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The Daily Poetry Movement

The next seven poems were inspired by the book Agents of Repression which is about the government COINTELPRO wars against revolutionary groups in the 1960s and 70s. Written by prisoners, political or non political these poems strike at the rotten cores of our injustice system. I hope you will take a read.
The next seven poems were inspired by the book Agents of Repression which is about the government COINTELPRO wars against revolutionary groups in the 1960s and 70s.

FBI Exposed
Political ghosts rising from public turmoil
Influential media display of angelic images
Demented goals universally known as Hoover
Assassination from presidents to small children
Cunning manufactures of the perfect evidence
Racial bombs to redefine Black liberation
Massacres on the last Native American front
Imaginary terrorist to commit terrorist acts
Infiltration to keep the grassroot unseeded
A death squad of capitalist guerrillas
- a CA prisoner, September 2003

Government Skeleton Crew
Laws that ignites dissension among the people
Professional criminals with badges of authority
Diabolical actions summed into the cointelpro era
Frameups to prosecute all leftist potential
Ku Klux Klans sworn into the oval office
Concentration camps as windows to population control
Executive tricks for the disappearance of martyrs
Congressional statutes to eradicate radical voices
Memorandums transformed into secret service bullets
An opened grave to another dying song
- a CA prisoner, September 2003

Justified Foul Play
Pseudo gangs to confuse, divide and undermine
Plots engaging the enemy to devour itself
Icy fear solidified in physical reparation
White memories from the Nat Turner days
Targets through the crosshairs of annihilation
Trials orchestrated within the federal grapevine
Innocence after layers of exposed conspiracies
An era avoiding the Black radical messiah
- a California prisoner, September 2003

Status Quo Democracy
Status quo with a national police force
Answering only to those among its ranks
Civil murders as the main recourse
Agent provocateurs at the helm of its flanks
Centuries of suppressing freedom of speech
A lifetime dedicated to reactionary pursuits
Domestic wars protecting the corporate leech
Raising the fascist flag for new recruits
- a California prisoner, September 2003

A Red Cloud Lining
Thundering and lightening in a Red Cloud
The name does not ring a national bell
Chief of the Oglala Lakota spoken aloud
Sending Lt. Colonel Custer straight to hell
In patent violation of the territorial guarantees
"Fort Laramie Treaty" burnt at the Capitalist Stake
First offering money for land through referees
Then military evasion for the take
An ass kicking on the racist regime
Deliberately omitted from textbook history
Lessons to learn from their greedy scheme
That people power is an invincible mystery.
- a California prisoner, September 2003

Holiday Fiction
Holidays keep you reaching for your pockets
For celebration of other peoples' ideal
Cheap merchandise saturating the markets
Inflated prices so economically unreal
Consumers programmed just to consume
Doing what others have done before them
Seasonal thinking in full bloom
Intelligence on the lowest link
- a California prisoner, November 2003

Same Strokes
What do you think about the new world order?
Well, it's the same old world order in overdrive
One nation extending its tentacles across the glove
Propagating to be saviors against heathen ideologies
Intensifying mental darkness for future control
Rewriting history with the real characters absent
Going as far as the people would allow
Then retreating back to the drawing board
- a California prisoner, November 2003

Too much of Nothing
Too many prisoners, too much time to relax
Too many direct orders in a place of disorder
Too many psych pills, too much state tax
Too many knuckle heads competing to be porter
Too much fiction, too much petty conniving
Too much vain talk, too much senseless jiving
Too much stale air, too much empty sadness
Too much junk food, too much sound madness
Too much of too many affecting all
Too much of nothing behind this wall
- a California prisoner, November 2003

The cold war hot as hell these days
A different face to another arm race
Beating war drums wherever victory pays
While depositing diseases without a trace
So much hype with the mightiness might
Scaring their own shadows in the dark
So much false security in a global fight
That will make the predator the prey's mark
-a California prisoner, November 2003

Next Episode
Television seeing what you don't see
A whole market of selective thinking
Programs speaking to the subconscious memory
Special effects to keep the third eye blinking
Victims in all scenarios under parental guidance
The more violent the higher the demand
Children in the same episodes of defiance
Where the prison system definitely understand
- a California prisoner, November 2003

Peace to those who want peace
War to those with a violent agenda
Since imperialism will not cease
World revolution will never surrenda
Freedom is not something to give or take
Life is to be enjoyed by mankind
Mass extermination is not a mistake
History alone is the best sign
- a California prisoner, November 2003

Just another day
Boom! Get down! Boom!
Code Adam! Code Adam!
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Seven inmates in combat!
Sssss... Sssss... Sssss...
Bam! Clank! Bup! Clank!
On your stomach damit! Bam!
Put your hands behind your back!
Watch out! Another hostile!
Bang! Sssss... Sssss... Bang!
Next time you're history buddy!
Tell medical to hurry! Three looks dead!
Apply more pressure! Stop the bleeding!
Weapon Check! No weapons involved!
How can we explain three stiffs?
Very easy! We saw what appeared to be weapons!
Do you think that would work?
Ask the jury that convicted these poor fools!
- a California prisoner, December 2003

