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Blockbuster Inc. Pushes Army National Guard Recruitment

On a recent trip to blockbuster, I discovered that they are purposefully putting Army recruitment flyers inside video boxes to tell you how great joining the military is. What they don't tell you, is that you will be on the first plane to Iraq if you sign up. They only show you pictures of military personnel with all their limbs still attached. I wonder if they used pictures like this(above) if they would have the same effect?

Looks like Bush's private army is getting pretty desperate. When the US military has to partner with Blockbuster, Inc. to get support, it reminds me of how Coke will sponsor the boys club...except at the boys club, you play basketball. The only thing you learn in the Army is how to be subservient and kill. Discipline starts at home. If your one of the lucky ones that survives(without mental trauma, DU poisoning, or lost limbs), you might pick up a trade. The only bad part is, if you decide to leave the military, you will find out that the job you are qualified for...doesn't exist(and you'll wind up working at Blockbuster). But, on the plus side, people will wave yellow ribbons "made in China" at you...that's gotta count for something.
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