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CKUT Radio: Resisting the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

On Thursday January 20th, as George W. Bush was sworn in for a second term as U.S. president in Washington D.C., thousands of demonstrators took the streets of downtown D.C., to voice rejection of both the domestic and foreign policies of the current U.S. Administration. A key focus of the large-scale demonstrations, estimated at 10 000 people, was the ongoing internationally condemned U.S. lead military occupation of Iraq, in which according to public health experts from the U.S., an estimated 100 000 Iraqi's have died.

This radio segment features an interview with Lelia Spears of DC Anarchist Resistance, a group formed in the spirit of directly confronting Bush's inauguration, who on January 20th confronted police lines guarding Bush's inauguration parade route. Also this radio segment features an interview with Drew Poe, from D.C. Indymedia and D.C Radio Co-Op who spoke about the independent media convergence, which took place to facilitate alternative coverage to the corporate / state-run media of Bush's inauguration.

-> To listen to the CKUT radio segment on the D.C. demonstrations visit:

-> For extensive alternative coverage of the demonstrations in D.C. visit:
 http://dc.indymedia.org -  http://indymedia.org

-> To view photos from the demonstrations visit:

-> For more information on the various groups & organizations who participated in the demonstrations visit:
 http://www.counter-inaugural.org -  http://www.anarchistresistance.org -

This report was recorded and produced for CKUT Radio by Stefan Christoff, who is a member of CLAC, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal ( http://clac.taktic.org).

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