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Conservative failure

A skreed
U.S. budget deficit $368 billion this year if you don't include the cost of the war.

Can you say fuzzy math? I knew you could. This is the responsibility of the Republicans and centrist Democrats because they have held the power long enough to have prevented this overspending. They have failed. They have no right to feel smug or gloat.

It's going to take 8 years of a Democrat president in office and a Democrat controlled congress to clean up the messes left by the Republicans. Compare George I and Ronald Regan who left us with a 4 Trillion dollar deficit at the end of their respective reigns, to Bill Clinton, who managed to reduce the deficit, and head things in a good direction. George II has managed to get us up to 7 Trillion. Congratulations George on out doing you father.

We have a president in power and a congress controlled by I've-got-mine Republicans and centrist Democrats and they are only going to make things worse.

It would be hard for President George W. Bush to keep his promise of halving the gap in five years.

How convenient. It will require longer than one term in office to clean up the mess George created. We will have to elect another Republican president in order to finish the job, (I don't think so).

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