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Audio/Video Reportback: Vigil & Press Conference In Support of Day Laborers

On Thursday, January 27, 2005, a Vigil and Press Conference was held at Terry Schrunk Plaza in Portland Oregon to draw attention to a steady increase in violent attacks, civil rights abuses and workplace rights abuses against Day Workers in this country. This Portland event was one of many such actions taking place around the country.

Before the Press Conference, 14 candles and 14 crosses were handed out to the gathering representing 14 documented incidents of violence directed at day laborers. According to information distributed in the media packet, these were only a few of the examples of hostility directed at day laborers across the country. During this vigil, 14 people from the community read one incident each from one of 14 different areas of the United States. This reading was in both Spanish and English.

video & audio tributes to day laborers | 18 min Press Conference Audio

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