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Calling on all good Cascadians to hide the soldiers as the leave the killing machine.
Please educate yourself. Please hide the soldiers and keep in mind that as the people leave Madd King George's war on the world, we the people must be prepared to hide them, support them, feed them and house them. Be aware the the MP's will be looking for them and don't give any stranger too much information.

It's a war on the people and the people must rise up!

THE GI RIGHTS HOTLINE 1-800-394-9544

 http://www.nisbco.org/ - Center on Conscience and War

homepage: homepage: http://www.objector.org/

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those are the Baez sisters 21.Jan.2005 17:31

old fart

...on that poster-Joan, Mimi Farina and the other one. Joan certainly did say yes, marrying a guy who went to jail for resisting.
I'm clearing out space in my attic and crawl spaces right now for those that may need it.