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County Approved Nazi Road Signs Appear Near Salem

Marion County, Oregon officials approve and install (at taxpayer expense) "Adopt-A-Road" signs for the American Nazi Party...
The "Adopt-A-Road" program encourages the public to get involved with volunteering to keep a section of road cleared of trash. In exchange for a committment to carry out a minimum clean-up of 2 times per year, along a section of county road 1 to 2 miles long, the county posts signs displaying the name of the group/family volunteering (along the area of road they have agreed to keep cleaned-up). The county posts signs with the group's name, "In recognition for your efforts," according to their website ( http://publicworks.co.marion.or.us/operations/adoptrd/index.asp).

So, what do the Nazis have to do with this?

According to a story aired by KATU News in Portland today, the American Nazi Party recently applied to Marion County officials to join the Adopt-A-Road program there (near Salem). The Nazis application was duly accepted and the county posted several Adopt-A-Road signs in rural Marion County, the signs publically proclaiming, "American Nazi Party NSM" The signs were installed at taxpayer expense of $250.00 each. See the KATU story by going here:  http://www.katu.com/stories/74470.html.

KATU says the application for the Nazis to join the Adopt-A-Road program was made by a "C. Marchand." The application is likely a public record (especially if it was provided to KATU). It would be interesting to see just who this "C. Marchand" is, what contact information was listed on the application, etc. Through exposing who these people are, this publicity stunt by local neo-Nazis just might backfire on them after all. Obviously, it is highly unlikely that these neo-Nazis have any real interest in keeping the roadsides of Marion County clean. No, their purpose is a much different one...

And just who is the "American Nazi Party," anyway? The sign also says "NSM," which stands for the "National Socialist Movement" (their website is:  http://www.nsm88.com/). Based in Minnesota, the NSM claims to be the nation's largest neo-Nazi organization. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (which tracks racist and neo-Nazi groups), the NSM is led their by "Commander," one Jeff Schoep. Of his NSM, Schoep has said, "We stress legality and we're against people breaking the law." However, Schoep himself has a string of criminal convictions including burglary. And Schoep's NSM Indiana state chapter is led by John Snyder, a registered sex offender. More on the NSM can be found here:  http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp....

As evidenced by these Nazi roadsigns and the Marion County government that recently approved and installed them, the NSM has some local members/sympathizers - and that is worthy of some attention. These haters need to be unmasked and stripped of the anonymity that allows things like "American Nazi Party" signs to appear on our roadsides at taxpayer expense.

Follow the paper trail.

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Always a problem, Always a solution 27.Jan.2005 21:24

Puter drone_malfunction@yahoo.com

If you think that it would be a good idea to take a trip to Salem and improve the situation, contact me.

Well, well, well 27.Jan.2005 21:44

BIrd cage liner

>Marion County put up the signs after a person named C. Marchand applied for a permit under which the "American Nazi Party" agreed to help clean up the road.

A person answering the phone at the number given on the permit application said "maybe" when asked if he was Marchand.

He declined to make any further comment, referring inquiries to a Jim Ramm, who has previously been identified in news reports as leader of the Tualatin Valley Skins, a white-supremacist group that has been active in the Willamette Valley.<

. 27.Jan.2005 21:45


I'd agree, sounds like there's some dirty pinko freedom-of-speech sympethizers. We'll show them, how dare they let people think something, albiet a poisoned and fucked up ideology.

my opinion 27.Jan.2005 21:51


Well I think this is approperate. We live in a Fascist country and having a neo-fascist group funding the road system seems to fit the mentality of the country. The road should be renamed "the Hitler Highway" like the Autoban was before the collapse of the Nazis. Our military helmets already look like Nazi helmets. "Shock and Awe" really was the Nazi tactic called blitzkrieg. I think next week Marion county is going to approve trains that will be used to get rid of our "Jewish Problem" in honor of the 60th anniversary. And we should start putting up banners praising Mr Bush as "Der Fuhrer Bush" (his grandfather, Prescott Bush would be proud). I think the Nazi model will do wonders for ourt country the "train's will run on time" and if the world finally fire-bombs us we can demand a Marshal Plan.

link about Prescott Bush  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prescott_Bush

extra dumpage 27.Jan.2005 22:45


perhaps folks could dump eco-friendly waste [if possible] in large amounts, invite animals to drop their waste their - old barbed wire, plant thorns, nasty smelling plants - perhaps other non-nazi groups could be petitioned to dumb their waste on nazi-land.

