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What ever happened to Iraq War

Hey, whatever happened to the web site www.iraqwar.ru?
Has anyone tried to visit this site of late? Mozilla disappeared my bookmarks a while back and I no longer have the URL saved. When I type in the URL, I won't connect. Has it been removed from access by US internet users?

I'm looking for the video ot the C 130 that may have been shot down by a surface to air missile. MSN has a link to the video but insists that download and install the latest version of Internet Destroyer, so I passed.

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Here's another one 31.Jan.2005 18:52


Here is another to add to your list of disappeared websites. Do you think it is by way of accident that this type of interenet is becoming very much extinct in your country? This is all so ironic to me. America always stated that it was the evil USSR that hid the truth from the Russian people Now the shoe is most certainly being worn on the other foot. Tell me who is the evil one now?


Eh, Rocky!? 31.Jan.2005 19:23


Thanks Beau-winkle! 01.Feb.2005 17:57


Holy smokes Bullwinkle. It worked!

The end...

You... 01.Feb.2005 18:22


..are always welcome.

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