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Blockbuster Inc. Pushes Army National Guard Recruitment

Blockbuster Inc, headquartered in Texas, is now helping the US Army National Guard push poor kids into the military. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, they'll call you "un-american". Remember, Corporations + Government + Military = FASCISM...got it? Look it up in the dictionary if you need to. Ok, let's proceed.
Picture not included with your rental
Picture not included with your rental
On a recent trip to blockbuster, I discovered that they are purposefully putting Army recruitment flyers inside video boxes to tell you how great joining the military is. What they don't tell you, is that you will be on the first plane to Iraq if you sign up. They only show you pictures of military personnel with all their limbs still attached. I wonder if they used pictures like this(above) if they would have the same effect?

Looks like Bush's private army is getting pretty desperate. When the US military has to partner with Blockbuster, Inc. to get support, it reminds me of how Coke will sponsor the boys club...except at the boys club, you play basketball. The only thing you learn in the Army is how to be subservient and kill. Discipline starts at home. If your one of the lucky ones that survives(without mental trauma, DU poisoning, or lost limbs), you might pick up a trade. The only bad part is, if you decide to leave the military, you will find out that the job you are qualified for...doesn't exist(and you'll wind up working at Blockbuster). But, on the plus side, people will wave yellow ribbons "made in China" at you...that's gotta count for something.

I asked the employee if she did this and she said they come like that and said she was throwing them away. She asked that I didn't tell anyone that, because she could lose her job. I told her to leave them in my boxes if she was working, so I could throw them away myself.

However, I think I'll just replace it with my own. Oops, another Republican PR blunder that the marketing wizards didn't think of. If the company has the right to put it in my box...as a paying customer, I have the right to fill it out and put it back. Check your box next time if you want to see what I wrote, or have some fun and fill one out yourself. Replace the picture they have with one from above.

I mention they are targetting the poor, because there is some shady, I mean, "crafty" marketing in there. Do you think they're targeting the poor/unemployed with this line?

(but less then a halliburton contractor)

Now talk about some "culliones", as Italians say, they are actually targeting the young, unemployed, uneducated, and/or poor...using a video store and flyer inserts. We all know that's where our military comes from, but here we get a slap in the face with it. They don't even care to hide it anymore. They're so desperate, I wouldn't be surprised if recruiters are hanging out at big-brother/sisters or the boys/girls club. "when you turn 18 little man, become a big man, join".

Are you listening war supporters? The army needs fresh meat, put your money where your mouth is.

Some other pretty sad and desperate moves:

"[ ]YES - Get a free t-shirt and the "American Soldier" DVD just for talking to a recruiter."
(what about the video games you give out?)

"One person can make a big difference in the defense of our country and community"
(defense from what, this administration's incompetence? or maybe they mean WMD's? Nah, they mean you can be number 1,459 to die in the desert, or have we hit that number already?)

They hit you again with the FREE SWAG!

"...and don't forget to ask for your free t-shirt and the "American soldier" DVD."
(Are those made in China like the magnet ribbons?)

On the flip side:

"Now is the time to learn more about serving America in the Army National Guard"
(Now? Because we've got more wars planned, if you don't join, we'll draft you anyways)

PS.Blockbuster is hiring, no skills required...you may not be able to kill terrorists, but you can rent the movie instead(at a discount), on top of that, you probably won't lose your limbs. Better yet, rent the kill osama video game, you can always turn it off if you don't like it. Plus, it's too hot in the desert, blockbuster has air conditioning. Go pump iron at the gym if you want to puff your chest out.

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makes sense 27.Jan.2005 08:51


I saw, in the local Blockbuster's window, something about them modifying their late fees, and I guess this why they're able to do it. If I remember correctly, those fees comprised almost 40% of their revenues. They don't need them now because George is paying them to be recruiters. So nice of them. No more Blockbuster for me. There are other sources.

Thank you! 27.Jan.2005 09:02


Thank you, Critical Bastard!

In all the death, destruction and mayhem, you have a clear vision and voice.

i see recruitment everywhere i go 27.Jan.2005 09:21

anti-war mom

advertisements play at the theatre, it's on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, fliers are posted all over the place. it's sick and disgusting!

. 27.Jan.2005 09:45


Unelected Moron Who Prefers to Go AWOL Himself Says:
Unelected Moron Who Prefers to Go AWOL Himself Says: "Go Die, Dummy!"

And Hollywood itself 27.Jan.2005 10:07


I'm thinking of the Jack Nicholson movie 'Anger Management'--there was at least two odd scenes where the camera spans down and simply rests upon the Army recruitment billboard. At first I thought it was some kind of social critique, or joke, but then came to the assumption that there was some trickery behind that decision. Or maybe it was just the particular copy of the movie that I watched...yikes! Otherwise, a fantastic movie.

