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The Tragedies Sketch Comedy Revue Craptacular Craptacular!

The Tragedies sketch comedy troupe are about to open their new show, Craptacular Craptacular, at the Back Door Theater on Hawthorne!
The Tragedies
The Tragedies
The Tragedies
The Tragedies
It is time once again to roll on the floors with Portland's very own The Tragedies. The latest Tragedies show mixes the absurd, dark and surreal to capture the humor and irony of the world around us. Please join The Tragedies Jan. 28/29 & Feb. 4/5 @ 10:30 PM for a late night comedy romp. Tickets are only $8 and can be reserved by calling 503-984-4549.

The Back Door Theater is located at 4319 SE Hawthorne behind Common Grounds Coffee Shop.

Join us on the web @  http://www.thetragedies.com

The Tragedies will also be performing at the Hollywood Theater on Wed. Feb. 9th @ 7pm as part of a variety show to benefit Mercycorp and the Tsunami victims.

homepage: homepage: http://www.thetragedies.com
phone: phone: 503-984-4549

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