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Critical Mass, then films, WHEEE!

Critical Mass tonight in Portland, then bike films at Liberty Hall.
Please excuse the excessive CM posts this month, but DAMMITT it's an exciting one! With the change in Mayor from Katz (believed to have been ordering the suppression of the CM rides) to Potter, much has been stirring in regards to this month's Mass. Potter is expected to ride, possibly Sam Adams, there has been much discussion about ending the police harrassment, and now there is a BIKE FILMS event lined up at Liberty Hall for afterwards! Check it all out here:

The Ride:

The Films:

If you've been deterred from riding CM because it has been more like a protest standoff than a fun bike ride, well then check out this month's ride. It's bound to be clown-o-riffic, tall-bike-o-riffic, hopefully mayor-o-riffic.

See you there.

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