Along the same lines, the movie Hellboy, which doesn't have anything about Army recruitment, but which I realized is an allegory of the occupation of Iraq, which pokes fun at people who are critical of that occupation--(that's what I took from the "film")

Don't get mad, RENT! 27.Jan.2005 11:08

Critical Bastard

It works like this: $15 gets you unlimited rentals for the first month, then $25. Use the first month, to rent as many as you can, grab those flyers and fill them out.

It's about $3 a movie, so 5 movies, you break even. You can rent two at a time, and come back the same day if you want. Within about 15 days, I have rented 30-45 movies(I lost count). Did I watch them all? Of course not. I like the flyers.

Then, when they ask you if you want to renew...say "no thank you" and shop at the competition.(netflix) The real reason they were forced to do this.

By my count, I have rented over $135...and that will probably double by the end of my month. $270 in rentals for $15, it's a good deal. Even $25 is a good deal, especially if you like the flyers.

Happy renting!

Boycott & Picket the Warmongers 27.Jan.2005 11:19

do something

If Blockbuster wants to endorse this illegal war and the death of innocents for oil - LETS BOYCOTT and SET UP PICKET LINES outside their recruitment centers. Also, put in your own anti-war/conscientious objector flyers.

This is a great opportunity to:

show the connection between corporations and this government.
reach a lot of people about the anti-war movement
Shut down/inconvenience corporate stores that are bad for the community anyway

Any organizers out there willing to set up an campaign against Blockbuster use of war propaganda in their stores?

Rent Local !!! 27.Jan.2005 11:23


Rent your videos and DVD's at any of the great locally owned video stores. Blockbuster sucks, but Netflix is still a public traded corporation (nasdaq NFLX) responsible for taking 123.88 million dollars of profits to the shareholders last year when you spend $1 at a local video store more of that dollar stays locally and you support people who will go out of there way to get you the film you want to see too.

Who would you rather have your dollars - local video store owners or these guys at NetFlix? :

Reed Hastings, 43
Chairman, Pres, Chief Exec. Officer $ 224.00K a year
W. Barry McCarthy, Jr., 50
Chief Financial Officer, Sec. $ 250.00K a year
Thomas Dillon, 60
Chief Operating Officer $ 356.00K a year
Leslie Kilgore, 38
Chief Marketing Officer $ 315.00K a year


DIRECT ACTION 27.Jan.2005 13:00


fill out the card and mail it in. play the "lets see how many recruiter phone calls and visits i can get?"

waste their time, have them call you at odd hours so they have to get up early and stay late, then don't answer. give them enough encouragement so they keep calling. tell them you want to meet them in person, make them drive out to vancouver, don't show up, tell them your car broke down. have them meet you at the vietnam memorial. give them fictitious addresses and phone numbers of friends that "are interested in joining, too." ask them if you will get to kill some ay-rabs.

play with your friends, see who can rack up the most visits, phone calls, emails, or the heaviest amount of recruiter propoganda.

each hour you waste of their time is one hour they could be spending on a real prospect.

Blockbuster kids 27.Jan.2005 13:40


Do any of these Blockbuster execs have kids who need help filling out recruitment flyers? Howza bout the Bush girls? Any other 'royal' kids who might benefit: Haliburton, Exxon, WalMart...?

stop patronizing the pigs 27.Jan.2005 14:20

buy local

For crying out loud ... why would any progressive spend their money at Blockbuster, or for that matter Hollywood Video, or any of those corporate behemoths? I'm glad people are fired up about the crassness of promoting the military, but ... how about supporting locally-owned stores, where your money stays in the local economy and they don't give to R or D campaigns.

In SE Portland for example, I've really enjoyed renting from Clinton St. Video (some sections arranged by director) and Video Underground (one whole floor of the tiny house has animated, sci-fi, etc.), and Movie Madness.

Netflix 27.Jan.2005 15:49

Critical Bastard

I apologize, I really only mentioned netflix because it was the first thing that popped into my head. Considering the marketing strategy of ClockBusted, I assume they are trying to steal the netflix model.(because they offer online service)

Since blockbuster is the one pushing my kids to die, I target them specifically. Perhaps this will make netflix think twice before they join the propaganda ranks of fox news. MY beef, is not how much money you make, it's what you do with it and how you act in this world. If you try sticking recruitment flyers in my kids's copy of snow white, your gonna get served, believe that.

Alternatively, if they do not stop...I'll keep renting. I will try to stop there in the morning to pick up and then return them on the way home from work. That's 4/day, 120/month or $420/month, a little over $5k/year. Now, if 1000 ppl do this, that's $5,000,000/year. On top of that, you make sure the next person that watches black hawk down...doesn't have such a great night and maybe wake them up.

