrote, "with dozens of companies and individuals operating beyond the Forest Service and congressional oversight."

. . .

"Equally suspicious is the wholesale "push" of experimental flu, pneumonia, migrane, and miningitis vaccines in the wake of chemtrail spraying. Callers of special 1-800 [so called cover of] "flu-tracking" numbers are told that they must first qualify for these studies by contracting specific symptoms WITHIN A SPECIFIC [PRE-DECIDED] RADIUS OF EXPOSURE during a specific time frame.


"Wealthy American family foundations, whose 1930s statewide eugenics program inspired Hitler's pogroms against the gypsies and the Jews, have long targed the elderly, minorities, the weak and the "unfit." Since then, "population control," has become much more sinister...

"Research by Dr. Len Horowitz linked Litton Bionetics, the Merck pharmaceutical company, the U.S., Canadian and British military, and powerful families in the U.S. and Britain with 70 years of research and clandestine testing of nearly undetectable bioweapons capable of culling so called "human weeds" and "unfit, useless eaters" whose support drains government and corporate coffers.

"On January 25-26, 2000, a little-publicized meeting took place at the Center for Stratetic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. The high-level gathering confronted the urgent task of "Assessing the Economic, Political, and Strategic Implications of the Simultaneous Aging of the Major Industrialized Nations."

President Clinton was invited to give a key address. Other attendees included such aging luminaries as former Vice President Walter Mondale [Trilateral], former Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, former National Security Advosor Zbigniew Brezezinski [Mr. "U.S. needs a new Pearl Harbor event" to start global empire], former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, and former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Paul Volcker.

"Big money also showed up in the personages of the chief economic for the Deutchche Bank [connected to 9-11's "bets/predictions" of the short sales; Deutche Bank funded Hitler's program 50 years ago, presently, largest bank in Europe], the International Monetary Fund, as well as representative from Barclays, Goldman Sachs [likely 9-11 connection of the financing of the quick sale of the WTCs and later purchasing of the failed fourth hit site, the Chicago Sears Tower; Eisenberg connection as well, a Bush 2000 'transition' team member, Republican Zionist, appointed head of the NY/NJ Port Authority; and family relation to the late Shoul Eisenberg, Mossad gun sales organizer; and family relation to another Eisenberg who is a Bilderberger]--Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, the head of CSIS (Canada's equivalent to the CIA), the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Federal Republic of Germany, and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

"What did they decide to to about penurious pensioners? Give them pneumonia? While the conclusions of the millenial meeting WERE NOT PUBLICIZED, many chemtrails commentators are convinced that this secret spray program is aimed at eliminating the weak, the sick, and the elderly, while jacking up pharmaceutical profits.

"Lending support to this theory of Machiavellian practice, by October 30, 2000, CNN reported that flu faccine prices "have shot up nearly 200% in some areas of the country to as much as $100 a vial."

. . .

"Dr. Horowitz responded to the benevolent government theory of chemtrail-induced immunity by writing, "It is a stretch for me to speculate that the same miltiary-medical-industrialists that have clearly articulated their desire to reduce half of the earth's present population, would spray periodically for humanity's salvation. Given the preponderance of incriminating evidence, and documented history of non-lethal warfare activities that remain to be reconciled, the heroic vaccination explanation of chemtrails is not tenable."

. . .

"Additionally confusing is the fact that fungal invaders have also predisposed people to secondary bacterial infections. Dr. Puelo reported that "among those with that horrible cough, low fluctuating body temperatures between 95.6 to 97.6, their conditions encouraged bacterial infections."

"All of this lends credence to the theory advanced by Dr. Horowitz in this book concerning the contemporary use of toxic warfare in the 'Russian biological cocktail' form.

. . .


"Was a weaponized vector of Gulf War Illness spreading among the civilian population?

"Professor Coleman Salloway, an epidemiologist at the University of New Hampshire, was surprised to learn that his university, like most doctors' officies and clinics across the country, had been treating the 'flu' [only] symptomatically [without really knowing what it was]. No cultures had been taken to test for the [only presumed] "Type A" Sydney influenza said to be afflicting students.

"Prof. Salloway saw that an illness referred to by students nationwide as "the plague" was most likely a Mycoplasma infection. "The symptoms of the Mycoplasma are similar to that of the Type A Sydney; they both cause upper respiratory infection," Dr. Salloway wrote. "The difference between them is that the Mycoplasma leaves a cough that can last up to four weeks. [On the contrary, what belies that it is the flu is that...] "The influenza is [only] a five to seven day disease."

"A pet pathogen of bioweaponeers, the tiny Mycoplasma, responsible for transmissible Gulf War illness, also triggers autoimmune dysfunction and sudden severe pneumonia. Few medical laboratories have the specialized equipment needed to test for a pathogen one-tenth the size of a normal bacteria.

"Though Mycoplasma rarely infects the blood, Mycoplasma fermentans WAS MODIFIED FOR EXPERIMENTAL vaccine research by Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. The patent, assigned to the American Registry of Pathology....described the isolation and cloning of a "Pathogenic Mycoplasma" CAPABLE OF inducing pnumonia, chronic fatigue, respiratory distress, lupus-like illness, as well as the symptoms of AIDS.

"Six years later, Mycoplasmas began showing up among victims of Chemtrail-Related Illness (CRI).

"By 2000, rates of Mycoplasma infection, particularly pneumonia variants, were rising steeply across the USA. This was no surprise to Dr. Garth Nicolson at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Irvine, California. The Nobel-nominated microbiologist, and his equally prestigious wife, Nancy, codiscovered MODIFIED Mycoplasma fermentans as the primary infectious agent linked to Gulf War Syndrome.

