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Venezuela in the Spotlight: Lou Dobbs Show

May the new year be full of surprises!
May we finally put the horse before the cart and mend our own pockets before falling to the destructive myths of unilateralism and offense self-defense!
Clif Ross, translator of "A Dream Made of Stars", is a Bay Area activist who recently returned from Venezuela.
With the Coronation of Baby Doc Bush we can only
expect a turn for the worse in the U.S. in every
respect. What is most striking about this historical
moment in the U.S. is the degree to which doublespeak
has become the dominant language. "Freedom" (a word he
used 26 times in his coronation speech) means
subjugation to the Amerikan empire; "ending tyranny in
our world" means the destruction of nations like Iraq
and their submission to a tyranny more violent than
Saddam Hussein's and "the policy of the United States
to seek and support the growth of democratic movements
and institutions in every nation and culture" means
more wars of aggression, genocidal occupations and
destruction of true, participatory democracies, such
as now has been born in Venezuela.
Merely a day after this squandering of $40 million on
a decadent ball for the Bush royalty and its lackeys,
the U.S. media followed up with the obligatory lies
and obfuscations. Lou Dobbs' report, a right wing news
program, and all news programs on mainstream U.S.
television are right wing, featured a short segment on
Venezuela. The cold spell sweeping the U.S. midwest
made a perfect segue into a piece on Hugo Chavez
since, the commentator points out, the U.S. will more
than likely not tolerate his "threats' to cut off
sales of Venezuela's oil. "Free markets" don't apply
here: Chavez has no choice but to sell to the U.S.,
isn't that right? The commentator (since reporters no
longer are anything but commentators now in the age of
the Total Lie) goes on to call Chavez a "strongman."
In a limited sense, Chavez is in fact a "strong man,"
especially as compared to George W(imp) Bush: Chavez
has a stronger intellect and could probably also kick
that rich Texas brat's ass in a boxing match. In
addition, Chavez is strong because of his popular
support, another thing he has over that rich kid from
Texas who was first "selected" as president by a
handful of judges, against the democratic will of the
people and then returned to a second term through
fraud in Ohio, and massive voter intimidation. By
contrast, Chavez has won his elections at the polls,
has survived military coups backed by the U.S.,
paralyzing strikes in the oil industry and through all
this his popularity was so high that the movement that
formed around him won twenty two of his nation's
twenty four states.
Unfortunately, in U.S. politics and media, this isn't
the connotation of the word "strongman" and, in the
Total Lie of U.S. media and political commentary,
connotation is everything, denotation, nothing.
Noriega, for instance, was a "strongman" as was Saddam
Hussein and other U.S. Frankenstein dictators who
turned and bit the hand that created them. Now it is
being applied to a popular leader with a mandate who
is seeking freedom, participatory democracy and an end
to the tyranny of the U.S. dollar.
In a bit of irony that would make George Orwell's jaw
drop and Stalin and Hitler turn green with envy over
the suave manipulation of reality to portray its
opposite, the segment ends with the obligatory quotes
of unknown "experts in regional affairs" who consider
President Chavez a major force "against democracy in
the region."
War is peace, ignorance is wisdom, freedom is slavery
and democracy is George W. Bush.

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