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The dire plight of native forests in the Biscuit: Siskiyou Project's Rolf Skar interviewed on pdx indymedia web radio

Today, Rolf Skar of the Siskiyou Project was interviewed on the pdx indymedia web radio show, "On the Air", about the plight of the Biscuit Timber Sale. As reported on this site (here and here), the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently lifted its temporary restriction on logging in Old-Growth Reserves at the Biscuit timber sale, opening a floodgate of destruction there. Rolf is deeply involved with efforts to protect this area and we talked to him about that struggle, the history of the Biscuit fire, fire ecology in general, and the challenges of organizing in such rural country.

Biscuit is the largest timber sale in modern history, threatening 19,465 acres, with an expected take of 372,000,000 board feet. The area is a pocket of hithertoo mostly unlogged native forest supporting one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. Not merely a Cascadian treasure, this area is globally unique. That any human being would consider it acceptable to even consider destroying it speaks volumes about how truly dispicable our so-called "civilization" has become. By the middle of the interview, i was boilin' f'n mad at the greed and stupidity of the forces plotting this crime. Why do people suck so much?

Fortunately, Rolf offered some hope, and some concrete ideas for how to help...


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