I think it's appropriate 27.Jan.2005 22:56

March Hare

The Nazis should be picking up their own kind from the side of the road.

A Delightful Solution from a Previous Experience 27.Jan.2005 23:39

the road winds on

This same thing happened in Texas or Mississippi or someplace when the KKK adopted a highway through a heavily Black populated area. When the sign went up, it was challenged in a rather landmark court case. However the court ruled that due to the equal protection clause, free speech, or something along those lines, that the KKK had the right to adopt a highway. So, a wonderful solution was devised in which the town decided to change the name of the highway. The KKK is now responsible for cleaning up all litter along Rosa Parks Blvd. :) So, I think it's time to go to Salem and petition for a new street name. What say you? Angela Davis Drive? Malcom X Avenue? The possibilities are endless.

Now there is a creative idea! 28.Jan.2005 01:12

just a citizen

and I have just the name: Dr. Albert Schweitzer Memorial Hwy.

They'll love that one :)

Get on the nightly news 28.Jan.2005 01:28

U. Sam

Imagine if someone spray painted a star of david on that sign. Maybe you would see it as a hate crime on tv.

"Jews defaced US Nazi property today, authorities are knocking door to door looking for a girl named Anne. Authorities believe she is hiding in someone's attic. It is against the law to damage US government property and the star of david is a known hate group symbol"

At this point, you could have a 3D swastika pop up in the corner of your screen while you watch O'reilly and if they told you it was ok, that it meant peace, you would go out and convince your co-workers.

"John, what's the deal with the swastika magnet on your car"

"O'reilly said it means peace and freedom, they hate us because of that ya know"

"oh, no kidding, where can I get one?"

At least the yellow ribbons pretend to be something else. I bet when the little baby terrorists in Iraq see the yellow ribbons coming, it gives them nightmares.

"momma, the support our storm troopers are coming, hide"

Seig Heil! 28.Jan.2005 01:48


Was is loss mit euch? Ich denke, dass es wundebahr ist, wann unser Americanischen Nazi Menschen moechten unser Autobahn sauber machen! Hoeffentlich Herr Bush mit unser Oregon Nazi Party arbeiten koennen! Es gibt so viele arbeit feur unser Nazis. Wir leben unser Sturmgeschutz...Erstmal war Irak; nexte Iran; und noch einmal Syrien, und mehr...

Vereingete Staaten uber Alles! Seig Heil!

Herr Bush ist unser Furher!

(Natürlich ich sarcastich hier bin! Ich hasse Bush und diesem Nazi fascismus!) Diesem Leute ganz fürchtbar sind...

what day is lt. mark kruger going to be cleaning the highway 28.Jan.2005 02:06



They have to fix it 28.Jan.2005 07:40

Jo Mama

If someone were to rip that sign down the city won't replace it. The Nazi will be forced to buy another one. Someone should help divert there funds into sign making!!!

KKK signs have been in Missouri for 11 years 28.Jan.2005 07:43


I'm a Miserian. The KKK have been using "adopt-a-highway" signs as a source of recruitment and FREE RECRUITMENT PUBLICITY FROM THE CORPORATE MEDIA for 11+ years!

The KKK does this because they KNOW the corporate media will fall for it hook, line, and sinker, and give them tons of free publicity to recruit new members.

Once they win in court (costing taxpayers huge amounts of money) and put up their signs, they gain more publicity by NEVER cleaning up the trash, so the highway department rightfully discontinues them from the program for not fulfilling their cleanup duties. Then the KKK sues, playing the ACLU style "free speech" card again, claiming they were discriminated against.

