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Biscuit Fire Old Growth Reserves Face Imminent Logging

The Forest Service is rushing to log thousands of acres of old-growth reserves affected by the Biscuit fire before a court can determine if the logging is illegal. Logging may start any day in these special places! In addition, old-growth legacy trees are falling at the Briggs Cedar timber sale on Squaw Mountain in the wild Siskiyou.

A court ordered injunction that prevented logging in seven timber sales has been lifted. As a result, sensitive old-growth reserves are now imminently threatened by the Fiddler, Steed, Berry, Wafer, Hobson, Lazy, and Briggs Six logging sales. The Forest Service is trying to saw through these sales before a court case on the legality of the logging can be heard by a judge on March 22nd. If logging proceeds, it could be completed before the court decides whether the logging is legal or not.

The Forest Service is plowing the snow-covered roads to these logging sales in their rush to log old-growth reserves.
Old Growth on Fiddler Mountain
Old Growth on Fiddler Mountain
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