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PPRC rally tonight & bike mass

'twas a cool evening for peace marchers and to see all the bikers
About 25 people turned out for the weekly PPRC (Ptld. Peaceful Response Coalition) rally and march in the damp, cold night. We meet at the SW corner of Pioneer Square at 5 pm. for one hour. Drummers (3) from the No War Drum Corps were back, after some being away in S. Africa for a month. It was good to have them with us again!

Will talked about the appt. of Condoleeza Rice and the upcoming installment of Gonzales (ugh, 2). Richard told about the recent 80 billion Congress approved for the Shrub's war, and how the money could be spent for education and shelters for the homeless. Genny announced the upcoming march/rally in Tacoma to free Leonard Peletier. Rob led the chanting. We made the usual stop at the Moyers' Theatre where we chanted to drumming, "Tom Moyers, you're outrageous. You just pay starvation wages." We'll be back.

I saw the most delightful sight upon returning on C-Tran. While idling on Glisan, heading west, all these twinkling single yellow headlights were streaming past us as these bikers were heading north and then turned west as the bus was stopped for a red light. It looked like hundreds were in the mass. Good show!


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