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imperialism & war

March 20

anyone organizing March 20 rally?
I recieved an email from Peace and justice Works saying they are not organizing a March on March 20 at this time. Please tell me someone is, even if you don't like marches or think they are ineffective its still important to let the world know what the people on the ground feel. Please someone do this

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I don't think marches are effective, I think protests are effective 25.Jan.2005 19:33


I know you were trying to make a pun and all and yes I'm overexaggerating it, but I hate when protests are called march's or parades. On J20 when the police in the ice cream truck were telling us that our parade had to go a certain way on the street that made me incredibly mad. It's a protest. A parade is with floats and stuff. A march is with bands. A protest is with people against something.

Back to the main subject. Of course we need a protest on March 20th. If we didn't it would be a sign to everyone that we have given up. Protests are effective and without them we would be a nation goverened under racism, sexism, and facism (Oh ya that's right... we already are) We definantly need a protest on March. I'll explain more if anyone objects

talk to j20 folks 25.Jan.2005 20:13

why not?

j20 folks have a meeting wednesday -- what good place to start m20 planning!


The Fundraising and Support Meeting for people who were jailed and
ticketed at j20 is Wed Jan 26th at 6:30 pm at the Cascadia Rising Info
Shop - 1540 SE Clinton

We need lots and lots of help with things like fundraising for legal
support. Please come and help support your comrades!!

We believe there were 18 arrests, 13 of them at the Chevron action.

More details about the actions and arrests can be found on

Arrestees need financial support ASAP!!!
Remember: Solidarity! It could have been you!!

you and your friends can mail donations to:
J20 c/o Cascadia Rising
PO Box 12583
Portland, OR 97212

I like the term "demostration" 25.Jan.2005 22:09

red suspenders

example- the people are having a demonstration of thier power. It says, we are strong.

"protest" sounds like your whining about something.

just my two cents -

It's important that we have a huge showing to commemerate the aniversery of the Bush Regime's despicable attack on iraq.

Anyone artistic to design the 11x17 poster/ 1/4 page handout??? Time to start printing. This needs to be huge.

I'll be protesting 26.Jan.2005 08:31


Another bloody day -31 American troops died today (Wednesday) and who knows how many countless Iraqis. I'll continue to be at every fricking protest - doing nothing is condoning this war madness.

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