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Porn Viewing and Celeb Worship: The Critters Do It Too

Hmmm...what to think of this. I don't know.

Via Eurekalert  http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2005-01/cp-mpp012705.php
Public release date: 27-Jan-2005
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Contact: Heidi Hardman
Cell Press
Monkeys pay per view
Adaptive valuation of social images by Rhesus Macaques

In a finding that deepens our understanding of animal social cognition, researchers at Duke University Medical Center have demonstrated for the first time that monkeys, like humans, value information according to its social content. People readily pay to see powerful or sexually attractive individuals, and, according to this new study, monkeys will also "pay" to view these kinds of images.

Both economics and evolutionary theory predict that animals should selectively acquire information about others that is most useful for guiding behavior. In most monkey social groups, behavior is structured by kinship, dominance, and reproductive status, suggesting that social information should be valued according to these attributes. While previous studies had shown that monkeys would work to see other monkeys, no one knew whether the value they placed on seeing other individuals was related to the social relevance of those individuals.

In the new work, researchers Robert Deaner, Amit Khera and Michael Platt, all of Duke University Medical Center, tested this hypothesis by measuring how much fruit juice monkeys would accept or forgo to see photographs of familiar monkeys, permitting the researchers to compare monkeys' valuation of different types of social information. Male monkeys "paid" in juice to view female hindquarters or high-ranking monkeys' faces, but required "overpayment" to view low-ranking monkeys' faces. Despite living in a captive colony, the value monkeys placed on information about potential sexual partners and powerful individuals matched the relative importance of these individuals for behavioral success in the wild. This study demonstrates that monkeys assess visual information by its social value and provides the first experimental evidence that they spontaneously discriminate between images of others based on the social rank or classification of individuals.


Robert O. Deaner, Amit V. Khera, and Michael L. Platt: "Monkeys Pay Per View: Adaptive Valuation of Social Images by Rhesus Macaques"

This work was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Cure Autism Now Foundation.

Published in Current Biology online as an Immediate Early Publication on January 27, 2005.  http://www.current-biology.com/content/article/abstract...

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enslaved monkeys behave like enslaved humans 28.Jan.2005 17:54


What a surprise...

Do you think free monkeys might act like free humans?

*Ahem* 28.Jan.2005 18:12

R2D2 & C3PO

And you think that telling us this has any bearing on reality?

Get over it 28.Jan.2005 18:21


Attractiveness, social status and sex are worth resources.

Keeps populations going.

It's just an ink blotch... 28.Jan.2005 20:26

(slightly baffled) sex worker

From what I have seen of the monkeys at the zoo they'll fuck anything that moves and eat anything they are given. I am obviously not against prostitution, but I really think that this experiment says way more about the psychology of the humans who conducted and interpreted it than the monkeys.

typical shit 29.Jan.2005 12:46

biological determinism is a peculiarly male

So now we know what male monkeys will 'pay' to see, but there's no mention of what female monkeys would 'pay' to see.

Once again, the male model is used to ass+u+me the way females act as well.

Male monkees rape too, and by the logic of this piece those rapes "should be valued according to these attributes" because if male monkeys do it must be normal and natural and good.

Rubbish social science (at least the conclusions drawn from biological science intended to apply to human beings).

Oh No! 29.Jan.2005 17:47


So now the Republicans will be shaking monkeys down for fruit, where will it all end?

real men take responsibility for their objectifying actions 31.Jan.2005 16:38


Fucking a

Men already see their supposed right to treat vulnerable teenage girls like whores in the First Amendment, now they want to see it in Nature as well?

My brothers, put your cocks back in your pants and stop trying to excuse your mistreatment of women and your reduction of their human worth to blow up dolls as "natural".

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