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9.11 investigation

Analysis of Ruppert's recent split personality on 9-11: "just forget about it, move on."

In his event at the University of Washington, Mike Ruppert casually dismisses - as "no longer of any value," the whole of the argument for prosecuting those responsible for nine-eleven.
The biggest pink elephant is still 9-11
The biggest pink elephant is still 9-11
Comment on what follows:

And this is my agreement with Kirwan. However, "9-11", the "official story" which is a total lie, is still is the central and only rationale--and a fake one at that--for everything that is to follow from Bush! Therefore, how can Ruppert claim that in the "current" situation, nothing is to be done? Certainly, to work for CHANGING these frameworks is the point of 9-11 activism in general--by popularizing this crucial issue of their foundational lie which delegitimates the whole fascist neocon state. Ruppert, that has hardly changed in the "current" situation.

If Ruppert can spend so much time on something (reseraching 9-11), and then casually drop it without any public sense of emotional loss as if it was simply an intellectual exercise, I am curious to know what were his original motivating influences in researching 9-11 anyway--if he wants to have nothing to do with removing the fascism of Bush, and/or changing the climate of opinion. Certainly, world opinion is on the side of 9-11 truth: that Bush did 9-11 on many levels.

In this light, certainly Ruppert's perspective is totally hypocritical, as much as I would respect his research. I would remind Ruppert that the powers that be still fear the book: for instance, Amazon.com is offering the book WELL BELOW COST to siphon off money to Ruppert's intelligence/writing/funding capacity. (Amazon.com does private censorship as well when it suits them: Skolnicks book is, even against his instructions, being sold at twice the asking price at Amazon.com, at over 40 dollars. The inverted strategy is used on Ruppert, as he surmises as well, in the intentional "dumping" of his book at below cost as an attempt to destroy his independent sales and independent cash flow).

Back to the issue at hand, I would argue that people should still work to popularize 9-11 information, instead of roll over and die, because 9-11 is a strategic point where they are totally weak.

Accurate 9-11 information--POPULARIZED, AND VISIBLE IN PROTESTS AND LITERATURE HANDOUTS AND BOOKS AND ARTICLES--is still the best strategic chance to dismantle the whole fascist dreamworld of lies that has been studiously crafted by the Bush league neocons.

Ruppert has this "ownership" thing going on 9-11 that is rather astounding to me and I think Kirwan states this very well:

"Above all - given the conflicted and growing anger of the public, it is not up to any individual writer [Ruppert] to call for others to just "forget it."

Ruppert - No Longer 'LIVE'
By Jim Kirwan


In his event at the University of Washington, Mike Ruppert casually dismisses - as "no longer of any value," the whole of the argument for prosecuting those responsible for nine-eleven.

The events of that day in 2001 were the key to this administration's declaration for global war upon the world; a continuing war in the name of an agenda that only the vile can claim. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have already died around this planet because of the events that day.

This happened because those attacks provided the license needed to overturn our way of life and this government: This was seen by those who created that attack, as the one clear path they needed to begin their all out attacks upon anyone that disagrees with their agenda, regardless of nationality.

Therefore, to dismiss the facts of nine-eleven is to deny those realities which that event set in motion, and that created the possibility for their plans plans that still seek to steal not only lives, but the dreams and hopes of billions of people around the world.

Anyone who has ever faced death, personally, knows the value of resistance and the crucial nature of even tenths of a second, when it counts. It would appear that Mike has no knowledge of that kind of contest. Those who advocate capitulation in the face of intimidation do not have the character or the spine to lead anyone anywhere - and in his latest unveiling at the University of Washington, it seems he unveiled something he may not have intended.

For a man of his reputation to adopt the stance that Mike took in that presentation, leaves open the possibility, that he may be unwittingly doing the bandit's bidding for them. When anyone opts for money over principle, for personal opportunity over innovation, or seems to - then this can call into question much more than just the issues at hand. Mike above most others, should know that there are many other ways to fight this criminal enterprise, aside from the courts of this land, which the bandits obviously now own.

To forego 'other options' because legal maneuvers at the moment have been blocked, is to be more than shortsighted, it can be seen as cowardly.

The enormity of the crimes committed on nine-eleven, and the arrogance of the public theft that resulted in the murder of so many innocent people, must not, cannot be forgotten or abandoned.

Above all - given the conflicted and growing anger of the public, it is not up to any individual writer to call for others to just "forget it." But then it is always much more difficult to 'find a way' through the neo-con world, than it is just follow the simple-minded rulebooks. Apparently, some people are still unaware that rules were often made to be broken?

Those we are fighting against have no rules whatever - but this does not allow us the same latitude. What naturally constrains the rest of us ... is common decency and a real respect for continuing life and the facts at issue in any event.

To many, the appeal in Mike's remarks of January 15, appears to be "just get on with your orderly life" (or Mike's version of the Bush phrase: "Just Go shopping"). This position borders on journalistic capitulation, because it can be self-serving, and could be seen as an extension of the way he began: which was by charging people for what he had to say. Either a contributing writer contributes to the global dialogue or he charges for his thoughts: Ruppert has apparently chosen the money trail, which potentially makes his words and thoughts vulnerable to suspicion. From the start - his "compact" with his readers has been one of a conditional trust - one based on who can pay and who cannot.

There are always options - because there are always choices. Those wordslingers who work in the thought-mines of activism know this for the fact that it is. Whenever a writer becomes consumed in the bogs of those political tar babies that are abundant now - then he or she can sometimes appear to have capitulated rather than to have chosen to fight.

Mike is advocating "the healing process." [So was fake Democrat Kerry. The "healing process" is described as burying democracy of course.] As it stands, he is advocating sewing up the patient with the spent lead still inside the body politic of the patient.

The world has been critically wounded by the attack upon us all, that 911 actually was. We cannot simply pretend that this did not happen, so we cannot "just go on with our lives." If actual "healing" is what is sought then let us examine the attack, and trace the evidence back to those who committed this crime against humanity - then we can sew up this almost terminal patient - and begin to live again.

Just because previous political crimes and or assassinations remain unsolved, does not mean that 911 must follow in those footprints.

This was an outlandishly bold crime, and the evidence of that fact is everywhere - what seems lacking here is the courage and the creativity of those investigating to bring sufficient information to the public in a clear and comprehensive way. Prosecutors love having overwhelming evidence, but in this case the truth must find its own way to get into the light - and that can't happen if we just put this on the shelf - and then pretend it did not happen.

Those who live in the trenches of this war, those who continue to speak, to write, to film or to draw, will be those who continue to challenge these bastards; even if that has to be done from afar. But to advocate surrender to the comfort and convenience of "just going along to get along" is not only counter-productive to confronting this problem, but - it is a certain path to confinement, to surrender or to death.

In his address today, Bush speaks about "Freedom" a lot, but he forgets that the majority of the world is seeking to be free from HIM and from the influence of the USA. Nine-eleven gave Bush this secret language to use, to "free the peoples of the planet from their prisons" - and to put them into ours.

People, whether here or abroad are nothing to these puppet-masters, except fuel for their purposes. The public is to be used up, whether as cannon fodder, as corporate slaves, or as useful idiots who sometimes chose to 'cave' rather than to challenge the rules. That is a choice that every one of us must make - yet in no instance - will anyone be served by the policies that are now about to be unleashed by those who have plotted and planned this nightmare for over four decades. To 'cave' is to choose to live one's life in chains and "on your knees," whereas to choose life will cost all who make that choice dearly.

The KEY to all of the above then - is and has been - the events of nine-eleven, without which none of this could have happened. Consider the massive disfigurement, the brutal and often senseless death, the wanton destruction of cultures, of places, and of human life. This is being done to people worldwide in our names, and with our money. To simply walk away from the sole initiating event because its becoming problematic cannot be part of any workable solution.

To even consider dumping the arrogance of those initial attacks (by this government on their own people) as "no longer a useful tool in political activism," goes far beyond the pale. This would seem to be out-of-line for anyone with a stake such as Mike has in this continuing and still unfinished resistance to fascist domination. Perhaps Ruppert will do a follow-up to this latest 'appearance' - and perhaps he may choose to clarify his position for those of us who care more about the resolution of this crime, than whether or not that outcome is "comfortable."


Comment [as always a totally unsupported "argument from authority" is taken to justify fascism continuing in the U.S.A.: this troll comment is included despite my desire to remove it, because other commenters have already trashed it!]
By Jim Mortellaro

Whoa! Time out here, folks. I know, there are a goodly number of people who think, perhaps even believe, that our government is responsible for tripping the fuses on the WTC on 911. But that case is not only not closed, it is rather ludicrous to consider in light of the possible reasons for the 'anomalies' observed during the collapse of the WTC. The number of reasons is a very large number indeed and only one is ... Bush did it.

