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God Found In Boot Camps

How to become a member of the "God Squad"
The world-wide network of christian groups and churches are organizing military-style boot camps,
and retreats for "weekend 'warriors'".
These camps and retreats will encourage men to
fight an alleged emasculation of manhood, and
also encourages men to adopt "tough-guy" attitudes,
by watching films like Gladiator, Commando, etc.,
which will bring them closer to God.

The book "Wild At Heart", written by John Eldredge,
is one of the inspirations of these church-going
societies. The author says that "God made men to
be dangerous."

Eldredge also says that christian men are bored,
and have become "Mr. Nice Guys", and that they
need to re-discover their passion, because their
missions are to fight wars, which is an adventure
to live, and a beauty to rescue.

On his website,  http://www.ransomedheart.com
Eldredge says that this is what men long for,
because there is something passionate, fierce,
and wild in the hearts of men.....and that is
how men reflect the image of god.

John Eldredge, who was a part of the Los Angeles
drug crowd, before he found jesus and the church,
said he was amazed at the popularity of his book,
which was first published in 2001.

Eldredge, who organized the first Wild At Heart
retreat, and initiated the Platoon Leaders
Training program, says that the training will
inspire men to find and recover their masculine

The first Wild At Heart retreat has inspired other retreats, study groups, and military-style camps
by christian groups and churches worldwide; from Virginia, where the Immanuel Bible Church holds weekends for God's Warriors; to Kazakhstan.

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great, sign them all up 25.Jan.2005 19:22


Better those idiots than my son to die in the sands of the middle east. Hip, hip hooray! Send all of the whackos out to die, the world will be better off without them anyway.

Eldredge does not write of political warfare 26.Jan.2005 15:33


I thought the book "Wild at Heart" was quite good. Its not so much about Christianity as it is about masculinity. In regards to war, I specifically remember him linking it to the issue of justice. Eldredge does not support forms of warfare based on politics, but speaks of war in spiritual and social terms. Just looking at his website he talks of that which wars on ones heart, more or less fighting ones inner demons... In this case such retreat 'boot camps' are not political motivated activities, but probably more akin to summer camp for adults or something. He also critiqued the media charged monster-truck masculinity. All this to say; I personally and respectfully think many of your conclusions are unfounded.

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- Jack Handy