The Rosa Parks solution is very good. The stretch of I-55 just south of St. Louis has a sign designating it as the Rosa Parks Highway. Another great aspect of this naming: this also annoys racists who commute to STL from far south suburbs (they live far away to be away from the Blacks). Another Missouri highway (state Highway 21 near Potosi, where the state's mostly Black death row inmates wait out their death sentences) is adopted by the KKK.

I suggest they name the road after a Black civil rights leader. Modern "Nazi" parties target nonwhites. Jewish groups are probably going to try to twist this into charges of "anti-Semitism", but the truth is neo-Nazi groups target nonwhites, and wouldn't recognize a white Jew if they saw one.

Leaving items to keep the Nazis busy would be a good idea if the racists actually cleaned up the roads they adopt.

Good luck in combatting the racists. If you see the corporate media doing features on the highway adoption, contact them and tell them they're giving the Nazis the recruiting publicity they want. A lack of attention is best.

In the state of Misery, a liberal group PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesibans and Gays) also adopts highways, hoping for publicity if the corporate media makes a big deal about their adoption.

Free Speech? 28.Jan.2005 08:14


If I were to put up my own sign under there sign saying "Nazis go home" the city would have to take this down. How can they support free speech for one group to deny the free speech of another. My sign would cost at most $1 dollar, their sign, $250. If those signs happen to go up missing it's not my fault.
A Salemite

Free Speech 28.Jan.2005 10:06


Personally I don't believe it's appropriate for a group affiliated
with religion should be allowed to sponsor a highway cleanup
either. Is it OK for me to tear down their cleanup signs too?

The constitution protects unpopular speech, not just popular speech.

Jogi and Dios 28.Jan.2005 12:02

the dif

When you leave your sign up, it's called littering. To leave stuff behind on public property without gov't approval is littering. It's not a violation of your free speech rights.

And when the KKK gets a road sign (or even a church), it's not the government merging with religion. It's merely the gov't telling us who it is that's cleaning up that part of the road.

wait a second! 28.Jan.2005 13:19

a cascadian

You know I think sponsoring roads and parks and other things are all honorable and stuff. But lets really face it if we were not paying the politicians the huge saluaries to not do their jobs and was not sending troops to murder civilians and conquer oil rich far off lands we could use that money for roads, schools, universal healthcare, fire departments and all the other things one would expect a "civilized" people to have. This issue of the fascists sponsoring a section of paveled over Mother Earth would be a non issue. Even though the issue of racial chauvanists trying to "win" the hearts and minds of the average person is a huge issue if we had the social fabric and the education needed in what should be a modern society then very few people would be members of a group defined by their hate of the "other". Maybe it is time Cascadia withdrew its money from the federal government and focus on our infrastructure, social needs and environment. Fascism comes out of that sense of needs not being met and hate out of the ignorance of a mind lacking compassion and knowledge for the other. If we want to stop fascism it time to focus on Cascadia and Cascadians.

Hitler Highway : The Final Solution 28.Jan.2005 14:53

felix the rat

Here's a time tested solution to the Nazi litter conumdrum: Just dump ALL your household trash and garden litter within 50 yards of these signs. Really pile it up! Either the vunderkind will be out there 24/7 getting icky and angry, or they'll be taken to task for not doing their job picking up trash. Make 'em really work for their free publicity. I know this sounds very non-ecological, but it shouldn't take too long before the Volkenskinmeisters decide this ploy is panning out.

Small Victory... 28.Jan.2005 15:59


"The KKK does this because they KNOW the corporate media will fall for it hook, line, and sinker, and give them tons of free publicity to recruit new members."

After reading this comment, at 2pm today on 101.9 KINK fm the DJ says "Coming up after the break we're going to talk about this controversy in Marion Co. regarding the Nazi Party's road signs..." So I called the station right up and voiced my concern that their just getting free publicity, etc. The gal on the phone said "Oh! Oh, I will pass that along. Thank you so much..."

