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Media Criticism

The sheeple continue to believe the
lies spewed by George II and Cabal.
British C-130 Hercules "crashes" in Iraq.

According to witnesses, as well as official
and mainstream media reports, the wreckage
was spread out over a wide area. Anyone with
an understandingof aircraft accidents will
know that this shows that the aircraft came
apart high in the air, not on impact with the
ground, as the official spin now says.

CH-53 helicopter "crashes" in Iraq, killing 31 people.

The official story on this is that the "crash"
was caused by a sandstorm -- however, records
of the Baghdad Meteorological Office show that
the weather was clear, with only moderate winds,
and no sandstormat the time of the "crash."
However, reports from independent un-imbedded
journalists indicate that the wreckage of the
CH-53 was spread out over a two square kilometre
area, showing that the helicopter came apart
high in the air.
Local residents say that the U.S. helicopter
was shot out of the sky by Iraqi Guerrillas
using a Sam7 missile.

In the convolution of their lies, about the
aircraft "crashes", and the continuing
fluctuation of casualty numbers, they show
us sanitized pictures of the aircraft, as
shown by the attachments, on mainstream
medias...CNN(Censored News Network), the
CBC(Canadian Bushite Channel), and so on.

Al Jazeera Broadcasts Tape Showing British C-130
Hit in Iraq.

Al Jazeera broadcast a videotape on Monday, which
shows an Iraqi Guerrilla group firing a missile at
the plane, and showing wreckage of the aircraft,
which was filmed at close range over a large area.
The video, made by the 1920 Revolution Brigades,
also shows an explosion, as well as burning
wreckage of the plane, including an engine.

Geoff Hoon, British Defense Minister, says that
10 UK troops are dead(the official numbers
of casualties continually fluctuate between
10 and 70.)
Defense and Military experts say that the
C-130 may have been shot down.

Al Jazeera said it had received a copy of the
tape from the group, which has released earlier
video-tapes to Al Jazeera, showing missile attacks
on other Coalition aircraft, and claiming responsib-
ility for some attacks and kidnappings in the past.

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assertions 31.Jan.2005 17:26

Jack Web

You quote "Witnesses and media reports" that the Stallion was shot down, but neglect to name even one. What "official Report" are you referring to? You have to back up your assertions with more than vague references to unidentified sources.

WHAT? you want something 31.Jan.2005 22:40


as if in having such that this make's it TRUE? How absurd! As much as government has
willfully LIED to WE THE PEOPLE and you still think it being "official" somehow set's
it apart to be more believed, more relied upon, deemed more truthful? Hmmmmm.....