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Arnold may loose Citizenship

Austrian lawmakers are considering removing Arnold Swatzenheggars citzenship.
How can so moany Californians be so Stupid
How can so moany Californians be so Stupid
Austrian lawmakers are considering removing Arnold Swartzenheggars citzenship. I saw this article in the Columbian. It won't google or yahoo search up.

His citizenship is being lost for participating in State murder. This is a no no in a modern State as the EU member States largely are at this time.

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citizenship to what country? 25.Jan.2005 09:15


that would be his austrian citizenship then. austria would not be able to remove his US citizenship.

link to bbc article on the story 25.Jan.2005 11:59



Now for his US citizenship...

ahnold the mean 26.Jan.2005 17:33

a nony mouse

Speaking of this patriotic AMERICAN Citizen, Ahnold is trying to accomplish a few things in Cali right now. First he wants to freeze all disability payments (blind,crippled, etc) at $817 a month. He spends that on lunch at La Scala. Can a disabled person live on $28 a day? Can a normal bodied person? He also wants all Medi-Cal (Cali's Medicare) patients to make a co-payment when seeing a doctor. THAT'S FOOD RIGHT OUT OF GRANNY'S MOUTH! Hey Arnold! You know these people have to pay rent and utilities, medicine, food and car insurance too. The ugliest part is he'sconstantly saying he loves and cares about children. But Mr. Compassionate Conservative wants to limit the hourly wage for disabled-child care workers to a measly $5 an HOUR! Imagine the level of care $35 a day can buy. Qualified, loving professionals will be banging down the doors for those jobs, I'm sure. If you think W is bad news, wait until they install Auustria's Revenge at Pennsylvania Ave. This guy is nothing but a mean spirited Hollywood bikiniboy who married the most marginal person in the USA Royal Family and ran with it all the way to Sacramento. He shouldn't be allowed in public without a large crowd of protesters to greet him everywhere he goes. Yeah, he's the TERMINATOR all right.