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NAFTA Violations

NAFTA Gives Canada The SHAFTA
The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Postal
Workers (CUPW) are seeking to have Ontario's Superior Court
of Justice declare NAFTA's investment rules unconstitutional.

This is the second time that the courts will have considered
the constitutionality of NAFTA rules,
which allow U.S. corporations to sue foreign governments.
The first was when the U.S. oil industry sued the
Canadian government, when it refused to allow a
carcinogenic toxin to be added to gasoline sold in

The United Parcel Service (UPS) filed a complaint
with NAFTA, saying that Canada Post is unfair
competition, because it is a public system, and
which has cost UPS lost earnings.

The UPS lawsuit means that all public services;
health care, education, the CBC, and so on, could
conceivably face similar NAFTA lawsuits.
U.S. corporations will not destroy Canadian public
services without a fight.

NAFTA tribunals have already been used to challenge
environmental laws in both Canada and the U.S., as
well as land use authority of the governments in Mexico.

The Canadian government, under the NAFTA agreement,
has forced Canada's courts to accept the rulings
of international tribunals, irrespective of
Canadian laws.

The NAFTA rules will allow U.S. corporations to put
Canadian laws, policies, and public services, like
Canada Post, on trial while denying the Canadian
public the right to protest these lawsuits.
The CUPW is in court today, to object to the NAFTA
agreement, which is stripping away the rights and
freedoms of the general public.

For more information, contact:
Laura Sewell, Council of Canadians
(613) 233-4487 Ext.#234
Cell Phone:(613) 795-8685

Jiselle Griffith, CUPW Communications
(613) 236-7230 Ext.#7914
Cell Phone:(613) 222-3952

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