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Jobs With Justice report on Jan. 21 actions: Parry Center strikers, supporters arrested as strike escalates

(1/21/2005) -- Thirteen Parry Center strikers and supporters were arrested today as the strike enters its eighth week. The arrests followed a raucous sit-in at the 1000 Broadway building where the office of Trillium Corporation board member, Peter Northrup, is located. The striking workers and supporters occupied the building in order to deliver the message to Northrup and other board members that the actions of Trillium and the Parry Center are hurting kids by hurting the workers that care for them.

According to the union representing the workers, SEIU 503, the agency has hired permanent replacements (scabs) and fired the striking workers. The strikers are caregivers who work with and have gained the trust of the emotionally disturbed children placed at the Parry Center.

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VIDEO: The Jan. 31 "Videos from the Resistance" will feature a just-finished video about this event! [ details ]

Taking over the lobby of 1000 Broadway
Taking over the lobby of 1000 Broadway