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Newly Invented Machine Sees Through Walls?

Don't Go Near The Light!
Troy Hurtubise said that he has done the impossible
with his latest invention which defies the laws of
Hurtubise claims that the light can see through
walls, a variety of metals, the light can detect
stealth technology...........but it also creates
electrical failures, kills fish, affects human
flesh, etc.

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology have done tests on the machine,
and the French Government is also interested.

Full story at:

There is a link at bottom of page to view several
photos of machine.

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Ok now 21.Jan.2005 22:32

loop loop

thermal imagers can see through walls for years now.....they track heat and create a "picture" of what's going on inside a building or room. what's this about? anyone with more info?

Defies the laws of Physics????? 22.Jan.2005 06:21

Mike stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

People shouldn't report upon "science" stories unless they know at least some of the basics. In this case, that portion of Physics known as Optics and particular, the optical properties of materials.

Whether a particular material is opaque or transparent depends upon the frequency (the wavelenght) of the light. When we think of "glass" as being transparent that is because it is transparent for wavelengths in the same range as that used by our vision (4000-7000 Angstroms). Many insects see in much shorter wavelenghts than we do. Flowers that appear just plain white to us may be in vivid "eat here" patterns to them (the flowers are coevolved for the eyes of their pollination partners, not our eyes). To these insects, ordinary window glass may not be as transparent as it it to us (transparency of ordinary glass is beginning to drop off at the shorter wavelengths).

Long wavelength light may go through a wall or clothing which is opaque to our eyes (that's your infra-red see through walls technology). Similarly very short wavelength "light" may go through materials we consider opaque. Remember, while we think of radiant heat and x-rays and radio waves as being very different from visable light it's all just light when you are talking about "the laws of Physics".

Plasma weapons 22.Jan.2005 08:10


Alex Jones got a really cool interview with the inventor last week. His story is really intriguing, try to get into the archives and listen to it if you can. He mentioned Mohammad Atta came to visit him before 9-11 to purchase one of his other inventions, body armor. He claims the guy was wearing a three piece suit and he behaved just like an American, not Arab at all.
Also his "new" invention could theoretically take out a satelite from the ground. If true this would be a real threat to the globalist and their star wars technology. Can you imagine if the citizenry could get a hold of this plasma laser and take out the weather manipulation satelittes the globalists are directing against the people of the world? Just an idea or is it all a dream? One can only hope.

huh? 23.Jan.2005 13:29


"People shouldn't report upon "science" stories unless they know at least some of the basics. In this case, that portion of Physics known as Optics and particular, the optical properties of materials."

and how do you explain what "optical properties of materials" has to do with killing living organisms and killing running engines?

sorry dude, you're the one messing things up.


wha? 23.Jan.2005 21:33


Seeing thru objects sounds like it relates to the optical properties of objects to me. If an object gets messed up (as film does) when it's hit with a certain frequency or intensity of light, that still doesn't make it not about optics.

But really, the whole thing sounds like a hoax to me. If it truly can see thru things, then why aren't there any pictures of it doing so? If our eyes, or a computer monitor (should the transparency be something the human eye cannot see) can see something, then I expect a picture.

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