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STOLEN: Magical '52 Schwinn Bike

OH NO! My wonderful bike was jacked in SE!
My Schwinn was stolen from SE 42nd and Division and I'm very sad. I spent a year and a half fixing it up, spent a lot of money and love on it and it got JACKED by some asshole. When I lived in Austin we had posses that would hunt down bike thieves and beat the shit out of them. Here in peaceful Portland I thought I would appeal to the wonderful indymedia people to help me out.

The bike is unmistakable: ruddy brown and cream colors, 3/4 rear fender, 1/2 front fender, very heavy steel frame, single gear, cruiser style handlebars and a cool original saddle seat with fat springs. It looks very vintage... because it is!

The photo is not of my bike but kinda similar. If anyone sees someone riding this bike around please help me out. There is a reward and there will be many thanks.


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My email: 28.Jan.2005 11:32


and the photo (sorry for all the comments) 28.Jan.2005 12:02


schwinn corvette
schwinn corvette

Lame 28.Jan.2005 12:49

SUrly Fuck

Aw crap, sorry about your loss, I'll keep my eye out. I'm in the same hood so if I see it I'll give you a shout... after I break the bastards knees with my pump YO!

Dang 28.Jan.2005 15:47


I'll be on the lookout, are the bike and seat the same color as in the photo?

bike color and seat 28.Jan.2005 18:54

Metal Pancreas

No, the seat is mostly black- but the frame colors are similar, my bike a little darker maybe and the fenders are the same color as the bike, not metal like in the picture. Thanks for keeping and eye open.

I stole your bike, sucka 28.Jan.2005 19:48

Bangalore Bill

I'm an out of work software engineer without health insurance.
I'm selling it on Ebay to pay the rent
Come after me and I'll destroy your credit.

2 wheel vengance 28.Jan.2005 20:04


As far as vigalante justice goes... it is highly justifiable in the case of bike theft. Thieve a bike, its worse than a man cheating with my lady... I'll be nice not to put a mans neck in a fixed gear dive chain and roll down Tabor, but really I'd rather give up my left nut than loose my wheels.

bleah 28.Jan.2005 21:07


"man cheating with my lady"
bleah, patriarchy...

HA 28.Jan.2005 21:48

Zip it up, don't get clamyia

Bleah... over analytical, bleah... not impressing anybody, bleah.... preaching to the converted... bleah focus your powerful tools of perception to the fact that it was a fleating, not serious comment, and not to inforce some "patriarcal social infrastucture".

over-defensive much? 28.Jan.2005 22:19


make a patriarchal comment, get an anti patriarchal response

PC overload 28.Jan.2005 23:06

his man

plenty of ladies i know call 'their' ladies, 'my lady'. my co-worker calls me 'his man'- its fun.

sometimes being so PC alienates even more...

of course 29.Jan.2005 02:19

raising respect

Using the term "PC" just makes a person sound like a dittohead who'd be happier listening to Limbaugh and making jokes about spics, niggers, kikes, and towel-heads. But hey, at least that doesn't alienate anyone...

WHat!? 29.Jan.2005 09:29


Yeah, that was the intention... to alientate people? A very justified comparison with Rush. Take your head out from under your ass, no one's intention here is to alienate, pick your fights a little better.

this is funny, now 29.Jan.2005 11:33

his man

this is ridiculous. comparing me to rush- that's great. raising respect, i'm sure you are not, but you sound very naive and your argument makes no sense. so who sounds like th 'dittohead', the person using the term 'PC' or the person your labelling 'PC?' talk about over analytical.

real people will continue to have a sense of humor and understand there is a time and a place to use 'MY LADY' or 'MY MAN" . the rest of you- good luck arguing amongst your ever-decreasing numbers.

rararar 29.Jan.2005 12:14


When you draw a comparison between "my woman" and "my bike", and allude to specific, violent levels of overzealous protectiveness toward each, you (whether you intend to or not) are attaching property status to "your woman". Unless you were being 100% facetious (and it sure didn't come across that way), then it was a patriarchal thing to say. The way you overreacted to being called out instead of just saying "I was just joking" makes me think that you were half serious about your stated intent to violently assault any person who might have a sexual experience with your current partner. I'm not trying to tell you what to say or how to think, I'm just pointing out patriarchal attitudes when I see them. It's up to you whether or not you want to accept that.

over and over 29.Jan.2005 13:24

my man

talk about over reaction. you are wong about many things. one being that the person who originallly used the term 'my lady' is the same one person as the one writing these words. they are not. i'm just calling reactionary BS where i see it. good luck smashing patriarchy from yr bubble.

ok you win 29.Jan.2005 14:27


i give up you win you are obviously more hip and with it and i am just a bubble dwelling 15 year old who lives in their parents basement so don't pay any attention when people challenge things you say because they're just trying to keep you down alright woo wee woo

Women beat up women who sleep with "their" men. 30.Jan.2005 20:14

a third party

It's not unheard of for women to get into fights with women who sleep with their partners. I don't think it's so much patriarchy as it is jealousy being part of human nature. True, women don't violently assualt women who sleep with their men as often as vice versa, but there are other ways to fight, too. Anyone who was a girl in middle school knows that you don't have to beaten up to be punished for "stealing" a boy.

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