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City FINALLY recommends firing cop who shots, but. . .

This story just hit the corporate wire (link posted below) but the jist of it is Chief Foxworth, the Porltand head cop, has recommended firing a nearly 20-year veteran of the PPB for unlawful use of deadly force. But there is a twist; nobody died (the three shots missed), and the chief is not mad that the cop shot at the suspect. Read on. . .

So basically, it was OK to shoot at an unarmed suspect who was making no threatening moves (though he admittedly was a pretty scary guy, having shrugged off shotgun rouds loaded with beanbags that hit him IN THE GROIN, and taser rounds fired by a "Police Deck Officer"). But what was NOT ok is the chance that one of those rounds COULD HAVE hit another portland cop, but DID NOT. Only one portland cop has EVER been fired for deadly force, and he got his job back (according to the above article).

Let's sum it up in a handy bullet point formet:

Shooting a gal who is driving away but not making any "gun grabbing" type moves: OK

Shooting an unarmed guy while your partner tasers the shit out of him for 2 minutes: fine.

Tasering a 71 year old blind lady during a dispute over a wagon: cool.

pepper spraying babies, bystanders and reporters: yup.

Tasering a person in the back as he walks away for giving you lip: whatever ya gotta do, man.

Slamming protesters to the ground and basically twisting them into pretzels for jaywalking: no prob.

Firing three .45 cal bullets at a man who is running away in a hotel but not showing a weapon: totally legit.

Firing those same three bullets in a way that does not hurt any cops, but gives them a bit of a fright because they flew too close to them for comfort: FUCK YOU DUDE, you are going DOWN! Throw the book at 'em!

Hey, I am not saying that this cop should keep his job, endangering your co-workers with a glock is kinda one of those "justifiable firing" conditions. McDonald's would fire any fry cook that threw spatulas at the cashier. What I am saying is that the OTHER cops who did WORSE things ALSO should lose their jobs (and in many cases, more). The priorities of this city's police are totally ass backwards.

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Just remember 22.Jan.2005 13:11

March Hare

The police mindset is conservative/republican: Might makes right, God is on our side, so we can do no wrong, etc. See George Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, George Bush again, Jeb Bush, (REmember Rodney King) (add more to the list).

Really, these dogs need to be kept on a very tight leash.

I am a republican? 22.Jan.2005 14:25

a cop

That's news to me!

No, I know what you mean, and you are mostly right. The police culture, administration and system are overwhelmingly right wing (well, perhaps "totalitarian" is a better word, since "right wing" implies some things that the police system does not support, like private gun ownership). Officers, on the other hand, are prone to more liberal thought after a few years on the job. The problem is, the kind of folks that are attracted to "gun jobs" (police, military, etc) are young, agressive males. These are the ones you will run into the most, because they are the lower ranking guys and thus have the most public contact. Older, white-haired liberal cops can mostly be found at desks or training divisions. Yes, there are exceptions of course.

As a cop moves through his/her career, they tend to see a broader picture, and they tend to lighten up a lot (the "get it out of their system" phenomenon). They tend to want more socialism, at least in the form of higher taxes, medical care (most of our encounters are with people that should be in a hospital or on meds they can not afford), better schools (the rest of our encounters are the products of shitty school systems) and so forth. The unfixable cop brains tend to leave law enforcement after a few years, either because they are forced out for being too abusive (some places actually do kick cops off the force for that, those cops then seem to move here) or because they are frustraited with the rules that bind them and go on to a job where they are allowed to beat people up (bouncer, bodyguard, etc).

One of our local "unfixables," the ex-marine with the history of abuse at his last job, left the PPB after killing a person and went on to some ministry job. He was basically one of those who just did not want to put up with all the rules that bind cops. He left too late.

dude fell six stories and LIVED 22.Jan.2005 15:07

stoneking must be some kinda

stone king!

maybe the cop's bullets woulda bounced off this guy...

My error 22.Jan.2005 19:22

March Hare

It doesn't pay to make all or nothing statements, they are too easy to refute. It is not true that all officers are conservatives. My experience with the police at various protest events has been fairly positive.
I'm glad to gain a glimpse inside the nature of police department generally. The police have to help maintain the status quo in an imperfect world.

"A policeman's lot is not a happy one."

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