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What Stinks in St Helens?!

A thick, smelly blanket of yellow-brown smog has been laying on my little town for 2 days now. It looks like LA in the 1970s out here. What gives?!

I went out to see if I could locate the source of this stench, and guess what I found. While the pollution is diffuse and hard to pinpoint at first, near the edge of town it gets a little clearer. Down by the railroad tracks, it turns into a thick, brown smear stretching across the sky. Following the smear, I was led right to its source: The Boise Cascade mill on Kaster road. Yes, the choking smog that's covered the town for days narrows near the mill, and becomes a discernible trail, leading right down the Boise Cascade smokestack.

My eyes are burning and I find it harder to breathe. I actually feel dizzy. This can't be good for my health, nor the health of the 5000 or so other people enveloped in this haze.
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