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Book: Lies of THE REAL LINCOLN req. exposing to remove corp.empire, move to sustainability

I just finished reading a great book, that would interest any libertarian, green, localist, "real liberal", constitutionalist, or "real conservative" instead of fake neocon conservatives.

This book, THE REAL LINCOLN, is an important read for all interested in how America became a corrupt corporate state, and a "Prussian" like state empire.
Lincoln inventor of the privately run, militant, repressive U.S. corporate state
Lincoln inventor of the privately run, militant, repressive U.S. corporate state
It started with the lies of Lincoln. It's a very contentious read (as shown by the number of reviews, and the number of empty aspersions) because it challenges the legitimacy of the past 150 years of American militarism, corruption, and the corporate state subsidy framework which were set up by Lincoln. If all you have ever learned of Lincoln was your federal schools curriculum, you have a lot to learn about THE REAL LINCOLN.

Because the neocon corprorate state reviews of this book were so hostile, there is even a great afterword to the second edition where the author devestates the arguments brought out to libel him.

Lincoln spent his life in service to the corporate state clientelism framework. It's the one commonality of his life.

The author unfortunately sometimes sweeps under the corruptions and anti-consumer behavior of the free market, though a good read on Lincoln as well as the U.S. heritage of further and further corruption connected with imperial aggrandizement--from a country once designed to support individual liberty into a country where the citiezens are serfs paying 50% of their taxes to support a global police force.

Lincoln even wanted to immediately invade Canada and Mexico within several months of 1865, though this failed to pan out. There was talk of expanding the military operation into China then as well. This whole corporate military state framework of subsidies, war profiteering, crony families, etc.--started with Lincoln and seems to have been the basis for a great many evils in the world at the present moment. In reading this book, it is very easy to compare Bush's activities to Lincoln's as coming from the same cloth.

Lincoln the white supremacist. Lincoln enslaving blacks to work for the Federal army. Lincon the inventor of Naziesque "total war" against a civilian population. And others have noticed these discrepancies.

see reviews, buy used, share it with others:
The Real Lincoln : A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War

The book is limiting however, unless you understand the "deep politics" of the period, particularly, the Knights of the Golden Circle:
Shadow of the Sentinel: One Man's Quest to Find the Hidden Treasure of the Confederacy -- by Warren Getler, Bob Brewer
Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
Conspiracy connoisseurs tired of contemplating whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone will feast on this tale of the 19th-century doings of the Knights of the Golden Circle. According to treasure hunter Brewer (aided by Bloomberg News editor-at-large Getler), who attempts to unravel their secrets in hopes of finding millions of dollars of hidden gold, the KGC was a sinister group of influential Southerners intent on engineering the secession of Southern states. They supposedly conspired to split the 1860 Democratic convention so that a weak candidate would emerge, guaranteeing Lincoln's election and support for secession--a deep game indeed.

Knights of the Golden Circle Treason History, Sons of Liberty, 1864 -- by Felix G. Stidger

and read the chapters on the Civil War in Epperson's The Unseen Hand:
The Unseen Hand -- by A. Ralph Epperson

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The First Republican 22.Jan.2005 05:56


I guess those were the good old days before Honest Abe came along huh?

Before that corrupt repblican party came around the democrats were free to beat their negroes and sell there children.

Bad Abe Bad Abe!!!

Lincoln all sugar coated 22.Jan.2005 07:25


History is written by the victors. My father is a blood relative of Lincoln(on his mothers side). For many generations it was prudent for family to hide the fact of relation to this "great" leader. His treason was well known to the people and for many generations later.
I believe Lincoln's story is a complex one that is wanting in the need to be honestly debated including all the suppressed details of his life.

veritas, you have southern roots correct? 22.Jan.2005 08:14

of course

Lincoln wasn't "from" Illinois, he was from Kentucky.

