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genetic engineering

HAARP & Blue Beam

An earlier posting questioned the truth of these projects. Conspiracy theories abound, but below is a response from earlier investigations that may direct interested people to the real science behind concerns expressed by the paranoid crowd.
"Two-headed moose fetus found" Associated Press- Anchorage, Alaska - 2/24/02 Is it too strange to be true? The cover-up explanations reveal more than the incident itself.
Excerpts from Two Headed Moose Anamoly:
Near Clear Air Force station - a top secret listening post in Alaska: "It's just an impossibility for it to be connected to the base, "Smith said. "There are (radio frequency) hazards, but you've got to be right there at the radar face."
Jack Irwin, first chief of the Nenana Native Council, "Of course, a genetic defect is a probability, but being that it was within a 5 mile radius of Clear, it became a matter of maybe, we should look into it."
"As far as we know, the scientific literature has no reports of a two-headed moose," Jim Simon said.
Why is the above article significant? In thejournal Science, January 2001,Warren S. Warren at Princeton suggests in vivo analysis of DNA. I visited the Biosphere II facility several times when living in Tucson, Arizona. I speculate about the combined effects of two new experimental techniques - genetic engineering and extremely low frequency biologically active frequencies. Both of these were in evidence at the Biosphere II project - essentially unregulated from any environmental safeguards. It is true that radio frequencies are unlikely to generate a distant biological problem. However, another top secret research facility is within plausible distance in plain view - the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) There is a research component to HAARP that creates long distance effects - ELF frequencies in the biologically active range 0-50 Hertz. HAARP generates billion watt phased pulses, which in turn generate ELF frequencies
for submarine communication and tomography. Questionable incidents of migratory patterns, small plane navigation, and two-headed moose have occurred since HAARP became activated in January of 1998. DNA is coiled in such a way that it will respond to a very specific frequency. This is a basic principle of electronics - coil angle equates to specific wavelengths. Within the peer reviewed literature, we have a mechanism to explain some of the above speculations. I first had the researches of Joseph L. Kirschvink confirmed to me by the noted scientist, Freeman Dyson. (Dyson is credited with clarifying Quantum Electrodynamic Theory - the Nobel Prize was given to Richard Feynman and two others.) Dyson told me that Kirschvink was on the forefront of research in neurobiology. Kirschvink proposes a mechanism called magnetoreception in great detail. He hypothesizes this as a sensory organ first found in the fossil record nearly 4 billion years ago - now found endosymbiotically in many lifeforms. (See Current Opinions in Neurobiology 2001, 11:462-467.) Are we seeing the beginnings of a scientific experiment gone awry - part of the Command, Control, Communication aspect of the National Missile Defense Shield - HAARP?

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