Reverse Images
Who said Jesus was a white man?
Was his ancestors lily white too?
Would white Christians worship him as a Black man?
Teaching their children that God is Black?
Black angelic images portrayed through Hollywood?
Wooly hair as the trend for white folks?
Circulating Black money to buy or sell?
Establishing a Black house as the seat of power?
Raising a flag symbolizing Black supremacy?
Holidays in memory of black propaganda?
Attending churches surrounded by Black creation?
Erecting white laws in the furtherance of Black control?
Invading white countries with Black agendas?
Painting Black pictures contrary to their existence?
-a California prisoner, December 2003

That's Gangster
I always hear brother's hollering they "gangsta's"
Gangsta this gangsta that! These brotha's think
that being a gangsta means killin their own kind
sellin poison to their folks and robbin stealin and
hustling their own folks. That ain't my definition of
being a so-called "gangsta." Let me give you brotha's
my definition of what "gangsta" is.

Educating yourself and those around you; that's gangsta
Educating your community and your homies; that's gangsta
Decolonizing your whitewash minds; that's gangsta
Keepin your neighborhood & communities safe; that's gangsta
Treating our African Queens with respect; that's gangsta
Liberating Africans worldwide; that's gangsta
Fighting police brutality; that's gangsta
Creating jobs & opportunities for our folks; that's gangsta
Fighting oppression and capitalism; that's gangsta
Sacrificing for world liberation; that's gangsta
Looking out for the loved ones lockdown; that's gangsta
Remembering our dead homies and ancestors & former leaders;
That's Gangsta!
- a California prisoner

Government for itself
Government funding to White Hate groups
Both in the trenches against Black sovereignty
Fruitful roads leading to vigilante paratroops
Political campaigns to administer mental poverty
Black code laws separating man from beast
Bibles reinterpreted showing truth of inferiority
Generations of the wealthiest slave feast
Subliminal constitution with an invisible priority

Business before Humanity
Westernize business monopolizing international resources
Minerals to exploit for dictatorship use
Barren lands unproductive in future losses
Polluted waters flowing from commercial abuse
Cancerous air with no consciousness of guilt
Neo colonialism as the world class stage
Citizens of their country living in filth
The only rights to a prison cage

Capital Rule

Democracy strictly for the ruling class
White membership surpassing public rhetoric
Law abiding racist transparent as glass
Caste systems installed brick by brick
National monuments symbolizing a white washed past
Founded on the scorched back of slaves
Indigenous citizens trusted as an outcast
In a society erected from mass graves

Colonized Prey
Torrential rains to a rainier day
Born for the mere sake of oppression
Colonized as a profitable prey
Amassing recognition to another rejection
Tomorrow's plot to continue the onslaught
Infrared eyes bulging beyond the stratosphere
Armed struggle against the state juggernaut
Grass root uprising without the slightest fear

24/7 this stays on my mind
open up the paper and all I see is hard times
government corruption and government lies
government destruction of innocent peoples lives
anyone being called a terrorist when they fight back for their people
open up your eyes and take a close look at the people
got us in the ghettos with nowhere to go but under
workin 9 hours a day
and have to still make ends meet on the under
minorities scared to walk down the street
some change their given names
police on the prowl for anybody who is non-white
and has a suspicious name
war on terror is war on anyone they can defeat
exploit for profit
so they can travel in luxury seats
have the finest of life and toss the world crumbs
it's time you open your eyes and participate
in shutting their evil machine down
- a California prisoner, October 2003

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135 to Makka 28.Jan.2005 22:30

Ytzhak montfu65@hotmail.com

Internal Makka
Shaytan inna western
Exterior corruption
"Right as rain"
Interior Eastern
Akilz in my brain
Slashin tongues with blades
One left dumb
Enslaved to a drum
While the liquid sound
Writes your praise
Sun comes from
On tracks
Doggin it or clockin
My Grand Master Flash
Chemical swatches
In counted
Loaded in my
Lyrics trapped
In my spiral
Discount laptop
In my back pocket
Sound levels
A man a go
Desirin loco
Like maintaining
Inna haze
A deffed nation
Confiscated flow
>From deep concentration
Camp to sankofa
Taken on all comers
Like Joey Stefano
Bees swattin
Like Dawson
Mass collapsing
My bruthas
Swoon to the
Jazzy era
Suicide or murder
Wisdome or bounty killaz
I kill the
Visions of rockets
Riyad (ha)

1424 Lawrence Y Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch)
New Palestine/Fernwood/The Hood



 Unner Stated (Mxt Dwn) hurricane angel w/lord patch
Unner Stated (Mxt Dwn) hurricane angel w/lord patch

no dis and camp x-ray 31.Jan.2005 00:44

Ytzhak montfu65@hotmail.com


re: "135 to Makka" the above poem was not posted out of disrespect for the tru prisoners political or not.