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Pacific Lumber Threatens Bankruptcy, Environmental Destruction

Freshwater, CA - Pacific Lumber Company (PL) is threatening bankruptcy to pressure California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to allow logging in areas already chronically damaged by years of over cutting.

According to the LA Times, Maxxam CEO Charles Hurwitz, who helped orchestrate the hostile corporate take-over of PL in 1985, took a rare visit to California for a private meeting with Gov. Schwarzenegger on January 11 to promote logging plans PL says would equate to about 750 acres of clear-cuts in the already ravaged Freshwater and Elk River Watersheds.

The State Water Board is withholding a series of Waste Discharge permits after PL failed to turn over pertinent data to the Board, though logging on four Timber Harvest Plans (including one with ancient, irreplaceable redwoods) will go forward. Complying with state regulatory agencies has long been a bane of Maxxam/PL, as seen by their accumulation of at least 325 violations of conservations laws between March 1999 and May 2004.
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