Anything is possible. So why lay blame on the government? Why not assume that it was a carefully planned attack, so carefully planned as to place squibs in just the right places to bring the WTC down? Squibb placed by the bad guys. Or that the two buildings just came down on their own? Why is it that Bush or his Neocon friends are to blame for just about everything?

To this writer, it is possible that our government had responsibility in bringing three thousand people to their deaths along with dropping the WTC down like a stack of balsa. But it is so unlikely that our leaders are to blame, and that frankly, if such a thing were ever proved, this nation would collapse just as easily as the WTC seemingly easily collapsed.
Sorry, it doesn't compute. Not to this writer's mind. Some take it as fact. It is not fact. Not yet. Perhaps not ever. Like the assassination of JFK. Possible. Becoming more likely every time I think of that pristine bullet which passed through the bone and cartilage of two human beings.

But it is possible.

And that is the point. No proof exists. [untrue] Not even proof which the ACLU would use to prove their case in court. ACLU gets away with quite a lot. But thus far, not even their brand of cause and effect for the little guy is fodder enough to motivate anyone with half an ounce of gray matter. In my opinion.

Unless and until such undeniable proof exists, it is merely an effort to divide our country in pieces. Two to be exact. And that, dear friends, is wrong.


By George Paxinos

Well, folks,

Mortellaro's comment is reminiscent of Project Blue Book and other old UFO explanations, "light from the planet Venus refracted through an inversion layer of swamp gas escaping from a weather balloon" to paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.

Too, it says it all:

If a Zionist-type "plausible explanation" of "logical, rational debunking" is more palatable to the American People than Jim Kirwan's cold, hard look at the facts, then the American People ARE sheep, ARE Goyim, the Human Cattle which the Zionists like to call non-Jews, and deserve all the evils brought down upon them by their own stupidity:

Now they have Michael Chertov for Homeland Security, with Russia's Yevgyeni Primakov and od German STASI Marcus Wolff assisting: how far can one be led, not even bleating, toward the slaughterhouse, before the axe falls?


By Mr. Ding

Kirwan's carefully non-accusatory rant concerning a public and well-weblicized position recently taken by Mike Ruppert is seriously well-crafted and keenly honed, a surgical instrument with which to wager against the blunderbusses of blatant, unapologetic, God-told-me-to-do-it "friend-winners" and "people-influencers".

I concur wholeheartedly and unreservedly with Kirwan's superbly well-expressed opinion that "The events of that day in 2001 were the key to this administration's declaration for global war upon the world; a continuing war in the name of an agenda that only the vile can claim. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have already died around this planet because of the events that day."

Here is the 'piece de resistance' of his alternative to the Ruppert capitulation, whatever its genesis: "Just because previous political crimes and or assassinations remain unsolved does not mean that 911 must follow in those footprints. This was an outlandishly bold crime, and the evidence of that fact is everywhere. What seems lacking here is the courage and the creativity of those investigating to bring sufficient information to the public in a clear and comprehensive way. Prosecutors love having overwhelming evidence, but in this case the truth must find its own way to get into the light - and that can't happen if we just put this on the shelf - and then pretend it did not happen."

The guidance function of his considered wisdom is generalized in this second-last paragraph where he urges recognition that "The KEY is - and has been - the events of nine-eleven, without which none of this could have happened. Consider the massive disfigurement, the brutal and often senseless death, the wanton destruction of cultures, of places, and of human life. This is being done to people worldwide in our names, and with our money. To simply walk away from the sole initiating event because its becoming problematic cannot be part of any workable solution."

My hat's off the Kirwan, the true and truly understated peace-bringer, compared with whom Jim Mortellaro's comment is s rancid blanket of appeasement and rabid don't-rock-the-boatism.

Keep on carryin' on Jim - the "EMERGE-ency" is doing wonders for your succinctness and clarity.

A++ (IMHO)


By Muehlbauer

Jeff, I have to agree with Jim Kirwan, but, isn't it really scary to know there is a good chance the event's nine-one-one could be proven in a court of law to have been a Government Conspiracy with the President and Vice President in-on-it all the way up to their necks?

Nevertheless, can we let such a thing as 911 was, i.e., MASS MURDER, mass murder wherein the political leadership had a bloody part, can we allow such an event to pass without assigning guilt and giving over proper punishment and still remain a nation? Is it worse to take the leadership on, knowing the collapse of the Government will bring about hardships for us all. Worse than, allowing the leadership to commit acts of murder and against innocent citizens and GET AWAY WITH IT?

Those PUT OPTIONS, the way the President acted in that classroom nine-one-one, the manner in which two separate Towers came down in exactly the same manner though impacted at different levels, though the "fires" in the Towers were not identical as relating to volume, heat intensity, or ferociousness.

Actually three buildings "collapsed," in exactly the same manner: the WTC towers and Bldg. #7. We know WTC 7 was a demolition job because Mr. Silverstein, THE OWNER, SAID SO!

I don't know what Jim Mortellaro is talking about, do you? It sure does look like old Ruppert has thrown in with the big money-murderers; I think it is strange that Ruppert was not hooted out of the meeting when he proposed we should 'just forget' about 911 as a viable political tool. I mean, wouldn't a person think the only reason people even went to the meeting was so they could gather for their own information more information assigning guilt for 911 to the Government? Can we believe people went there to hear: LET'S JUST FORGET IT?

The verdict is in: President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were somehow in on it. It's just that the public is in a wait-and-see mode, waiting to see if the price of a gallon of gas goes too high, or, waiting for 'Jesus' to show up.

I want to thank Jim Kirwan for this article and, I want to ask Jim Mortellaro: is old Ruppert splitting the take with you or WHAT?



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Rupert did a good job... 21.Jan.2005 17:25

Tony Blair's dog

of proving that Cheney was the commander of fake "terrorist attacks" on 9/11.

If he feel it is better for him to research what's about to happen
he will hopefully do a good job at that too.

More people are interested in making sure that the people in the
Bush administration responsible for the crimes are prosecuted
and put where they belong, in jail.

All it takes is a bunch of corageous prosecutors and lawyers
to start the process and get the "greatest show on earth" under way.

rupperts a oppurtunist. 21.Jan.2005 17:27

ian wallace

i saw ruppert talk once. it reminded me alot of a DA that once prosecuted me in court. she won. she also lied. alot. she painted a picture that did not resemble the facts at all, but the jury bought it all. you see, it was the detail she went into that convienced people.

i don't know if the cia had a hand in 9-11. until we have a social revolution and seize all the documents in their archives, we will never really know for sure. i'am not holding my breath.

i have been amazed at the lefts acceptence of this snake oil sales man. it's depressing. heres a peice that happened to be posted on counterpunch.com

January 21, 2005
Gold-Plated Activism?
The Problem with Mike Ruppert


On January 15th, at Kane Hall, on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, former L.A. cop and self-described 9/11 investigator Mike Ruppert told a standing-room only crowd the obvious:

"[Ruppert] believes that no sanctions, indictments or criminal prosecution [against the Bush warmongers] will ever be handed down. Rubicon [Ruppert's book], he says, remains a base map of the decades before and the years since 9/11. But now he says we must look at the herd of elephants charging at us, instead of the one elephant that just ran us over," Ken Levine summarizes on Ruppert's From the Wilderness website.

No kidding.

Of course Bush and Crew will never face indictment or criminal prosecution, at least not under current conditions. That's not how it works. Evidence of this abounds: Henry Kissinger, one of the most notorious war criminals of recent history, walks around a free man, as does Bill Clinton, responsible for invading the former Yugoslavia, imposing murderous sanctions on Iraq---killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, mostly kids---and blowing up a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan (el-Shifa), an especially vile war crime that resulted in massive suffering a death. Bush Senior is responsible for deliberately bombing Iraq's water purification system, an act of premeditated savagery resulting in untold disease and death, and yet he walks around a free man too. Instead of war criminals, these guys are considered "elder statesmen," the substance of best selling books and CNN and Fox News interviews. Millions of Americans revere them.

Dispensing more dubious information, Ruppert told the crowd to put their money, "or whatever cash we have left, into precious metals; that we must rid ourselves of debt, get out of the stock market and begin to think about a more self-sufficient living style. We must reduce personal consumption."

Said just like a wealthy Libertarian.

It was obviously an evening tailored for the middle class, the sort of people who have enough money to buy Ruppert's book and apparently have problems with "personal consumption," that is to say buying things they don't need with credit cards. Precious metals aside, millions of Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for shelter and food. Millions of Americans, living hand-to-mouth on Walmart wages, have absolutely no money to put into gold or silver and thus feed themselves after "a tremendous devaluation of the dollar" hits, as predicted by Ruppert and more than a few economists.

