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America's Most Wanted

No One Left Behind Says Emperor George II.
Young Girls To Be Drafted.


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Draft kids? 31.Jan.2005 17:14


Will he draft HIS daughters? Stay tuned....

Uh Oh Jewish Conspiracy 31.Jan.2005 18:06


Neo-cons are Jewish puppets? Zionist? Holy cow! For years I thought hating jews was a right-wing, neo-nazi stance.

I guess I missed the switch but I'll get it right! Its good to hate Israel, and Jews, and Neo-cons who want to draft women! Now to hunt down and burn my old VHS copy of Schindlers list......

Hating jews IS a right-wing neo-nazi stance 31.Jan.2005 19:04

U. Sam

That's why the real joke is on them, again...the republicans are smart huh?

Seriously though, don't burn it, sell it on ebay, people love the guilt trip. Personally, I don't hate jews, just zionists that spy on us, provide false intelligence to go to war, and then resign in disgrace. Feith and Tenet come to mind. Don't worry, they only gave Tenet a medal of freedom for his success.

Don't be confused, it's called blackmail, not conspiracy. It's very simple. I have something on you, you do as I say or be ruined for life. If you know the family history...it's easy pickn's.

This IS a right-wing fascist website 31.Jan.2005 20:58

can't fool me

This is classic right-wing shit:

"All these men are Zionist warmongers who adore and obey Israel and
who view America chiefly as Israel's financial sugar daddy and
mercenary slave. Their aim is global power for the Jews and profits
for Jewish bankers and Illuminati-directed oil barons. They seem to
have no problem if stacks of bloody young American fighting men mount
up in Iraq, Iran, and Syria. The dead, after all, are valueless.

"The loyalty of the Bush neocon dual loyalists is not to the stars and
stripes but to the six-pointed star, better known as Solomon's Seal,
the witches hexagram, Rothschild's choice of occultic symbol for the
Israeli flag. To Jewish Zionist neocons, the founding fathers of
America, men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,
John Adams, and Patrick Henry, are just 'more dead Gentiles.'

"Which are you first," Ben-Gurion, Communist co-founder of modern-day
Israel, once wryly asked an audience, "a Jew or an American?" His own
answer shot back immediately: "You are first and foremost a Jew." --
Texe Marrs"

You assholes think you are so clever.

Name calling is so third grade 01.Feb.2005 05:54


Name calling really opens up the discussion. What you really think is what is programmed into your reactionary mind. If you dared to read the history of the Rothschild's or Rockefellar's families or the neocons position papers(PNAC) or history books written from a conspiratorial world view ("The Unseen Hand") or some of the unauthorized biographies of the movers and shakers of your world, perhaps you could respond with a reasoned argument.

Kerri Dunn? 01.Feb.2005 06:16

U. Sam

I admit I did not look at the link, I only responded to you. The Texe Marr quote is exteme, as well as some of the wording on that site("jewess"). I admit and I apologize to you for not investigating it further. However, I thank you, because upon further inspection of the site, you would have noticed the links leading to multiple accounts of hate-hoax crimes. Are these hoaxes committed for us to sympathize with Jewish people, thus opening the door for a few bad people(that happen to be jewish) to quickly jump out and play the nazi card?

Kerri Dunn(an anti-racist, anti-homophobia, "converted" catholic) has been tried for committing a hate hoax crime on herself. You've seen this popping up lately...backwards swastikas, "jews get out", we know the score. But did you know some of these "hate" crimes are committed by jews themselves?

I wonder why?

Jewish Man Arrested Over Arson At Paris Jewish Center

On August 22, the Jewish center was gutted in a massive blaze, and swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans like "The world would be pure if there were no more Jews" were scrawled inside.

The incident led the French government to declare war on racism and prompted a snap visit to Paris by Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, who urged tougher punishment in France for the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts.

Police said the fire could have been an "inside job", but were still looking into several theories.

The police statements seemed to confirm a report in Le Figaro newspaper on Monday, which said investigators were no longer treating the fire as an anti-Semitic attack, but were looking for a mentally unstable Jewish man.

Last month, a 23-year-old woman who claimed she had been the victim of a vicious anti-Semitic assault later admitted she had made up the entire incident, and was given a four-month suspended sentence for lying about it.


Women and baby brutally beaten on Paris train: Jews cry Anti Semitism as Paris cries " Another Hate Hoax "

Surveillance cameras at the station showed no attackers.The young Jewess was arrested last night after admitting she had invented the entire episode.

Mr. Chirac went on tv and said the goverment is thinking of prosecuting.. For having fabricated the attack, the Jewess could be placed under investigation and charged for lying to magistrates, an offense which carries up to six months in jail and a 7,500 euro ($9,241) fine.


Jewish cemetary in New Zealand vandalized


Was this a true hate crime? Or damage control? New Zealanders tried two Israeli spies(mossad) for passport fraud just days earlier. I wonder what they were going to do with those fake passports, perhaps terrrorist activity?

Speaking of terrorist activity, when Kerri Dunn first reported her hate crime she said,..."these were terrorists"

So now we come back to Feith, his resignation, accusations and investigation of spying for Israeli intelligence(mossad)...let's not forget that the Egyptians told us a few months back that they believe the hotel was bombed, not by "jews", but by the "mossad" working on behalf of the right-wing party of Israel.

There are more facts available to argue against the right-wing party of Israel and their involvement with our government(or certain people within our government). However, you tell me that if I believe this...I must be a nazi.


Follow more links and you get to hoax hate crimes on top of hoax hate crimes. My point is this, Feith is a right-wing israeli political faction supporter. So they exist on both sides. Don't think that fascism can't exist in the places you wouldn't expect them to.

I never thought priests would molest children by the thousands either...but I guess that turned out to be true, but I don't hate the church and I don't hate jews. But if the right wing party of Israel/Mossad is planting stories, committing hate hoaxes, terrorist hoaxes, etc...I think we should all be concerned and drop the "your a nazi" debate.

Why is liebermann so concerned with Iran and why is he always pushing for more robbing of civil liberties, why is he hanging out with people who called him sore losermann a few years back? All these questions could be answered if we didn't have people trying to stop us from getting to the truth or helping to hide it. Why do they do this?

Feith just resigned, he is being investigated, your not a nazi if that upsets you and you think something should be done about it. Dude, spies in the government planting propaganda or worse...HELLO? I don't care if he is Jesus, if he commits a crime, he should be prosecuted and exposed...jewish or not. Will this fuel the true nazis? I think the mossad should of thought of that before they started running around planting stories and trying to dupe countries with covert ops.

Some would have me believe evolution is also a conspiracy theory against the church...it has to be, if not, your just one of those godless infidels.

We're not clever and not nazis, but we are assholes(I'll speak for myself), we're trying to figure out a crime with breadcrumbs(actually with huge loafs of bread), your just flailing your arms hoping someone rescues you from the truth, typical irresponsible American that wants big brother to hold their hand all the time. When you can take a cold hard objective look at facts and determine: Motive, Means, and Opportunity. Let us know.

Meanwhile I'll keep on pretending to be a homosexual vegan nazi pacifist. mmmmmmkay?

Dunn jailed for psych review

Claremont Professor Charged With Falsely Reporting a Hate Crime

Let me guess, the L.A. district attorneys office is also a nazi front...I knew it!

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