They didn't discuss it after the break as promised (yay!) and they haven't talked about it since & it's now 4pm. So I feel good about stopping at least one media outlet from talking about it, for now anyways.


public assholes vs secret societies 28.Jan.2005 19:19

the other one

I am certainly conflicted on the sign issue, because I can't stand the stupidity of the group sponsoring the road, but I also believe powerfully in free speech. I agree with one of the posters above, that if free speech applies to Nazis, then it should equally apply to the I Hate Bush Society, when we sponsor a section of road. If free speech doesn't apply to me then I don't feel obliged to support it for the nazis

But I wonder about the dangers of repressing a discredited fringe group like this, effectively driving them into hiding, where they are likely to be more dangerous than they would be in the open. It's like a rattlesnake, only dangerous when you don't see it. Just a thought, though. I also wouldn't blame citizens of the area if they cleaned up their own roadsides....

clean up road signs 28.Jan.2005 20:08

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

if they adopt a highway and don't clean it up then can't they be sued for creating a public nusuence and public health hazard?

(812) 422-7765
1306 john evansville, ind. 47714

It's up to us. 28.Jan.2005 22:16


I don't want to give these haters any more attention, either. In fact, I wrestled with this very issue before even posting anything here on Indymedia.

In the end, as much as we may want to... we should not ignore the neo-Nazis and what they stand for. People need to be informed about these hate groups, to be empowered to take measures to protect themselves and to work in their neighborhoods to keep the hate from taking over. People need to understand that the problem of a hate group in the community is everyone's concern. And educating others pays off. An informed public is quicker than an uninformed one to recognize hate group activity, and to form and work in partnership with others in the community to eradicate the problem.

Collective minds can decide what measures to take to solve the problem (much the same way as ideas have been presented here on Indymedia about the Nazi sign issue). Volunteers could gather information on the hate group and their individual members, their leadership, the neighborhoods they live and operate in, have neighbors watch their residences, talk to their landlords, get license plate numbers, get descriptions of people, set up an activist patrol, take photographs from their windows and at hate group rallies, remove graffiti, etc. Other actions? Well, be creative!

Ignoring these neo-Nazis is not a good idea. In fact, there should be an attitude of zero tolerance. People should stamp out racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of bigotry in the community. The hate group getting some media exposure in the process may be unavoidable. On the other hand, the presence of neo-Nazi groups like the Tualatin Valley Skins and the American Nazi Party/NSM are a great example and rallying point for the rest of us who understand what a danger they can represent. They might get some press, meanwhile WE get more organized, grow stronger, and rally the community against them. Look at what happened with the recent Gabriel Park "rally" by the Tualatin Valley Skins. The community made a strong showing of support for diversity and against the haters, while those very same haters chickened-out and didn't even show-up to their own rally! Yes, they got some media attention - some Hitler worshipping nutjobs occasionally will. But at the same time, hundreds of people got involved to counter their message of hate and turned out against them. Actions like that will help keep a hate group from growing, by making the community stronger and better able to defend itself against bigotry and hatred.

It's up to us.

works both ways 28.Jan.2005 22:23


A few years ago I heard about a rural gay & lesbian community group that wanted to do the same adopt-a-highway thing (can't remember where/when). Their sponsorship signs went up, and locals became predictably outraged, but since officials knew that first amendment law prevented them from denying the signs to a specific group, the adopt-a-highway sign program was dropped altogether. Sort of like how some high schools have banned *all* school-sponsored student clubs rather than allow a GLBT club to meet on school premises.

I like the idea of renaming the Nazi's highway in honor of someone they would hate... How about Lenny Kravitz?

dont tear them down 28.Jan.2005 22:32


i don't have time to read all of the comments right this second, but i know it probably occured to some people to rip the signs down. but dont. the city pays to replace those signs with our tax dollars, so in ripping them down, you are supporting taxes and the nazis (in a way).

facts (as i see them) 29.Jan.2005 08:36

former salemite

1) The Nazi's right to adopt a highway is protected by the US Constitution. I think that's pretty obvious.