For instance, as an unemployed web designer and photographer, I have no money for gold ingots or silver coins. I have lived a more or less Spartan lifestyle for years and do not rush out to the mall to buy the latest consumerist thingamajig as advertised on television (in fact, I don't watch television). I do not own a home--sorry, no mortgages for the unemployed--and own a car only because I have little other choice in this society as presently arranged (unless I want to walk five or ten or however many miles every day to a job I can't seem to find, thanks to Bush's war economy). Mike offers no solution for people like me, living precariously near the economic periphery. As Mike apparently sees it, I am cosigned to a fate of pushing a wheelbarrow down Main Street, piled with useless greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread, like German paupers of yore.

But enough about me.

For many Americans--an increasing number of Americans--Mike Ruppert offers nothing except scary predictions of "peak oil" and a weak palliative while hawking his latest book and "treating" his audience to "some very important and poignant 'new releases,'" likely soon available to Ruppert fans who have credit cards and can afford to shell out the bucks for additional "personal consumption," be it Ruppert's book or Nintendo Gamecube Platinum. Instead of urging political action, he tells Americans to invest in gold, sounding oddly like an investment banker or somebody from the gold industry. Ruppert may call Dick Cheney "a murderer," again stating the obvious, but offers no concrete solution for getting rid of such multiple and repeat felons beyond slimming down the consumption habits of middle class Americans in preparation for the Grapes of Wrath, the sequel. If he did offer other political alternatives, they were not mentioned in the article penned by Mike's agent, Ken Levine. But then, I suppose, to get the whole story we have to buy Mike's book.

Finally, until Americans wake up from their corporate media induced somnolence--taking the utterances of right-wingers at Fox News as the gospel truth--many of them will not only support Bush's up-coming invasions and occupations of Iran and Syria (or at least his "shock and awe" bombardment of these countries), but they will blissfully continue to drive gas-guzzling SUVs and consume useless consumer junk right up to the moment the economy crashes, as Ruppert correctly predicts.

Unfortunately, precious few of them will have stockpiles of gold and silver, presumably stuffed in their mattresses, metal we are to assume they will use to barter for food and shelter. If the impending collapse of the U.S. economy--precipitated by a falling dollar and deficits run up by Bush's war machine and the unconscionable greed and squander of rich people and multinational corporations--translates into anything positive, it will be massive and unrelenting activism on the part of average Americans, same as the last time the economy tanked and people were pitched into misery and suffering. For as Howard Zinn notes, during the so-called Great Depression social activism reached a fever pitch, threatening government and the ruling elite, although this is not a story you will read in corporate published school textbooks.

Of course, in order to save predatory capitalism and stave off serious reform, if not the trashing of the entire system, Roosevelt hurriedly passed a few amelioratory laws--including Social Security, now under attack--and, more importantly, embroiled America in the largest and most destructive war in modern history, effectively channeling anger directed against a parasitical system in another direction, namely against foreign enemies who were, as the Bush family history attests, supported and financed by the very people responsible for the Great Depression.

Instead of urging a few hundred middle class people to buy gold and stop frivolous consumption, Mike Ruppert should tell them to prepare for the struggle ahead--a social revolution that will either result in change of a predatory system, lorded over by "murderers" such as Dick Cheney, or yet another diversionary tactic, a shuffling of the deck that will result in more of the same, albeit with a few minor "reforms" put into place.

No amount of hoarded gold will make a whit of difference.

I’m glad Ruppert is moving on. 21.Jan.2005 18:55

Red neck

I've spent a lot of time attack 9/11 conspiracy artist, Mike also.
But the stuff he's doing on peak oil and his collaboration on the most important documentary of our time THE END OF SUBURBIA, Is kick ass. I've bought it, showing it to all my friend, suggest you do the same. It was nothing personal, I'm just against anything or anyone who distracts us from important issues.
Time has come to day, stop chasing rabbits. What are your children going to be concerned with?

no statute of limitations 21.Jan.2005 19:44

uncle mooky

There's no statute of limitations on murder in NY.

I agree with Redneck 21.Jan.2005 20:34

Staff Sgt

I attended Mike's lecture at the U of W. For those of you who did not, you should know that about a third of the presentation was spent on 9-11. So, to say that Mike is selling out on 9-11 is pure rubbish. His advice is simply that we'd better get on with preparation for the next round.

Do you think that Peak Oil concerns only the "rich middle class" as one poster implied. I don't care if you watch TV or not, own an SUV or not, or can aford to invest in precious metals or not, when our civilization has exhausted the planet of oil energy, the shit is going to hit the fan. Whether from starvation, or lack of warmth in the midst of a frigid winter, millions will suffer and die. At that point, will you still be bitchin' about 9-11? Doubtful...

My take on Mike's presentation was that he is merely trying to alert people that they should start using their time and effort to prepare for an uncertain future. The only thing in question here is the timelinefor Peak Oil. Two years, five years ten or twenty? We will run out of oil, if not in your lifetime than in that of your childrens.

The 9-11 commission has reached it's verdict ladies and gentlemen. Much like the Warren Commission, those responsible will never be brought to justice. For those of you who insist upon beating the 9-11 drum, let me know how it works out. While you're focused on that, I plan to partner up with some like minded friends and prepare for some hard times ahead.


Why Ruppert is a fake 21.Jan.2005 21:32


Ruppert's book made massive allegations about Dick Cheney - but there has been no fallout whatsoever. Not a peep. Seems like Cheney is not at all worried. So why wouldn't Cheney be worried? Only if Ruppert is working for him.

oh right... 21.Jan.2005 22:38


...Suspicious, because Ruppert hasn't been able to single-handedly bring Cheney to justice, he must be in cahoots with him. Get a grip.

No Gurus 21.Jan.2005 23:36

Already Published

But the stuff he's doing on peak oil and his collaboration on the most important documentary of our time THE END OF SUBURBIA, Is kick ass.

The so-called "peak oil" marketing scam - rather reminiscent of Enron's mulcting Californians on the basis of a supply problem (google: supply and demand) - is just another of many reasons to dismiss Ruppert.

Here are a few more:

(1) Ruppert has for years ranted about the plan outlined in Brezinski's "Grand Chessboard", but says NOTHING of PNAC or their need for a "new Pearl Harbor", as detailed on page 51 of their September 2000 document, "Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies and Resources for a New American Century".

(2) Ruppert says nothing significant or evidence-based on the role of Israel's URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS FRONT in the organisation and execution of the attacks in New York.

(3) Ruppert says nothing of Richard Perle's CLEAN BREAK, or the policies contained therein, which were formulated--much like PNAC policies--purely for the benefit of Israel's Netanyahu government.
(Google: Clean Break, Richard Perle)

Cui Bono, Mike?

(4) Rupert doesn't mention that car manufacturers are not trying to curb consumption of an allegedly depleted resource--au contraire!--or the number of orders placed recently for the world's largest oil-guzzling Airbus.
(+ google: Airbus, orders)
But the end of oil is imminent, isn't it Mike?

(5) Bombastic faith-based smearing of those who question the official version of Gary Webb's death by Mike.

preparation 22.Jan.2005 01:22


Goddamn these reactionary flame wars. If you can't make headway against the man there is obviously nothing left to do but fight amongst yourselves...

"No amount of hoarded gold will make a whit of difference."

...but it might make you life a bit easier if the US dollar tanks. If you can feed yourself whilst others are pushing their wheelbarrows full of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread you may well find yourself in a better position to fight the diversionary tactics. It might not be possible for a starving population to sustain social activism for long enough to overturn the predatory system.

Don't condemm pragmatism because of idealism. The world sure as hell is not ideal.

now now 22.Jan.2005 04:47

let's focus guys

The leftists' point in this thread is that you can't eat gold. If there's not enough food to go around, Krugerrands are gonna be as useless as greenbacks. Organizing to feed ourselves and each other is great. Personally hoarding one trade commodity or another because you're afraid of the whole trade system breaking down and you hope to eat good while your neighbors go hungry is clearly missing the point.

Yeah Peak Oil is his thing 22.Jan.2005 08:24

but gold is good

The gold is simply a tool to get what you need. The Elite will make sure they have what you need. If you want any of it you will need something they value to barter with them to get it from them. Right now they accept FRNs but that is taking a dive; on purpose I might add. What exchange unit do you advise to replace the FRNs in this scenario?

