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Christianists and Zionism

US-based fundamentalist Christians (aka Christianists) and pro-Zionist forces are dually linked as the greatest threat to global peace and stability existing today on earth. Quite literally, their prime goal and intention is to bring the human population closer to the brink of the biblical-revelation-described 'Rapture'.

Articles below - with many references and sub-links - explain, in detail, the pervasive and unfettered power that these groups and ideologies have (especially with the advent of GWB administration post-9/11) over the current US military, mass media, and corporate regime.
A Strange Kind of Freedom, by Robert Fisk

An Ideological Tower of Babel, by Lila Rajiva

Christianist Ayatollahs Bring America To Shame; Are Worse Threat Than 'Communism'

The Jesus Landing Pad, by Rick Perlstein
Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move

Bush, Christian Right and Zionism

Israel's Men from JINSA and CSP

Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell is on the JINSA advisory board

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Take another look at what you are saying 23.Jan.2005 05:30

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

You are making a claim that the "Zionists" are one of the greatest threats to GLOBAL peace.

I could understand you making a claim (though I might still disagree) that the "Zioninst" were the reason why there was no piece in one tiny region of this globe. But that is scarcely a reason to call them a threat to GLOBAL peace. Are you under some delusion that the "Zionists" give a damn about other parts of the globe? That they are taking part in the conflict between the Koreas, between India and Pakistan over Kashmire, between Indonesian central authority and various suppressed peoples of that area, in the breakup of countries of Europe, in Mexico between central authority and suppressed tribes?

Might I humbly suggest that ALL humans are the reason that there is no peace among humans. Or are you prepared to make a claim that you can point to any particualr subset of them that appear peaceful in history.

NO, "Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com" - you're WRONG. 23.Jan.2005 09:37


"You are making a claim that the "Zioninst" [sic] are one of the greatest threats to GLOBAL peace."

--I am not making any claims, "Mike" - that's YOU, day after day, on this web site who makes "claims".

My introductory sentences to the above article references LINKS Fundamentalist Christians (Christianists) and pro-Zionists TOGETHER:

"US-based fundamentalist Christians (aka Christianists) and pro-Zionist forces are dually linked as the greatest threat to global peace and stability existing today on earth."

Concerning "peace" being among "all humans", I never claimed or attempted to assert in my above 3 introductory sentences that EVERY war or conflict occurring on Earth was the "sole responsibility" of the Christianists + Zionists. (YOU, "Mike", were the one who blabbered on here about "Kashmire" [sic], Mexico, Europe . . .)

I simply made the assertion that Christianists + Zionists are the GREATEST THREAT, potentially, to global stability - in my estimation, based on their spearheading of US Military and Israeli (totally funded by the US) Military power in the Middle East.

Concerning specifics of this and other assertions: YOU, "Mike", will have to read and refer to the above-linked articles, which spell it out in detail.

As to your statement "Mike", that "ALL humans are the reason that there is no peace among humans" - by that logic, ALL HUMANS ARE "responsible" for the illegal, pre-emptive US invasion and military occupation of Iraq - which is quite obviously and already proven not to be the case. If you WANT to have some Topic Thread / Discussion about "peace among humans", "Mike", might I please suggest that you POST YOUR OWN Portland Indymedia article on "peace among humans" - separate from the topic thread located here.

take another look at your "reasoning", "Mike".

Total War - more on JINSA (from above article) for "Mike" 23.Jan.2005 09:42


(from the article "Israel's Men from JINSA and CSP" by Jason Vest)

On no issue is the JINSA/CSP hard line more evident than in its relentless campaign for war--not just with Iraq, but "total war," as Michael Ledeen, one of the most influential JINSAns in Washington, put it last year. For this crew, "regime change" by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative. Anyone who dissents--be it Colin Powell's State Department, the CIA or career military officers--is committing heresy against articles of faith that effectively hold there is no difference between US and Israeli national security interests, and that the only way to assure continued safety and prosperity for both countries is through hegemony in the Middle East--a hegemony achieved with the traditional cold war recipe of feints, force, clientism and covert action.

. . . Indeed, there are some in military and intelligence circles who have taken to using "axis of evil" in reference to JINSA and CSP, along with venerable repositories of hawkish thinking like the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute, as well as defense contractors, conservative foundations and public relations entities underwritten by far-right American Zionists (all of which help to underwrite JINSA and CSP). It's a milieu where ideology and money seamlessly blend: "Whenever you see someone identified in print or on TV as being with the Center for Security Policy or JINSA championing a position on the grounds of ideology or principle--which they are unquestionably doing with conviction--you are, nonetheless, not informed that they're also providing a sort of cover for other ideologues who just happen to stand to profit from hewing to the Likudnik and Pax Americana lines," says a veteran intelligence officer. He notes that while the United States has begun a phaseout of civilian aid to Israel that will end by 2007, government policy is to increase military aid by half the amount of civilian aid that's cut each year--which is not only a boon to both the US and Israeli weapons industries but is also crucial to realizing the far right's vision for missile defense and the Middle East.

Informative Links 23.Jan.2005 16:23

Thanks Enraptured


If you find reading the links tedious, try Isiah 42:6, Zachariah 14:9, Numbers 14:21 or Deuteronomy 4:6. All of the above passages send the message of Israel's desire to take THE leadership role in the world of nations and show them the way to the one True god. Quaint language, for sure, but the thrill note of global hegemonic aspiration is quite clear, nonetheless. The Christian armageddonists and their Zionist progenitors believe this sort of stuff. And, now they have real - and scary - political power. Gee, isn't this fun?

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