"Since the 1970s, researched injected U.S. military volunteers with Mycoplasma. Iraqi bioweapons expert Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi later worked on Mycoplasmas alongside his American counterparts at Plum Island, before returning to Baghdad for the "Mother of All Deceptions" that left at least 200,000 American soldiers striken with deadly degenerative diseases. Al Aubaidi was murdered in 1995--long after pathogenic Mycoplasma would end up in supposedly [cover story] "attenuated" anthrax vaccines. [NOTE AT AL AUBAIDI CAN BE SAID TO BE "THE FIRST DEAD MICROBIOLOGIST", from 1995, he's CONNECTED TO MYCOPLASMA RESEARCH and to bioweapons research, and that this research connects mycoplasma to anthrax vaccine and thus, an engineered Mycoplasma anthrax is in existence. After his U.S. goverment biowarfare work on these issues, then Al Aubaidi is killed.]

"Dr. Nicholson also discovered how experimental Mycoplasma vaccines given to Huntsville prisoners in the early 1970s resulted in the deaths of at least 42 inmates. Prison workers like Candace Brown became infected and took the Mycoplasma home. Her son got sick, and according to San Antonio's Eyewitness News, in a town of 35,000, nearly 300 people simultaneously "came down with rare neuromusculator diseases"--including CFIDS, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, cancer, meningitis and Epstein-Barr."

"Gulf War veterans and chemtrail victims reported similar symptoms, but Chemtrail Related Illness did not appear to be contagious. Instead, CRI most often appeared as an acute allergic reaction to something toxic in the chemtrail fallout. People whose immune systems were especially susceptible, or who had been repeatedly "sensitized" by concentrations of chemtrail fallow, seemed to be at greatest risk."

"In late 1999, the Idaho Observer published, "Last year, north Idaho naturopaths determined that the upper resporatory infections that would drag on for months were not viral or bacterial but were fungal." In a survey among 179 patients complaining of CRI, Idaho naturopath Dr. Joseph Puleo found that:

- 22% had been to a hospital emergency room
- 34% exhitibed rashes and sores
- half or more had experienced disorientation and suffered from stiff neck and casto-intestinal problems
- 72% had a sore throad
- 78% reported severe headaches
- 81% complained of congestion
- almost everyone surveyed experienced short-term memory loss and had difficulty in concentrating

"A compelling finding was that fully 99% were found to have fungus in their blood."

"Just as chemtrails have been mistaken for normal contrails, extremely toxic Stachybotrys molds respoinsble for spreading Sick Building Syndrome in warmer wetter climates may have been masking even more dangerous "weaponized" fungi responsible for massive overnight outbreaks of inexplicable illnesses across the United States, Canada, and other nations."

"Dr. Barbara Herskovitz is a researcher specializing in Sick Building Syndrome. Herskovitz pointed out "black" research at Lawrence Livermore and other national laboratories investigating black molds as biowarfare agents."

. . .

NOT A NORMAL FLU, AND C.D.C is lying to you

"By the week ending February 13, 1999, the CDC reported "Deaths from influenza (sic) and pneumonia (sic) ina sampling of 122 cities were at epidemic levels for the third consecutive week." The CDC's definition of influence included "influenza-like illnesses and/or culture-confirmed influenza."

"But lab tests for influenza kept coming up negative. Robert Page, director of Chemung County Health Department in Elmira, New York told reporters "We know there's a lot of sickness, but our diagnosis shows that it's not the flu."

"MDs across America told the New York Times and other newspapers:

- "This is the worst crisis I have seen."
- "We have people double- and triple- parked in the ER on stretchers."
- "Respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses are filling up the beds."
- "It was surprising to me how sick they got and how quickly it happened."
- "The increase in respiratory infections may not be due to the flu."
- "We know there'a a lot of sickness, but our diagnosis shows that it's not the flu."
- "We've seen a lot of cases that you can't typically classify as flu."
- "We don't know what it is or where it came from."


"Contrails do not make people sick. Yet many observers became ill within hours of chemical exposures. Depending on what age, general health, and immunity they had, the congestion and dry hacking cough, fierce headache and gushing nosebleeds, suffocating asthmas attacks, stiff necks and aching joints, twitching eyelids, dizziness, and inability to concentrate or remember simple errands very often began within 24 hours of these sightings. There was no fever accompanying this unusual "flu-like" illness. Yet the ensuing symptoms onslaught was more drastic than any similar illness. Pneumonia, heart problems, and even death followed in many cases.

"Since such sightings and illnesses began in 1998, through the year 2000, the CDC reported 52 weeks of "epidemic" levels of fatalities from flu-like illnesses, pneumonia, and related cardiac arrest.

"Because no samples from these high-altitide "chemtrail" plumes were ever collected and analyzed [untrue, see Carnicom's website, blood cell materials discovered on filaments, though definitely true to the statment that EPA does REFUSE to analyze any samples of this, period.], to the time of this writing, no scientific link between chemtrail sprayings and these illnesses could be determined [due to intentional obfuscation of scientists and regulatory bodies rejecting testing of samples.] But in a correlation that is dubiously coincidental, hospital admissions following heavy "spray days" across the U.S. jumped to nearly double normal peak flu-season rates, even in states that reported only "mild" flu outbreaks."

from the book chapter on chemtrails in:
Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare,
by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


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