BTW-Cheney has good company in the war criminal gallery. Unindicted at this juncture but worth pusueing until justice is served. Kissinger is a good example of welcomed in no country but the occupied USA. Soon Rumsfeld will join his ranks as a pariah of the world where he better watch where he goes to avoid arrest.

the boys in washington 22.Jan.2005 09:29


The ones in washington that are ruling today have the opportuntity to do some good for this nation. If they do what is right great. If they chose to do what is wrong and not stand up to their oath of office that is their choice. But be aware they will never get away with anything as they may think so. In the realm of the living we are all destined to die one day. Their is a judge waiting for each of us that can not be bought,coerced,set aside,deleyed,lied too or the ability to hid anything from him. I hear that eternity is a long time and as jesus told the pharasies yes your forefathers ate manna from heaven and they are all dead now. So each of us make our own decisions in life but just like the nazi era came to a close and the roman era came to a close so this era will come to a close. Then their is just one judgement waiting for each of us. Hebrews 9:27 "For it is but for man to die once then judgement". The washington gang does not have the final say as they may think. Their maker The Lord Jesus Christ does. May they do what is right or woe unto their souls.

what could you do aginst those who murdered JF Kennedy? 22.Jan.2005 11:05


its time to move on and focus on the bigger issue. 911 will distract us from the forth coming oil peak and subsequent ressision in usa and around the world. We are looking at the ass of 911 eliphant while a bunch of big eliphant coming towards us to smash . Why people laugh at the oil peak situation ? because they dont have knowledge and only when it will hit real hard then people will wake up. and before that many people will laugh at mike ruppert type of casandra as once the FLAT EARTH priests did.

What could you do about the murder of John F Keneddy ? Didnt you see the vedio again and again of that fatal shot which hit him on the front? you are the slaves and you wont be able to do anything. you can still do a lot of research on keneddy murder but its all fruitless. move on . people around the world know who was behind 911. But these criminal control the money supply and controll the media and sitting on the top possition of US and isreali and UK government. xhat can you do ? you can take precation of the coming crush. yes the stock market , housing . well ruppert warn of something by which the common people will be benifitted. Alex zones too doing a great job. pay serious attention to what they say. alex zones and ruppert clearly demonstrated and expose the criminal of 911 and now it is the court of justic who will hang those criminald high. For us we have to go back to our daily life and have to struggle for a sustainable life.

Why Ruppert should be listened to and why not. 22.Jan.2005 12:21

Indigo movie fan jholdrege@comcast.net

Responding mostly to Kurt Nimmo's 1/21/05 post...

I'm one of those middle class people (albeit unemployed now) who bought his Crossing the Rubicon. It requires careful reading and I haven't finished it yet but I will likely find it concluding that the White House and the Neocons are responsible for the mess we're in. Now my own take. First the bad news, and this is almost incontrevertible fact:

1) the world is running out of oil. Hydrocarbons make up about 85% of US energy consumption (including the farming technology that feeds many of us). The Neocon answer is to obtain remaining reserves by conquest (Iraq, Iran, etc.). The oil supply timeline is uncertain but you could see prices go up indefinately as early as this summer. Wind, solar, water and fuel cell energy will not make up the deficit. Hydrogen cars are politically expedient but a silly solution. Except for Iceland and a few other places, you need gas to make the hydrogen, except, oh...we're running out of gas. I've also heard that every hydrogen molecule that you put into the atmosphere takes seven oxygen molecules out. If that's true, you can really see the brilliance behind the hydrogen idea.

2) The planet's climate is becoming more variable. Some of this is due to variations from the sun, some from our greenhouse gasses. The US is the largest producer of greenhouse gasses and the largest reason is the vehicles we drive (especially SUVs). Geophysics is a deceptively complex subject and its not clear what path we're heading on, but the path we're on clearly will disrupt crop production just as oil prices disrupts crop production. So the energy choices we've made, if continued, ushers in a new energy descent paradigm for the world.

3) The US and many countries have a fractional reserve monetary system. The essence of this is the US Treasury can produce dollars out of thin air and the Federal Reserve System (privately owned) gets to set interest rates for our financial institutions. Fractional reserve allows banks to count our deposited dollars as many more dollars to use for whatever purposes. It's mickey mouse accounting and that's why many like Ruppert advocate precious metals while the US dollar gets clobbered. So barring a massive policy turnaround, we might well see a kind of financial collapse this year. This would not be all bad for the US and the world. A much healthier financial system could rise from the ashes.

Now the good news:

1) If we act quickly we can stave off societal collapse due to oil shortages. For at least the past 100 years we have had clean alternative energy sources other than the ones I mentioned above. Many of these sources utilize Zero Point Energy (quantum fluctuations recently "discovered" by western science). One can look at cold fusion, magnetic motors, nuclear batteries, atmospheric electricity, a whole host of safe, clean technologies that can meet the energy needs of our civilization. A terrific organization spearheading these efforts is New Energy Movement (www.newenergymovement.org) which started in Portland. People can help in two ways. The movement seeks grassroots volunteers to spread the word about these technologies and demand their development from politicians. Also, those who can donate money can really make a difference bringing concepts and prototypes to market. The decentralized nature of the devices can shift more power to the people and strengthen deep democracy.

2) Whether we come up with more energy sources or not, our society can practice better sustainable ways of living. The number of websites on sustainability is skyrocketing and Cascadians can be justifiably proud of their contributions to the world in this area. Organic farming, product reuse, product life-cycle design, you name it. Putting these methods into practice yields strong local economies, better food supply, and helps us live more in harmony with nature.

3) Alternative currencies are being developed. One way that DC and corporations have such concentrated power is because of the greenback. Ruppert, despite some failings, is linked to Catherine Austin-Fitts, a financial guru and whistleblower who has created solari.com. People can trade and barter with more legitimate financial instruments that keep money in the community.

This is a long post I know, but the gist of it is that Ruppert has done a fabulous job of elucidating all the ills of our so called "federal leadership". He's helped bring Peak Oil into the mainstream discussion. He's helped show ways we can change our decrepit financial system. On the minus side, he shouldn't say 9/11 is now a completely closed chapter. He is wrong to side with the gloom and doomers to say that Zero Point Energy doesn't exist or can't be developed in time. We don't have to reach for our guns and become isolated hermits in fortress farms. We can come out of this mess, we just need good leadership and act with our hearts first.

Ruppert's consistent 22.Jan.2005 13:30

Flee the country

This whole "Ruppert= Split Personality" premise is bogus. MR was on record at the 3/04 Intl 911 Inquiry in San Francisco, that there was urgency for the 911 truth movement and the window of opportunity is finite. See the video at:

or here's the url straight to the .WMV video of him at the SF 911 inquiry, in which he drops the relevant payload re this thread in the final 2 mins:

You'll see he says 10 months ago now, summarizing, that if no meaningful 911-truth traction before the fake election, it's effectively over.

He takes the same tact in his 11/5/04 article 3 days after the fake election, that those folks now spinning their wheels documenting the fraudulent aspects of it are irrelevant historians, based on his consistent real-world assessment :

And now there's all this post-Seattle-speech fallout saying MR's 2-faced, on-the-take, etc and I'm afraid it plainly doesn't stick.

Not to mention among the good replys in this thread, there are the usual disinformation hacks seeking to wedge everyone with Jew-baiting, and left-wing/right-wing baiting seeking to promote the bogus left/right paradigm which has good people divided and infighting and keeping their eyes and energy in places other than "on the ball" re the fascism descending around us since 911.

MR's recently rolled out, CONSISTENT position aside, I'm going to still talk to everyone who'll listen about 911 truth, peak oil, the war on terra hoax, the imminent next fake ter'st attack which the elites will blame the imminent & unavoidable economic meltdown on, etc. And Ruppert remains one of several beacons of light and truth and direction in this regard. In whose interest is it to take him down a notch (based on this "split personality" nonsense as I've illustrated above), and keep the 911 truth/peak oil movements divided and in disarray?

Kirwan is RIGHT about Ruppert 22.Jan.2005 14:03

Henk Ruyssenaars

Foreign Press Foundation
Conc.: Kirwan's comments on Rupperts 9/11 declaration
Fri Jan 21, 2005 09:09

Copy of letter - Conc.: Kirwan's comments on Rupperts 9/11 declaration

Quote from Ruppert site: "Ruppert explained to them that although the 9-11 cause is still alive, it is no longer useful as a political tool by activists. The window on 9/11 has closed. Simple as that."
[end quote -  http://tinyurl.com/4dxdr]

Kirwan !

You are damn right concerning the strange stance taken by Ruppert: we are not working day and night for their ...... ''Memory Hole''.

This can only be said when - bribed, bullied or what? - he has sold his soul, or it could be a form of submission to the ''Coronation of Corruption.''

As you write: "For a man of his reputation to adopt the stance that
Mike took in that presentation, leaves open the possibility, that he
may be unwittingly doing the bandit's bidding for them.

