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Forced Uniformity by Mumia-Abu Jamal

War helps the recovery of the state. War automatically sets in motion irresistible forces of uniformity in the whole society, that passionate agreement of the majority with the state leadership against minorities and individuals who lack the necessary herd instinct..

In light of the last US presidential election, the next four years will stand under the sign of continuous wars. Nothing will change even in 2008 regardless of who is elected president. The largest supposed opposition party will not dare to effectively oppose the present government line because it essentially depends on the gifts of large corporations. The Democratic Party is afraid of posing as "unpatriotic" or even worse as "too soft on terrorism". The democrats know that millions of Americans are ready to bear the burdens of war, even of a "dirty war" instigated under pretexts and with one of the worst motives: greed.

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