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13 People Arrested at Parry Center Rally!

The Parry Center Rally today was great!
13 people were arrested at the office of Peter Northrup, a Parry Center board member during a lively downtown protest today. After rallying in the South Park Blocks, over 150 marchers took over the lobby of the 1000 Broadway building, singing songs and chanting for nearly an hour. A group of workers and community supporters (including two pastors) headed up to the 17th floor to speak with Peter Northrup. AFter the door was slammed in their face, they sat down and refused to leave. Eventually, all were arrested and charged with trespassing.

Overall, it was a great action. Let's hope that the Parry Center gets the message and decides to settle this strike.

Pictures should be up soon.

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Thank You to all of our Supporters 21.Jan.2005 20:24

Grateful Striker

Just wanted to say thanks too all that came out today to support us. We are approaching 60 days on strike next week and your support really helps us to get our morale up!!! Thank you for helping us keep our voice heard and loud!

Nice Work! 21.Jan.2005 21:53

Fellow Worker

Much respect and love for all of the Parry Center workers. Stand strong!

Any more news on those arrested?