When anyone opts for money over principle, for personal opportunity over innovation, or seems to - then this can call into question much more than just the issues at hand. Mike above most others, should know that there are many other ways to fight this criminal enterprise, aside from the courts of this land, which the bandits obviously now own."

[endquote - APFN -  http://tinyurl.com/6uelz]

All the more reason to go on !

Best regards !

Take care,

Henk Ruyssenaars

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

The Dutch author has this far worked abroad for 4 decades for international media, as a foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East.

Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism ! (and Former) US Senator Hollings agrees:  http://tinyurl.com/2ylmv

That 70s show 22.Jan.2005 15:09

Red neck

Some of you don't seem to get how precarious a world we live in. None of this is abstract to me, I've seen the precursor to peak oil. I'm old enough to distinctly remember the 'energy crisis' of 70s and early 80's (I was a kid)I've seen people pushing their cars. I've seen gas lines two blocks long. I can remember when you could only get gas on certain days depending on if your license number was odd or even. I can remember when you couldn't even give away your gas guzzling American behemoth. I can remember when people reverted back to wood and coal to heat their homes. I also remember the stagflation, double-digit inflation and interest rates that accompanied that. I can remember when people thought it was the end of the world (the birth of Survivalism) or at least the end of America. I also remember the brutal reaction to that crisis: Reagan, his militarism and 'Reaganomics'. We're still living with that political and economic agenda, the war in Iraq is just an extension of those policies.
We still haven't learned the lesson of that crisis even though environmentalist have been screaming it since the 60s--We live in a finite world.. Disposable consumerism isn't compatible with that world. Everything we do has to be done differently and more efficiently. The point is we can have a revolution or we can have a reaction.

Yes it true, the economic/energy crisis of the 70s early 80s wasn't caused by lack of oil or by greedy, vengeful Arabs like the media portrayed it. It was caused by : "It largely attributed inflation to the ending of the Bretton Woods gold standard in 1971 and the lack of a specific price reference in the subsequent monetary policies (Keynesian and Monetarism)." The drop in the value of the dollar.
My favorite childhood toy discontinued in the 70s because of high plastic prices
My favorite childhood toy discontinued in the 70s because of high plastic prices

maybe 22.Jan.2005 19:20


I didn't see the lecture, but my take on what Mr R might be saying is: 911 is highly unlikely to bear any fruit, while Peak Oil and it's effect on our everyday lives is inevitable and just around the corner. Is it better to spend your valuable time and energy on a (probably) lost political cause, or to prepare for survival? I'd go with the latter, personally.

My Suppressed Technology Trumps Your Peak Oil 22.Jan.2005 20:08

10th Gen

The whole peak oil thing is a farce. Talk about wasting your time! Any oil shortage experienced is completely artificial. The CHOICE to involve oil in most everything was unnecessary (from electricity to cattle feed), it has been for at least 50 years.

There are many fronts in motion right now. All of them are as powerful as publicly acknowledging 911 Truth or experiencing a total economic collapse. I don't really care which one bursts the dam but it won't be peak oil. My guess is that several things will "burst" at once.

I'll use some of Rupert's 911 evidence. But his "social survival" advice is amateurish. Basically when it comes to 911, I'm with Uncle Mooky.

'energy crisis' of 70s totally artificial as well you know? sheesh 22.Jan.2005 21:22


someone said, "I'm old enough to distinctly remember the 'energy crisis' of 70s and early 80's (I was a kid)I've seen people pushing their cars."

Yes, oil is in everything presently, though that 70's 'oil shock' was totally artificial as well, you know, right? There was a lot going on so I recommend this book.

A Century Of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order
by F. William Engdahl (Hardcover - October 11, 2004)
Avg. Customer Rating: 5
get it from a library or buy used, definitely worth the read

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
The Truth is Out There, March 25, 2004
Reviewer: Craig Stern (Flagstaff, AZ USA) - See all my reviews

I first ran across this book referenced in a footnote about three years ago and tried to track it down. First I tried to purchase it, but found that it was out of print and used copies were going for $100.00+ on the internet. I found this curious since it was relatively recent (1993) and, given its topic, was certainly of tremendous interest to US readers, even before the events of 9/11 and the subsequent Gulf War II. I was fortunate to find it in my university library and have since read it several times.

I am tempted to go 'on and on' about this book, especially since it is not easily available for people to read. Nor does anyone seem to feel that they can (or are able to?) republish what should be a 'best seller' in the current geopolitical climate and circumstances. Engdahl, whose personal background includes engineering and law (Princeton), working in Texas oil industry, and international economics (University of Stockholm), does a penetrating and eloquent job of sorting out the complex web that connects the controlling interests of international politics with the goals and objectives of global oil and financial interests, these having merged in the last century into the powerful and dominant hegemony of an Anglo-American consortium.

There are so many revelations that are so well documented that one has to slow down and completely reorientate his or her conception of and attitude toward recent history. His tone is neither particularly vindictive nor is it conspiratorial. It looks at people and events and provides plausible motives and methods that are not part of the conventional awareness.

For example, (fact) the British navy decided in the late 19th century to change their primary fuel source from coal to oil, thereby (objective) needing to secure access to oil reserves, basically in perpetuity. (result) British agreements for oil resources with the Sheikh of Kuwait date from 1899. (fact) Oil then comes to supplant coal as the primary energy source for all of the industrializing world, and a decade later Germany threatens to become the leading industrialized nation in Europe and (objective) needs a secure source of oil, so they begin construction on the Berlin to Baghdad railway intending to capitalize on agreements to import Iraqi oil. (question) How does Britain meet this emerging geopolitical threat. (objective) Block Germany's access to Middle East oil. (result) Curiously WWI begins with an out-of-the-way assassination in Croatia that just happens to occur near the route of that railway. War ensues and not only is the B-to-B railway cut off, but Germany loses all colonial power in the Middle East.

Shortly after WWI the leaders of the seven major western oil companies meet and agree to not compete with each other but to cooperate, and in 1928 drew up the Red Line agreement that gave virtually control of virtually all Middle East oil to the Anglo-American cartel. Even France's portion was minimalized to Turkish reserves. The Anglo-American consortium came to be known as the Seven Sisters and over the course of the ensuing decades become more and more infused with global banking and financial interestes, i.e., Rockefeller, J.P.Morgan, the Warburgs, the Rotheschilds, Brown Harriman, etc., coming to dominate the world economy by controlling the primary energy source. It is "all about oil" and has been since the turn of the century.

Engdahl's references are extensive and substantiate his disturbing interpretation of history, like the intentional suppression of the German Mark after WWI and the intentional manipulation of the OPEC oil embargo of the 1970s as a premise to artificially inflate global energy costs (a Bilderberg target objective), thereby making BritPetr North Sea oil exploration efforts solvent and bankrupting the debt burdened Third World. [This reviewer left out that the high energy prices were designed in a way to destroy generalized development worldwide that would have endangered the 'monopoly politics' of U.S/Europe. He additionally talks about nuclear politics.]

Engdahl's revelatory insights go up through Gulf War I and one can only speculate as to his thoughts on the current Bush administration's economic/tax policies, the Iraq intervention, and their relationship to consolidating control of the global economy into the hands of a few staggeringly wealthy individuals and corporations. This book should be IN PRINT and TODAY!

The Economic Imperialism Behind The Last 100 Years of War, September 15, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
... This book examines the real reasons. Every time it has involved geopolitical manuevering for profit and to contain the aspirations of competitors. Retaining or gaining control of oil supplies has been a lead motivator. ... I actually have a much better view of the common man after reading this book. The elites have manipulated, lied, and used the masses for wars for their own economic gain. Most of the men who fought did so for high ideals that they were manipulated into believing. I supppose if the elites were up front and said" You are reguired to fight in a war so I can increase my corporation' profits and if you don't you will go to jail" then people would feel like they were a slave and rebel. But that's the reality...just can't let the fodder know it.


lets really focus this time guys 23.Jan.2005 02:13


A crash from 1st world US to starving society will probably not happen overnight, though an economic collapse can be almost that quick. Running out of money and running out of resources are different things. So, in the interim between 1st world society and starving society a transferrable commodity of intrinsic value, like gold (and history demonstrates that gold a somewhat safe bet...) could be of practical use in exchange for other resorces, at least on the downward slope. After all, a wider world still exists beyond the US, and they might be nice enough to still trade with Uncle Sam, even after the ecenomic collapse. If, you have something of value to trade with.

When there is no food, it will be survival of the fittest, and gold will not matter. If you have been starving from the start, chances are you won't be very fit. Then again, you dont have to be ultra-fit to operate an assault rifle... That's what really sucks about this scenario: You can develop a fantastic self-sufficient community with you neighbours, but a few thugs with guns, and non-functioning moral radars can undo all that hard work.

