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Dobson Vs. SpongeBob

Seems the Christian-wrong is back at it again with their pinheadeed ideas and convictions.
More like Christian-right idiots verse their own stupidity. I have heard it all now. First Tinky-winky, now Sponge Bob. I am surprised that it took Dobson this long to launch the wrath of the Crucifix on the evil sponge boy.

It appears that a video has been created to teach tolerance of all people:
The producer of a pro-tolerance music video for kids, featuring scores of their TV heroes ranging from the Muppets to Sponge Bob Square Pants, says he is astounded that the project has been assailed by some conservatives as a cunning attempt to advocate homosexuality.
It seems to me that the American Christian Evangelicals have become so stupid and ignorant that they are taking Dobson's asinine rhetoric seriously. I have to admit that it is extremely humorous that a supposed "respected" leader would make a complete ass out of himself. Going after a silly cartoon, which in all seriousness has nothing to do with teaching homosexuality, is about the height of the numb scullery perpetrated by the superstitious Christians of the conservatives mental disease.

Of course, Dobson wasn't the only nimrod Christian declaring war on the degenerate animated sponge. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell also mentioned the crimes of this illusive underwater character. Groups including American Family Association, Alliance Defense Fund and several others sent out emails alerting their members of the "danger" of the evil yellow beast.

My, o'my, if this is the best the religious right and their bozo leaders have to offer, we need really do nothing to defeat them. The insane and idiotic ideas they hold will undermine their own ridiculous movement.

Of course, there are many fools out there on the right buying the idea that Sponge Bob, the Muppets, the Tele-tubbies and the Looney Toones should be put on the National Terrorist Watch list. What a bunch of jackasses.

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