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J20 PDX Demonstration Photography

The following five pictures are by Matthew Graybeal from the 1/20/05 J20 President Bush Inauguration Demonstration in Portland, Oregon. To see the entirity of the pictures please visit my website as listed below.
Chained for $ Oil
Chained for $ Oil
Police Media
Police Media

homepage: homepage: http://www.ManicThunder.com

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Thanks 21.Jan.2005 22:59

Wee Raven Wee_Raven@resist.ca

I was one of the people locked to the pump and I wanted to thank everyone who did not listin to that cop that was telling everyone to leave and even the people that left for staying as long as they did. I espcally wanted to thank the person who yelld out that I was there hero because that gave me a great laugh over the bruses that were quickly being created on my wrists and the indyvideo collective who are (as always) amazing at sticking around and representing people that otherwise would only be seen by the corporate media even through highly arresable things like last night.
In short, I love you all with the whole of my heart,
-wee raven

Also if you want to come to the our hearings they will be held at the INjustice center on Feburary 11th at 9 in the morning room one.

these are good pics...THANKS! 21.Jan.2005 23:11


I chuckled with the robocop pic...they're scared shitless to be seen out in public w/o
all that "hiding" gear, or maybe it's "protective" gear to keep them from getting their
fucking asses stompt by WE THE PEOPLE. Oh my...the travails of being a PoPig!!! ha! ha!

yay 22.Jan.2005 08:24


look! it's all my favorite people! i love you guys!!!

scared pigs 22.Jan.2005 14:46


I was at the protest watching the injustice happen. I thought that it was a bit excessive for them to be dressed in full riot gear with 3' beating rods and guns loaded with "Less"leathal ammo.Also what was with Raven getting burnt on the hand by sparks...did they not notice that she was u-locked to a fucking gass hose.

leaving the moment 22.Jan.2005 17:40

chiroptera karmarat@hotmail.com

I was with you at the Chevron, locked arms with the other folks in red bandanas. I stayed until the owner/manager asked us to leave. I felt bad for taking off, and leaving you to get arrested. I just couldn't see the point for me, with my future plans, to jeopardize my group in any way by getting arrested. I hope that the time I was able to stay wasd helpful for those of you who also stayed. I'll try to be there to lend support at your hearing.

THIS is the type of action that is needed. 22.Jan.2005 19:48


There is no other society on this planet with such an integral addiction to the automobile as the united states. This type of peaceful civil disobedience is excellent and brings an accurate focus on the real reason behind our occupation in Iraq. We need to wake up and realize Bush is just 'defending' our own oil/car addicted lifestyles. Its easy to demonize Bush (& play his game) when you're pissed off. We can't always change others, but we can change ourselves.

If we organize and educate people about alternative transportation / urban design, and thus do so in a spirit of encouragement, things could actually change. Especially starting in an environmentally conscious city like Portland. But still Im depressed when I see environmental stickers on cars, and hear the absurd justifications of people who believe their convenience is more important than the lives of those who are dying for 'American intrests.' Even, when its a trip less than a mile away to the grocery store. We, as Americans, need to change what we're interested in. We've created this beast and when its resources run dry at home, it looks abroad to fill its belly.

One way of awakening and educating the populace to our own societies addiction to petrol is action such as these two courageous woman took. But for people to really consider us as conciencious objectors as opposed to 'militants' etc., we need to organize this type of action on a larger scale. So get your grandma involved too, theres plenty of U-locks for all of us.

See you in the bike lane,
and in the court room.

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