Those in power will maintain their control over resources (and the country, the election showed they have no desire to conceed control), which means they can spend more time thinking about defusing/opressing a potentially revolutionary starving populus. If your goal is to usurp those in power, starving with the rest (of the unemployed web designers) is not a good way to go about it. Anything, ANYTHING, you can do to make weathering the storm easier is prudent, (despite the thugs with guns). Devoting ALL you energy to fighting a doomed battle for the prosecution of 9-11 offenders is probably not prudent. 9-11 should definitely not be forgotten, (Mike has gone part of the way with Rubicon)--- but in times of social collapse your frame of reference is necessarily reduced.

tit for tat 23.Jan.2005 07:08

anti warmonger

Hitler didnt bring the criminal in to justice who burnt the purlament building´´the rice tag´´ because hitler was behind the attack. from the very begining of the 911 happened several people in USA actively made good research , mike ruppert is one of them. Tom flocco and mike ruppert broke the story of ´insider trading´on the american airlines and united airlines and the connection with this trading with Buzzy Krongard the number 3 in CIA. and then his film truth and lies and hundreds of lectures and the book crossing the rubicon.

Alex zones did another wonderful job who also had the same conclusion as mike ruppert but did his research in a very different style and then david ike , meria heller , michel chosodosky , michel rivero , jef rense , jim mars , dr stanly montieth and many more people did extinsive research and now the truth is established. What next ? will we stuck in this 911 vicious cycly or we move on ?

this 911 is not a new thing , Nero the emperor of rome did the trick , then USA had war against the spanish which started in sinking a american ship was also the same trick , then the gulf of tonkin situation , the the hitlers risetag fire , and one president wanted to stop such deception and he is JF Keneddy who stopped the old 911 ´North woods ducument´ a pretext to invade cuba.

what did you do when the gulf of tonkin happened ? what did you do when the pearl harbor happened ? you killed the vietnamese and you bombed the japanese. and now when the ´new perl harbor ´´ happened you bombed the afghans and the iraqis. More than hundred thousand iraqi civilians died and around 50000 afghans died and afghanstan produced the record 6000 metric tons of heroin thanx to CIA.

You the americans have to capasity to stand against your evil government. your Money supply is owned by a private banking foreign people you call it federal reserve. and your media is controlled by the same people.

Now america has a debt over 8 trillion doller ! and from the time Jesus was born till now you add all those days and in every day if america loose one million doller then it will be 8 trillion doller so this is how big is your debt !

mike ruppert once mentioned about 3 trillion doller of pension fund just disappeared from pentagon ! who stole those money and where it went ?
USA consume 22 million barrel of oil every day and you are hopelessly dependent on this oil , 17 percent of this oil goes to food production and then to make plastics , pestisides , ausfalt to make road , many petrochemical medicine all is oil. if you want to make alternative energy you need a primery source of energy and that is oil or gas . North american gas are in decline . its a dangerous time. the arrogant people with greed in your administration knows the forthcoming oil peak but they have simple solution. that is find alciada where is oil and invade. but in reality its not that easy to face the mujahedin . the mighty russian were ass kicked from afghanistan so the iraqis will do the same. and thats a good news for the true americans.

when more than half of your invading solders will perish in the desert sand then a few will be back to USA like a haggered and then the people who are against the war will rally against this war mongers. and those arrogant americans who elected the criminal bush for the second time will run and join in to submission for the anti war movement.

Its a shame for those patrion like mike ruppert , alex zones , michel revoro and all others when you the people selected bush for the second time , you slapped on their face and on their effort.
And you buy osama tape , when bush want to get reelected he produce a osama tape and you angrily oppose osama and vote for bush. You still buy those myth of alciada therefore bush can fool you many times.

now the people whom you killed in the middle east owns 67 percent of the worlds oil reserve and you killed them , made them homeless , and those brave mujahedin will burry those fielthy invaders in the desert sand and will come to your land to fix your basterd politician. and you want oil 22 million of barrel right ? you need to ask for it . it will be a FOOD for OIL program where you produce food and other commodities and export them and import oil. So begin thinking of how to produce potatos in the farm because you have a lot of work to do as a peasant . bye bye mcdonalds hello potatos.

CRITICAL THINKING 101: Ignorance-Fueled Attacks On Mike Ruppert 23.Jan.2005 09:18

Carolyn Baker cbaker@nmsu.edu

CRITICAL THINKING 101: Ignorance-Fueled Attacks On Mike Ruppert,
by Carolyn Baker

This past week, in response to Mike Ruppert's lecture at the University of Washington, January 15, a number of articles have appeared on the internet attacking Mike's remarks by way of misreading, misinterpretation, and the use of fallacies of logic, all of which belie profound ignorance not only of the essence of his statements in this particular lecture, but of his entire journalistic history.

First, certain reading-challenged and logic-impaired individuals have accused Mike of telling his audience to "forget about 9-11 and just go on with our lives." I'm referring specifically to articles by Kurt Nimmo ( http://www.rense.com/general62/rhp.htm) and Jim Kirwan ( http://www.rense.com/general62/llive.htm). As reported by Ken Levine at the From The Wilderness website ( http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/011905_university_washington.shtml), Mike simply told his audience not to cherish "pipedreams of launching criminal action against the Cheneys, Bushes, et.al." I am a subscriber to From The Wilderness, Mike Ruppert's newsletter, in which I receive up-to-the-moment email regarding news breaks and Mike's events. No one sent me an email instructing me "not to talk about 9-11." In fact, just this past week, I once again lectured in detail to my U.S. history classes regarding the truth and lies of September 11, 2001, and I will continue to do so because like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it is a watershed moment in U.S. history and possibly the twenty-first century, and Mike Ruppert could not agree more with that assertion.

Mike's remarks are a far cry from the corporate media-like distortions of Kirwan who claims that Mike is telling people to "just get on with your orderly life" or "just go shopping" or "just go along to get along." Moreover, a huge portion of Mike's book,CROSSING THE RUBICON, is devoted to U.S. government foreknowledge and planning of the heinous crime of 9-11. Nowhere does he say, "Ok, just forget about what I wrote in my book and pretend that 9-11never happened." As a matter of fact, he is adamant in RUBICON that in order to understand the big picture of Peak Oil and the phony "war on terrorism," one must understand 9-11 because all three realities are dependent on each other.

Having just published RUBICON, Mike now finds himself in the position of many social justice researchers which is that world events are escalating so rapidly that one barely publishes one's analysis of these events until they are upstaged by other events. One event which in the long-term will not be upstaged is the reality of Peak Oil which critics of Mike refuse to accept because they are unwilling to look objectively at the irrefutable evidence of it. (www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net and  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/dec2001_files/background_is_oil.html)

This week's attacks on Mike Ruppert are marinated in ignorance. To say as Nimmo does that "Mike Ruppert offers nothing except scary predictions of 'peak oil' and a weak pallitative while hawking his latest book... ," reveals Nimmo's lack of knowledge of nearly a decade of superbly-researched articles by Ruppert available on his website. Kirwan asserts that Mike charges for his thoughts and forces his readers to pay for his articles. Again, ignorance. One need only visit the From The Wilderness website to see that hundreds of free stories are available, interspersed with occasional stories for "subscribers only."

Perhaps the most blatant display of ignorance is the charge leveled by Kirwan and Nimmo which Nimmo calls, "Gold-Plated Activism." I don't know anyone in America, including myself, who doesn't have some baggage around money. How not when living in a fascist empire? However, as an author who has published two books in my lifetime with alternative publishers, I can attest to the negligible income that non-mainstream authorship brings with it. No hefty book advance such as Hillary Clinton received, no full-time, handsomely-paid publicists whose job it is to promote the book, and no likelihood that one's work will ever become a best seller and receive numerous publishings. All for the "exorbitant" price of $15.95 per copy?

Nimmo completely distorts Mike's advice regarding investment in precious metals and paying off credit card debt as an obscene indulgene of the middle class. Once more, ignorance reigns. Had Nimmo and Kirwan been following Ruppert's painstaking research over the past decade and that of his fellow activist and mentor, Catherine Austin Fitts, they might have grasped the profundity of Ruppert's advice. Yes, Mike used the dreaded "I" word: investment. However, because Nimmo and Kirwan only see dollar signs when they hear the word, they do not comprehend its broader definition.

Now here, I must be especially hard on Nimmo who resides in the same town as I. Yes, it is true that here in Southern New Mexico, the average income is $24,000 a year, and many people do live, as he says "hand-to-mouth on Walmart wages." What is also true is that some of those same folks have been driven into the rob-peter-to-pay-paul credit card nightmare in order to establish credit or to try to dig themselves out of a bad credit history at an interest rate of 20% or higher. It is also true that investment in gold does not require astronomical sums of money. One can begin investing in gold for as little as $200. And no Kurt, it's not necessary as a consequence of Peak Oil to, as you say, be "pushing a wheelbarrow down Main Street, piled with useless greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread," because at that point, the $200 worth of gold that you bought in 2005 may be worth $1,000 or more.

