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County Approved Nazi Road Signs Appear Near Salem

Marion County, Oregon officials approve and install (at taxpayer expense) "Adopt-A-Road" signs for the American Nazi Party...

The "Adopt-A-Road" program encourages the public to get involved with volunteering to keep a section of road cleared of trash. In exchange for a committment to carry out a minimum clean-up of 2 times per year, along a section of county road 1 to 2 miles long, the county posts signs displaying the name of the group/family volunteering...

So, what do the Nazis have to do with this? the American Nazi Party recently applied to Marion County officials to join the Adopt-A-Road program there (near Salem). The Nazis application was duly accepted and the county posted several Adopt-A-Road signs in rural Marion County, the signs publically proclaiming, "American Nazi Party NSM" The signs were installed at taxpayer expense of $250.00 each.
Kicking Out the Nazis
Kicking Out the Nazis
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