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" my soundtrack to the last couple of chapters "

" my soundtrack to the last couple of chapters "
If you love heavy music you'll appreciate these lyrics and songs:

Know Your Enemy Rage
Bullet In The Head Rage
Drugs, God And The New Republic Warrior Soul
Take The Power Back Rage
Freedom Rage
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Megadeth
War Ensemble Slayer
Shades Of War Testament
Goodbye America W.A.S.P.
GreenHouse Effect Testament
Over The Wall Testament

Stars & Stripes KMFDM
Irresponsible Hate Anthem Marilyn Manson
The Fight Song Marilyn Manson
No "W" Ministry
Refuse-Resist Sepultura
Sepulnation Sepultura
Revolt Sepultura
Slave New World Sepultura

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