Nimmo suggests that Ruppert should offer people "political alternatives." And what "political alternatives" would those be, Kurt? Which part of "rigged elections" in 2000, 2002, and 2004 did you not understand? Had you been following the career of former Wall St. banker and former Undersecretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, had you been informed of her firing from HUD when she discovered that the U.S. government was being run as a criminal enterprise, and when her company and assets were seized by the feds to shut her up because she had uncovered massive fraud in HUD having to do with CIA drug trafficking in South Central Los Angeles, and had you learned about her Solari model of transforming the economy of local communities and preparing for Peak Oil's reversal of globalization by compelling us to live, shop, produce, and survive locally, you might not be stuck in the ineffectual, anachronistic paradigm of "political alternatives."

So Kurt, you think there's going to be a social revolution in this country and that "massive, unrelenting activism" will carry the day? Perhaps. But think a bit further about the militarization of local police forces, the "Robocop" tactics that will be used against dissidents, and yes, our own proximity, as well as the proximity of millions of other Americans to military installations. You think the unemployed and working poor are in pain now? You ain't see nothin' yet. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, Peak Oil is a reality that will eviscerate the American psyche and decimate the American way of life as we know it, and from whatever economic status we inhabit, we will see massive impoverishment and loss of life. You don't own a home? Neither
do I, but this isn't about owning a home. It might be about learning how to grow food in the front yard of wherever you live. Whether that translates into social and economic revolution remains to be seen. What is self-evident is that revolution will never happen until that kind of pain descends on the psychotically-deluded American citizenry, particularly the middle class, who will be obliterated as a result of their ignorance of survival skills that many working poor and penniless individuals already possess.

Because I believe that the word "investment" is not inherently unhygenic, I am networking with individuals and organizations to bring Catherine Austin Fitts to my community later this year to talk about the bigger picture of investment---in terms of time, money, ideas, and information. My intention and hers is to create ground on which the working poor, the middle class, and activists can stand together to produce a sustainable future for ourselves and our community.

Perhaps Nimmo and Kirwan do not believe that people should get paid what they are worth or equitably reimbursed for countless hours of research which exacts enormous time, money, and other resources. I do. Had either of you bothered to examine Ruppert's voluminous libraries of research, you would have discovered long ago that he will never be compensated sufficiently for his effort—no, not even if he had several New York Times best sellers and was interviewed by every mainstream network on earth.

Most of us have been programmed to depend on the corporate milieu to motivate and sustain us. We have come to believe that if we are not welcomed into its fold and given its blessing, we cannot survive. Mike Ruppert took years of attacks and threats on his life by the federal government and turned them into a truth-telling, professional, and credible journalistic enterprise demonstrating that such endeavors can be built from the ground up without selling one's soul to corporate media. At his "Truth And Lies of 9-11" lecture at Portland State University in November, 2001, Ruppert stated that with the additional money his work had generated after 9-11, he would hire more reporters and write more stories that were rarely being reported elsewhere. He did just that—hardly an act of "money over principle" or "personal opportunity over innovation," as Kirwan charges.

Similarly, Catherine Austin Fitts has given us the Solari model of economic and personal transformation, outside the box, beyond paradigms that no longer serve. In my opinion, Ruppert and Fitts deserve, as any of us does, to be equitably compensated for their genius and their courage.

Mike Ruppert never, I repeat never, said "Forget about 9-11 and go on with your life." Over the years, he has given us a "map" of which 9-11 is an integral part of a seamless web. While Nimmo and Kirwan construct their straw man arguments, they are not dealing with Mike's evidence. But then neither do the corporate media stenographers of the Bush regime who Kirwan and Nimmo claim to be so unlike.

In Defence of Mike 23.Jan.2005 09:23


Look, Mike is just trying to tell us that we have passed a point in history where we know the Tsunami is coming and we need to start preparing. It has gotten to the point that there is mno return to life as we used to know. Deal with it.

Public Perception 23.Jan.2005 10:19

Alan White vagabond172@aol.com

I am reminded of the fact that Mike Ruppert was allowed an unprecidented access to air his views through a speech at the Commenwealth Club of San Francisco last summer which was broadcast by NPR affiliates.
Frankly, I was shocked. I had become accustomed to the limits beyond which National Public Radio does not go. This reminds me of one other example of a similar news broadcast--- the expose by CBS recently of a document purported to show that George Bush had been "rich-daddied" during his National Guard career. Bear in mind, a consequence of this debacle was that a 60 Minutes article that involved six months of thorough investigation into the Niger yellow-cake uranium intelligence scam was pulled.
These news events appear to have led to a public perception that in every case of extraordinary claims being broadcast through major media, it must also be noted that those claims later become suspect at best, the salient "expose" being eventually directed at the claimant rather than the original claim itself.
Orchestration of such carefully manipulated perceptual games in major media indicates the existence of one of two scenarios.
In the first scenario, an administration known to openly decieve the American public would never cross the line to covertly decieve the public. Additionally, if covertly decieving the public (and there certainly is evidence of this arriving in the news daily, though never appearing to go beyond petty hijinks), we are expected to swallow the notion that these are otherwise decent and basically uncorruptable polititions (a new concept, we have to admit).
In the second scenario, an administration staffed almost to a person with Straussian zealots who have already proven their devious motivations in a thousand ways through manipulation of political protest, process, and alliances has employed the services of
highly talented disinformation specialists who have provided, through their understanding of psychological conditioning programs, a means by which public perception is surgically finessed to the end of destroying dissent regardless of the facts present that scream otherwise.
In the end, facts appear to count for little. Instead, the relationship of the American public to the media as presented through television and to a lesser extent other media has become one of denial by virtue of emotional patriotism and wishful thinking.
Parallels to Hitler's agenda and how that end was achieved abound. It's a story as old as mankind. It is through emotional, and not factual manipulation that power is entrenched and exacted.
There is a means, however, to come to some sense of truth about things in the end. We can compare the process to balancing a checkbook.
A checkbook is a cold, unemotional statement of what IS, and not what we wish it to be. We can play games with our wishes and pretend we are in better financial shape than we actually are so long as we never balance our accounts.
News is exactly the same. Rather than argue about what we don't know for the sake of emotional self-delusion, we "open up the checkbook" and look at the numbers.
Forget Mike Ruppert. Look at the FACTS. They speak of an administration and other administrations seperated not so much by ideology but in what was, or is possible in light of public perception at the time of their tenure.
The facts always, like the checkbook, stand apart from emotional considerations.
And 9/11 in FACT is chock full of FACTS that scream collusion and conspiracy.
We all have access to that "checkbook of facts". Remember that.

Alan White

Ruppert & Mighty Wurlitizer 23.Jan.2005 10:27

forget Ruppert

Ruppert is full of it. My bet his next incarnation/move will be some kind of financial guru/advisor. Mike's gonna be there to help you set -up your financial security before the collapse--and of course he'll probably be selling other consumables to help you get through 'Peak Oil.' So let's see if I'm right. Personally, I think Ruppert is distancing himself from the 9-11 truth movement, because he's got BIGGER$$$$ fish to fry. And what a joke Ruppert publishes his 9-11 tomb--as if he's the final word on the subject. What a joke. This guy is playing us all like the "MIGHTY WURLITZER"

yeah, we took 101, move on yourself 23.Jan.2005 12:35



No one is complaining, as Ruppert so smugly put it that people are "looking for a leader" which he self-righteously thinks he is it by assumption. What they are complaining about is that he thinks he is one, and 'the' one.

There are so many points that he has left out of his 9-11 analysis, as all these comments I believe have shown various angles are part of it.

Ruppert, you are the only one with attack poodles around here....

let's ratchet up on Ruppert 23.Jan.2005 13:32

Steve Cone

Having seen Ruppert speak in person (at an event in Albuquerque where people without tickets were welcomed in free of charge at the door), I must say that various liberal elements in the audience became incensed by Ruppert's stark evidence laying bare the wishful thinking of their Utopian views of an alternative energy fix to Peak Oil. I, too, am a subscriber to FTW and a New Mexican like Nimmo and Baker. Wouldn't it be a hoot to have this debate on Ruppert's relevance escalate, catch fire, and begin to resonate throughout the mainstream press, especially if it successfully exposes the U.S. Government and Corporate Sector's increasing use of the computer technology known as PROMIS -- Prosecutor's Management Information System to conduct extensive datamining and constant real-time surveillance of high-interest Americans? If we're going to slit each others' wrists, it would be heartening to have a larger audience.

