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Homelessness, Not Hopelessness - A New Paradigm For Dignity And Quality Of Life

Homeless people are living, by definition, outside the box. Their co-existence on the streets with those who are inside the box is
  • We don't understand them
  • We fear them
  • We fear ourselves
  • We may envy them
fraught with confusion. Those of us who are not homeless tend to be uncomfortable with the homeless for many reasons. These reasons may include the following and many more:

There are many good reasons to find solutions to the problems of the homeless. There are also many bad solutions that treat the homeless as simply undesirable pests. There are good reasons to move from homelessness being a "problem" to where homeless folks are an asset to the whole community.

We need to begin to look at the homeless problem in a brand new way - in terms that are relevant to the homeless, their lifestyle, and their needs. We need to find solutions that are not focused on making them less like they are, and more like the homed. We need to find the means of accepting and welcoming the homeless as contributors, not scourges.

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