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Without an understanding of the television culture, modern protests will have no effect.

Without an understanding of the television culture, modern protests will have no effect. To truly impact society and get your message across, you need to provide a unique and original message each time. The majority of society is television addicted and dull. People have no critical thinking skills. But they will orient their attention to novel images and concepts.

The "Chevron" protest is completely pointless, predictable and boring.

Why not assemble 10,000 "Neo-Amish" to walk to the streets with horses, beards, Bibles, etc. You will now get national coverage, if not worldwide. The argument should be that the Amish are the only Americans living a sustainable lifestyle. This will orient the TV hive mind. Then press home your argument of unsustainable energy consumption and the lack of government planning and corporate influence in preventing renewable energy.


This is your concept:


Just add the unique imagery of "Neo-Amish" masses protesting in the urban setting and you will have your media share. No one give a **** about angry young protesters. Remember everything people see now is through the lens of the media.

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right but wrong 21.Jan.2005 18:02


You're right. The media control the mindless masses.
But you're wrong about the solution - it isn't to attempt something so "novel" it forces the media to cover it favorably for you (you'd mobilize 10,000 and get 30 seconds at most, not exactly efficient). The solution is to bypass and make obsolete the media. Take a way their control of the masses, and make the masses not so mindless.

seriously 21.Jan.2005 18:52

independent media

There are ways to reach people without going through the Corporate Media. Freeway banners, talking to people directly, posters ... fun publicity stunts are just part of the alternative picture.

Something I do often is share with parents / other brainwashed people examples of media bias as they occur, such as showing them a newspaper article that covered a rally that I attended, pointing out the discrepencies between the reporting and what I witnessed.

Get creative!

maybe 21.Jan.2005 20:26


I was downtown and walked in the march... I heard about the Chevron protest afterwards... I did not know about the Condie Rice + Chevron connection. I learned something and shared it with others. I might not have heard about the connection without the action. So I think it was successful and worthwhile in raising consciousness... I think I am pretty well informed too, but clearly things get by me.

Spastica Rex 22.Jan.2005 09:16

Non-participation in corporate economy as protest

Imagine gettting 10 million people to simply save their dough in a jar for a week and not use it until the fascists were gone. Take a billion dollars out of the economy and watch 'em squirm. Threaten to do it again -- watch 'em squirm more.

Costs nothing: saves money!

Buy nothing day every day 22.Jan.2005 14:20


Never buy anything, or try not to, and every day must be a day of limited actions--i.e. don't spend extra energy when you odn't need to. ME, I don't do much, sometimes I spend my dollars at corporate places like Chevron, though I haven't had a car for years, and I don't feel good about it at all, but for me I can take pride in the fact that at least I can't buy much, if I do buy something

The author is right about t.v. being a kind of beacon and guide for the masses, but what if you watch c-span all day? If you're a regular viewer of Prime Minister's Questions then I think inevitably your horizons will expand--if nothing else, the average person will say "this reminds of that movie..."

About mocking the Amish, I think there might be some insensitivity in that particular idea, its kind of amishsploitation. ME, my lifestyle is probably amish-lisk without even knowint it, but I don't have to wear a costume to demonstrate this possibility, or such...ultimately, it's the uniqueness of different people and cultures that will sway the masses--e.g. if there actually were some Amish people contributing to the anti-war and anti-Bush agenda movement, which I'm sure there is.

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