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When Cops Are More Unionized Than Almost All Other Workers. . . .

What would send all the dead trade unionists spinning in their graves? The fact that cops are more unionized than almost all other groups of workers in the United States today.
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Cop "unions" aren't unions 27.Jan.2005 20:06


Cop unions are not unions in the traditional sense. They are fraternal organizations of police, that use labor relations law to shield themselves from public accountability. For example, any change in discipline demanded by the public cannot ever be legally instituted by any municipality, except through the framework of collective bargaining (with or without community pressure), just as with any employer. Contract negotiations are a closed session process. Getting the employers (aka the taxpayers) to force the issue of accountability during negotitations with the cops would take having public participation and representation in negotiations. So, the ability for cops to beat, torture, murder, and otherwise break the law is protected by the same rights givien to the rest of us in our real unions.

Yet, these cop "unions" work against the interests of the rest of the working class. We should not be jealous of them as workers, but rather thankful that even some of our most corrupt unions aren't sanctioning the right of the cops to piss on the rest of us, and never be fired for it, unless they are actually convicted of a crime. Who else in this world gets "paid administrative leave" for shooting someone while on the clock?

Call your labor council to see if pig "unions" are represented; if they are, get them tossed out.

Enemies in blue 28.Jan.2005 09:52


Those interested in a well thought analysis of the evolution of police forces from slave patrols and anti-labor posses should read Kristian William's recently released Enemies in Blue. The book includes a chapter on 'collective bargaining' for police and its relationship to their development as a semi-autonomous social force only partially accountable to even the government, let alone the people the government must constantly monitor and repress.

do the math 29.Jan.2005 12:41


Google "Ron Delord". You will be amazed.