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Help keep Wal-Mart out of Gresham

Wal-Mart is trying to build a Supercenter at 182nd/Powell in Gresham. Help us stop this big box, Preliminary plans show a 203,400-square-foot store with more than 800 parking stalls underneath.

We're looking to keep this store out of the area. If you're interested in helping, contact us or come out to the meeting. As this is our first meeting with them, we're not planning on any protests or the like.

We're looking for people with experience in keeping big box stores out of an area as well as those who just want to help out. We're also going to need to start an organization and raise some funds for things such as a domain name, ads in the local paper, flyers, etc.

Please come help us keep this Supercenter from going in right along the Johnson Creek Watershed. We've already damaged the environment enough in this area, let's not do any more. Learn more at www.nu-look.net

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