Do you think Critical Bastard goes to blockbuster because of the great selection? Friendly atmosphere? Who said I didn't shop local? Some titles, if they don't work with certain distributors, are unattainable. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, divide and conquer, isn't that how the playbook goes? If your going to fight the new world order, it's in the mainstream, not underground shops and indy zines. Your method is supporting the local guy. My method is also supporting the local guy and sticking it to the big guy at the same time, ten-fold if I have to..especially when they come after the kids.

When Blockbuster decided to push government propaganda, THAT is when THEY became un-american, but more specifically, it's called fascism. Fascism-light if it helps you swallow it easier for not recognizing it, but fascism nonetheless. Your not going to fight fascism at the underground shop, your going to support a local guy. Nothing wrong with that, I do it too.

But I'm not blind to the fact that this is an opportunity, to legally expose the blatant fascistic agenda Blockbuster, Inc. has. I'm not buying the "patriotic duty" snake oil today. I think most people will agree...keep the army recruiters out of the video stores. What would you say if this article was about how I was signed up for the guard today at the video store. Would that shock you? I think I'd like to stop that from happening.

I just want my friends to come home, and so do they, that's all. It's bullshit and everyone knows it. Another 9/11 isn't going to convince shit. It'll only make things worse and there will only be one person to point the finger at. If you bite more then you can chew, you'll end up choking. History proves that. This time is no differen't.

Thanks for all the responses.

Public Pressure Will Work 27.Jan.2005 18:21

former blockbuster employee

as a former employee of blockbuster, i have seen the various flyers and advertisements they've been sticking in the dvd boxes over the past year or so (since they began doing this). most of them are advertisements for coca-cola and things like this. at a certain point they began sticking national guard ones in there, probably about a year ago. originally there was a documentary called "Osama", about the taliban and osama bin laden, that they were sticking these in. several customers were offended and made this known to blockbuster. employees (including myself) were immediately sent an email memo instructing that all the national guard flyers in the "Osama" movies be pulled. blockbuster no longer puts national guard flyers in military type movies or politically charged movies. they put them inside some of the blockbusters, random comedies, etc...THE POINT IS, PUBLIC PRESSURE WORKED in having them pull the flyers from some of the movies. i believe more public pressure would succeed in getting them completely pulled.

another issue on the same topic is the movies that blockbuster has been releasing since we have been at war in iraq and afghanistan. they regularly release all kinds of crappy b-movies called things like "special forces" and "special ops" that glorify the military and portray muslims as terrorists. there are many of these titles that come out every week, but usually only one or two copies of each are delivered to each store as they are not big renters.

another curious thing is that blockbuster will release movies such as "fahrenhype 9/11" alongside movies like "fahrenheit 9/11" in an attempt to be "fair & balanced". if they were really trying to be fair and balanced, they wouldn't be putting national guard flyers in the movies.

the higher-ups at blockbuster pride themselves on their connections with the naacp. many of the people that are being recruited into the military are minorities. this may be another angle.

Free videos from Multnomah County Library 28.Jan.2005 09:25


You can borrow videos & DVDs from the Multnomah County Library FREE. The library has an amazing selection. You can browse the titles online from the library website and reserve them, or go to any branch and see what's there. If you reserve movies online, the library will call or e-mail you when your movies are ready to pick up. You'll need a library card to do this. The library had lots of movies that have recently been in theatres, like Fahrenheit 9/11- also foreign films, comedies, drama, documentaries, the whole spectrum. Recently we got Pickaxe, about Earth First, at the library.

Watch out for homeland security 29.Jan.2005 01:28

Critical Bastard

Since they are now using the libraries for surveillance so they can harass peace activists, I would be careful.

If you watch Farenheit 9/11 you will be on a secret list as a member of Al-qaeda...the good news is, if your a member of Al-qaeda, Bush isn't concerned with you, he said so himself. So I guess it's ok now.

They are more concerned with peace activists, they hate us because of our freedom ya know, or was that Al-Qaeda?

See, if your an international terrorist, they're not concerned...better to be an international terrorist, then an American citizen. You can go to jail for disagreeing with the president, if it was up to Coulter and O'reilly, they'd execute you.

They're still looking for WMD's...W's Massive Delusion. Everyone seems to know where it is, except him.

Magnets rock! 29.Jan.2005 22:50


Magnets rock! Back at FSU we used to take trips to the video store to marganalize facist propoganda. Another fave is to stuff our own anti vivisection literature in science mags, seems like a similar tactic might apply.
20 seconds and a magnet will do the trick just fine. DVD's? I'd try deer sent from the local hunters supply, sure to make em wanna take it home, confusion is a good way to get away.

I personally think they should be accountable for this act. What say you? Bust Blockbuster?

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