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Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - A Must See

I have no words....
Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - A Must See


Video : U.S. Hostage Pleading For His Life : Windows Media


Latest war crimes and political corruptions:


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The terrible cost 27.Jan.2005 19:04


These photographs are very tough to look at, but are certainly what we all need to see. This is the TERRIBLE cost of war. These beautiful children are subjected to sights, sounds and injuries no child should suffer. War does nothing but generate fear and suffering and I am sick in my heart just knowing that these situations are a constant for the people of Iraq. I remember my own small children and how diligent my husband and I were to see that their lives were happy and safe. I know that the people of Iraq want the very same kind of lives for their children. Why can we not stop bombing and start helping other families to live happy lives? When I think of the billions of dollars being spent on the war machine, I weep.

Keep speaking out against this war. Stand on street corners, talk to friends, write letters. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to take a stand against this killing and maiming. It seems hopeless, but there is nothing to be gained by hiding from the truth. I thank Various for posting these pictures.

there are no words. 27.Jan.2005 21:54


I just cried like I havent in years...
I cant even begin to imagine what they are feeling...
I am ashamed to live here.
and I am overwhelmed by hatred.....