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Carley Darnell Disappearance

Have my questions occurred to anyone else?
This evening's top story on local news stations is the disappearance of a developmentally disabled woman, Carley Darnell. Apparently she left her home to look for work or attend a job interview and didn't return.

The parents, when interviewed, claimed that with her limited mental capabilities, she was likely to be unable to find her way home. Why, if this was the case, didn't somebody accompany her on her job search? The parents apparently don't even know where she went!

I can understand her desire for independence, but it would seem that some sort of caution should have been exercised for her own protection.

This strikes me as about on a par with the two men whose dog was taken from their car, but who had not been responsible enough to license or put a collar on it, making recovery of the dog very difficult and time-consuming. They were lucky to get their pet back, considering the circumstances.

KGW also persists in showing a graphic of the missing woman that says "Brown Eyes" while the reporter reading over the graphic says, "Green Eyes." So which is it? Knowing for certain would help.

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