2) They most likely adopted this stretch of Sunnyside Road south of Salem for publicity, or for a laugh, or to piss people off. Conversely, they didn't do this because they felt the duty of volunteering for public service.

3) Although the initial cost of $250 per sign ($500 for the pair) was paid by the state of Oregon, replacement signs are the responsibility of the group that adopted the road in the first place--NOT the state.

4) Currently, one of the signs has already been vandalized, nearly bent in half.

Here is the adopt-a-stop website:  http://www.odot.state.or.us/region5/adopt/forms.htm

Oh ye of little faith 29.Jan.2005 12:11

der galumphenbrac

"The KKK does this because they KNOW the corporate media will fall for it hook, line, and sinker, and give them tons of free publicity to recruit new members."

After reading this comment, at 2pm today on 101.9 KINK fm the DJ says "Coming up after the break we're going to talk about this controversy in Marion Co. regarding the Nazi Party's road signs..." So I called the station right up and voiced my concern that their just getting free publicity, etc. The gal on the phone said "Oh! Oh, I will pass that along. Thank you so much..."

Do you really think that the publicity generated by this controversy will entice Oregonians to join the Nazi party? Hardly.
The more light shone on any degenerate organization the better.
Would you rather the Nazis continue their ways without comment? Where were you when your high school discussed Nazi Germany?

works both ways... 29.Jan.2005 12:21


PFLAG is part of the Adopt-a-Highway program - they have a section of NE Columbia Blvd. on the way from the airport into NE Portland.

I think people should lobby the Marion County Commission to designate the section of highway the "Simon Wiesenthal Highway" or "Elie Weisel Blvd." Even though the idea of naming the highway after an African-American figure is a good one, the Nazis are primarily anti-Semitic, while the KKK is and was primarily racist against blacks.

Guys... who's the fascists here? 29.Jan.2005 13:31

Crucified Ego

We may not agree with them, but they have a 1st amendment right to express their opinions and hold their organization(peacably assemble) If they want to do some good in the community, all the better. Seriously, guys, if we're trying to say they can't exist, we're not holding up the constitution either. The hypocracy on this site amazes me. Take a step back and look at yourselves, you're just as bad as what you're fighting against.


hyperbole and generalizations 29.Jan.2005 13:51

introspection and reflection

No individual can speak for others.

Any attemps to generalize the opinions of an arbitrary group of people will be inaccurate, perhaps grossly so.

The endless reliance on hyperbole hampers intelligent discussion.

The first amendment of the US constituion reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I would argue that this issue has nothing to do with the first amendment of the US constitution but if someone can cite precident I'd like to hear it. There are other laws that may apply but not the first amendment.

Who's the fascists here? Are you kidding?! 29.Jan.2005 15:16


Who's the fascists here?

Clearly the fascists are the neo-Nazis and their supporters. They are the hate groups of bigots and racists, who support things like the Holocaust happening all over again. How can you compare us to them? I never said they should not have the freedom of speech, although it's pretty obvious that they only use this freedom to try and establish a system which would deny those very same free speech rights to everyone else (among other things).

This is America, where certain rights are protected. If some warped, disaffected individuals decide to support Hitler's ideas, fine. Meanwhile, the rest of the community has a right to protect itself from them and fight back. And to me, that's what this dialog is all about. We're just as bad as what we're fighting against? Hardly. This is absolutely nothing compared to Nazism, my friend.

Meanwhile, KOIN Channel 6 news reported today that the signs are both gone now. One was vandalized and had to be removed by the county, and the other one has disappeared. If the Nazis want to repace them, they now will have to pay the county's replacement fee of $500. I doubt they have the cash...

Be ready for the next neo-Nazi action. Stay strong and support each other. Zero tolerance for fascists!

new name for the porgram 31.Jan.2005 07:13


perhaps oregon should rename its road adoption program "Adolf-a-Road"

The work of the TV skins 11.Feb.2005 11:35

Ghost Hairhead

The application for the sign was filed by the Tualatin Valley Skins and listed thier website. This group is lead by Jim Ramm, whose real name is Matthew Ernest Ramsey.

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