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Solidarity! Voz Vigil And Press Conference Thursday, January 27th

On Saturday, January 22nd, 2005, in Portland, Oregon, Sisters of the Road Cafe and Crossroads helped to lead a great peace march and event called Share The Dream. Many friends had the opportunity to connect with many other groups, including Romeo Sosa, Director of Voz/ Workers' Rights Education Project/Proyecto de Educacion de Derechos Laborales. After the march, he spoke to everyone about many things including that at 5pm, on Thursday, January 27th at the Portland Federal building located on SW 3rd, between Madison and Jefferson, Voz will have a vigil. I had the pleasure of speaking with Romeo on the telephone a few moments ago about it and he also said it will be a press conference. If we could have as many people attend that event as possible, it would be an awesome move of solidarity.

This event is more urgent than ever. Romeo also spoke about the fact that many Day Laborers are being murdered and more attention to this injustice is needed.
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