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J20 Massive Banner Dropped In MKE

Communiqué from the Kevin McCallister Collective
On the morning of Thursday, January 20th, the KMC dropped a large banner made of nineteen upside-down American flags with the words "END EMPIRE" painted upon it. We make this statement as an act of resistance against the largest, more dominant military empire in history. Since its inception, the United States has aggressively expanded its borders, pushing indigenous peoples off their land and destroying the sovereignty of other nation-states.

Dropping this banner on inauguration day is not strictly a protest against the Bush administration but against a system which allows for the injustices they have committed. The illegal and internationally condemned invasion of Iraq is only the most recent example of violent expansion, the logical result of power—in the red, white and blue guise of democracy— gone hopelessly awry. Thus our action is done in solidarity with all of those who struggle globally to resist concentrated power; to them we say "Ya Basta!"—"Enough!"—with the hope that we have contributed one small piece in the creation of a more humane world.

This is it; don't get scared now.

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Nice work! 22.Jan.2005 02:25

a winged snail

Nice! 10 points for the use of an imperial icon in a non-destructive action. We NEED more photos of other banner drops on J20 and any after. Maybe we need a gallery of photos of outstanding banner drops and culture jams.

words matter! 22.Jan.2005 07:56


This is the kind of action that brings courage to the rest of us. Perfect! Let the words be seen everywhere. Speak out! This kind of action takes the strength to those who see it. Bush seemed shocked to learn that words matter, but those of us in the struggle know that words are our greatest weapon. Each of us can speak out in this way. Simply put a message on community bulletin boards, leave notes wherever you go, create grand banners, wear buttons...just speak out and do not let yourself become silent!