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A new ploy

The conservatives are so politically correct.
The Republicans are trying to make out that liberals look like bigots because they speak out against the black woman Condi Rice. Condi Rice turned against her liberal freinds when she got a better offer from the other side. She's hardly worthy of respect. I hope people can see through this tissue of deceit.

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and then 28.Jan.2005 02:58

U. Sam

Next, they're going to try to make us believe that the hundreds of thousands of protestors are anti-semetic and/or nazi's. Oops, they already tried that, that was a bust.

Yeah, and Conyers screaming disenfranchisement is just "sour grapes"(sour grapes? ok leave it to beaver, bobby brady). Man, I wish I was a stupid american so I could just go back to sleep.

Yawn, the arguments are getting more transparent as they keep re-hashing the same thing since the 50's.

It's not that the emperor has no clothes, he's not even there. Will the real president please stand up. Is it Rove? Cheney? The central bankers? Daddy? One thing is for sure, George W. Bush isn't running this country. When he talks it sounds like he just stepped out of a time machine from 1950...which leads me to believe it's probably dad, with those great 20th century ideas of fascism. Here's what HW said when asked in 1992:

"people say your out of touch, you don't get it"

blank stare blinking (perhaps one of the symptoms from AF, we know that runs in the family)

"well, do you get it?"

Blank stare...pause...blank....starts to say...blank..."oh, I..I get it"

Sounds like the moths in his brain decided to stir about.

Condi? 28.Jan.2005 12:55


Condi is black? Really I never noticed it. She could have fooled me. It just goes to show you how much I do not know. I know she is married to Bush. So I guess this makes her the first black lady.