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Message from Tre Arrow on 1/21

Latest 1/21 message to everyone from Tre Arrow from behind the bars of the cage:

Hi Everyone! I want to thank you for the love and peoples' energy---I can feel it and it helps immensely!! Things are much better now after some hard times this week. I was blessed to see Grandfather Sun today for the first time in several months thru my (new) window!! Things are different in this new Unit in that I can now see the Sun when it's shining!! What a Blessed Gift to all of us that we have Grandfather Sun! All of the Lifeforce, Vitality, Love, Energy and Warmth he provides for all living beings astounds me---What would we do without him!! Thank You for Everything. Love you ALL! Namaste, Tre

P.S.from Trefriend: If any of you could come to his Extradition Hearing in downtown Vancouver, B.C., April 18, 19, 20---he would love to see you!! Consider carpooling with friends or taking mass transit. More later. Thank You Everyone for all of your Support!! The Bake Sale was a great success!

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

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