I'm sure if I lived in the south after 1861, and were related to Lincoln, I'd keep it quiet too..

reply to "whatever" 22.Jan.2005 09:59

SOC (Son Of the Confederacy)

as for the Democrats of that time being coupled with your misconception regarding slavery, it is
well to recall that slavery as an institution was largely supported by the Plantocracy...a group
that never exceeded 20,000 males by time the War of Northern Agression began, and in whom nearly
all political power, as well as better than 90% of the wealth resided with...the ruling "elites"
who looked with distain upon not only their African-American slaves, but their White-American
neighbors as well. The same group who ran off the Native-Americans (Cherokee, Creeks, Seminols,
et al) to Oklahoma Territory (those that survived the numerous mass-round ups and murderings).
This same small numbered so-called "elite" manupulated the people of the South economically,
politically, culturally, and even spiritually. These same people had direct links to the com-
mercial interests in England via blood ties to largely English aristocracy (as well as Old Eu-
ropean aristocracy) as well as commercial links to New York/New England states emerging corpo-
rate capitalist so-called "elite"!

The war was as much a DEPOPULATION exercise as it was the means to "unify" the whole country
behind the new concepts of corporate statism in which greater wealth would amass to a smaller
portion of top of the pyramid elites. Just like we have today...it's taken nearly 140 years to
perfect the "political system" that Lincoln helped set in motion. As terrible as slavery was,
it was NOT the real reason the war was fought (that was inserted in the victor's history books)
nor the invasion of the South occurred...it was to strip the wealth, cull the herd (depopulate)
and remove (as in kill) the strong emerging disenfrancised White-American populist-based masses
of the South who were decidedly Jeffersonian in their politics (as well as depopulate certain of
the population in the North that would most likely provide "resistence" to the emerging economic
structure being foisted upon all Americans.

Please...believe me, when one reads the McHistory of today's version of events, one is NOT at all reading the full truth of that era, what really lead up to and provoked the war, and what
the true role slavery was in it all. Our history--as taught in public education institutions--
has been sanitized and "niced-up" to put a more "positive spin" and a Happy Face on the ever-so
self-righteous victor's of the stuggle to bring us all a McState of American Imperialistic fame.

There is much that could written here, but due to the brevity of the moment, I shall run along
for now hoping this moment of enlightenment has shed light on the matter?

Republicans were corp. statists and racists themselves, nothing else 22.Jan.2005 11:57


quote: "Before that corrupt repblican party came around the democrats were free to beat their negroes and sell there children."

No. Actually, Black Codes were formally instituted throuhout the Northern states (long before the South did, after the Civil War) while the South had the black codes of slavery of course. The author quotes Alexis de Toqueville's observation that racism against black was actually much more extreme against blacks in the north, mostly because they were free and competing with "white labor."

Besides, Lincoln never said he wanted to free the slaves as a goal per se of the war. It was simply a last ditch effort to "free slaves in areas they didn't control" in the south (his Secretary of State's belief) while they kept slavery actually under the Federal Army territories!".

Lincoln he always said he preferred white supremacism. Lincoln's main policy for slavery was actually a policy against free Black Americns. Lincoln wanted to REMOVE THE FREE BLACK AMERICANS and ship them elsewhere, while in his first inaugural speech he said he had nothing against slavery and actually wanted to strengthen the Fugive Slave Laws.

To understand Lincoln's actual motivations, you are required to read this book and "unlearn" a few propganda tracts invented by the war victors to legitiamte themselves morally post ipso facto.

The comment above about "the winners writing the history" is very accurate as to what happened. However, if you want to understand the U.S. corporate state, you should read this book.

Don't be afraid 23.Jan.2005 12:30


"Plus, we need to quit trying to judge people from 150 years ago with values from 2005."

They are the same values. Open thy mind and read the book. Don't be afraid.

how do you do it? 23.Jan.2005 12:56


"Lincoln never came out a said what he wanted to do because he was trying to run for re-election. "

You think you know so much and relate so little.

Every one of your comments by the way are demolished by the book.

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