We should build even more 9-11 Truth Websites 23.Jan.2005 13:38

Vicky Davis

Bush is now in his lame duck session (assuming that they won't completely trash the Constitution) and he will pursue the most draconian of his plans to destroy the U.S. As more people are thrown into poverty as foreigners replace them in the labor market and the discordant actions of his administration become more bold, people are going to come searching for answers to the question of "what the H*LL is going on" - especially since the corporate controlled media is providing tabloid news relevent to nothing. The 9-11 Truth websites will provide them with the answers. That's why it is important to not only keep them going, but to continuously add new evidence as it is found. And that is precisely why Mike Ruppert, Special Ops Agent for the other side - wants them gone.

In Defence of Mike 23.Jan.2005 13:39


Look, Mike is just trying to tell us that we have passed a point in history where we know the Tsunami is coming and we need to start preparing. It has gotten to the point that there is mno return to life as we used to know. Deal with it.

Let's hear it for More 9-11 Truth Websites 23.Jan.2005 14:14

You go Girl !

Ruppert is a very suspicious character indeed, and most probably an intel-operative. He's got a hidden agenda for sure. I guess I'd have to say he's a disinformation agent. And yes, forget Ruppert and let's carry on with the 9-11 Truth Movement without him. Vicky gives excellent reasons to put up even more websites dedicated to 9-11.

more on Ruppert treason 23.Jan.2005 15:29




19 January 2005: Ruppert pokes his tusks at 9/11 activism

It's offical, folks. With his 600-page bible now safely
ensconced in
the market and being fully self-credited for the final
denouement of
the 9/11 crimes, Mike Ruppert given us the green light to start
dropping our efforts at 9/11-related political activism:

"On Saturday night, January 15th, at Kane Hall, on the campus of
University of Washington in Seattle, a standing room only crowd
almost 1000 witnessed a new and aggressive presentation by
Michael C.
Ruppert, as he began the healing process of moving forward from
9-11 focus many had associated him with for years. In front of a
wildly enthusiastic throng of supporters, listeners, activists,
those just needing to learn and listen, Ruppert explained to
them that
although the 9-11 cause is still alive it is no longer useful as
political tool by activists. The window on 9/11 has closed.
Simple as

You see, 9/11 truth activism is sooooo 2004. 9/11 is an old
and it's time for new elephants. Have no fear, Ruppert will
point them
all out to us. Pink ones included, I hope.

How much more low can Ruppert go? I must admit, I'm finding it
even to keep my composure. I hope we can see a full transcript
and see if this is really as bad as it sounds.

It figures that this presentation would be sponsored by the
chronically flawed 9/11 Visibility Project, closely linked to the
chronically flawed 911truth.org grouping which helped lead the
movement into the Victims' Families strategic quagmire.

Nor was I surprised to find at the website of another event
"Seattle Thunder", a speech by David Korten. Now this leads us
into the usual dung. Allow me to digress.

Ex-Ford Foundation official Korten (lauded by Ruppert) is one of
Club of Rome's recently added propagandists, and was trained by
late Willis Harman, a key figure in the Tavistock/MK-ULTRA "Age
Aquarius"/"Global Mind Change" psychological warfare racket that
planted itself in California in the early 1960s and operates to
day in a subtle and changing form, as deep-cover promoters of
crypto-globalist social conditioning tailored to "left coast"
sensibilities. Harman's main institutional connection was the
Research Institute, a major government contractor with links to
and RAND, and whose longtime major funding source has been George
Schultz's Bechtel. Yes, that's the same George Schultz who helped
assemble Bush's 'neocon' team and then helped install the
(which itself was a folloup to the "peak oil" dress rehearsal,
successful financial and political destabilization of
government by the artifically manufactured "energy shortage" in
2000-01. Now we're close to the real curtain call, I think...).
Schultz's colleague Jim Garrison (co-founder of Gorbachev's
/ globalist State of the World Forum and executive at the
spook-infested new age outpost, Esalen) has recently gotten
involved in "9/11 truth" as well... imagine that. This all ties
with the "global governance" cadre who have, as I perceive
moved in big time to co-opt the 9/11 truth movement as an
dialectical springboard for their agenda. And Ruppert has one
way or
another wound up in the thick of it. Korten, predictably, is also
involved with the International Forum on Globalization, a
product both
financially and ideologically of London's elite Goldsmith banking
family (longtime fixtures in the British oligarchy typified
historically by the East India Company and 'Round Table'
circles, and
intermarried allies of the Rothschilds), and which functions as a
global ringleader of the civil society / communitarian /
systems-theorist / postmodernist diversionary controlled
opposition to
globalization. While I'm at it, it's worth noting that deep
Edward Goldsmith recently hired "peak oil" pundit Andrew
McKillop as
energy editor for The Ecologist magazine. All in the family.

Incidentally, I've been doing some research on just these sort of
connections amongst a large portion of those who signed on to the
"9/11 Truth Statement". I will post some research notes soon.

Between co-optation and compromise on one side, and on the
other, a
damaging profusion of discrediting mud jobs and harebrained
disinformation which have received regrettably wide exposure to
general public, the 9/11 Truth Movement has really suffered over
past year compared to what could have been. This fits the classic
polarization / divide-and-conquer strategy, and I don't think
it's by
chance. But if there's any cold comfort to be found, I think
it's that
the mechanisms behind this are starting to make more sense to
me. I've
lost a lot of the optimism I had at the beginning of 2004, but
I'm not
at all ready to start viewing 9/11 activism as an elephant's ass.

Read the above with links at:


Hey Ruppert: 9/11 is NOT dead!

Hey Ruppert: 9-11 is NOT Dead!
by Victor Thorn
With an ego so overblown it defies description (or possibly an indication of something even more sinister), Mike Ruppert - and Mike Ruppert alone - has declared that 9-11 is now a dead issue.

If you don't believe me, here is what Ken Levine (Ruppert's publicist) wrote on January 19, 2005 for From the Wilderness in reference to Ruppert's speech at the University of Washington on January 15, 2005: "Ruppert explained [to them] that although the 9-11 cause is still alive, it is no longer useful as a political tool by activists. The window on 9-11 has closed. Simple as that."

The first question everybody should now be asking is: Who the hell does Mike Ruppert think he is, and who gave him the authority to close the case on 9-11? As Lisa Guliani said: "Is Ruppert going to tell the victims' families that 9-11 is now a thing of the past; or that they should focus their attention on something of far greater importance --- like peak oil?" What audacity. What nerve. What cold-hearted callousness. How does this guy even remotely think that he can speak for the rest of us, especially all the 9-11 researchers who have tirelessly strived to get to the bottom of this despicable mass murder?

Well, Mr. Ruppert, I have news for you. 9-11 is NOT dead, and when my book 9-11 on Trial is released next month, you'll see why. By culling together data from scores of the best 9-11 researchers around, we now have undeniable, definitive proof that there was zero possibility that the World Trade Center towers collapsed from either the impact of jet planes, or the resulting jet fuel fires. Zero chance. And we've now proven it! Better yet, we haven't used even one "conspiracy theory" in doing so. Rather, we've utilized mathematical equations, physics, scientific formulas, physical evidence, the laws of nature, and expert testimony to reach our conclusion.

Please take a moment and think about what we're telling you --- the WTC towers did not collapse due to jet fuel fires or from crashing jetliners. And now it's all proven in one place.

With that in mind; let me ask everyone a question: how can 9-11 be an issue we should 'look beyond'? It's absurd, and Mike Ruppert should be absolutely ashamed of himself for even considering such a preposterous notion, let alone uttering it before a live audience. Those in attendance should have booed him off the stage.

But y'see, I'm not surprised by Ruppert's pronouncement, because this man has done more to steer people away from getting to the bottom of what happened to the WTC towers than anyone else. He did so in Crossing the Rubicon by diverting everyone's attention with his war-games limited hang-out. What precisely do I mean? Well, no one is denying that war games took place on the morning of 9-11, and no one is denying that our military stood-down. No one is even surprised that Dick Cheney was one of the individuals behind it.

But here is the crux issue of 9-11: war games did not cause the World Trade Center towers to physically collapse, and a military stand-down did not cause the World Trade Center towers to physically collapse. Therefore, what if Dick Cheney appeared on television tonight and admitted: "Yes, Mike Ruppert was correct. I was in charge of the war games, and because of the confusion created by them, our military was compelled to stand-down and not intercept the incoming jetliners. So, because of our INCOMPETENCE (yes, the 'incompetence angle'), those pesky terrorists careened their hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center towers, and that's what brought them down."

Can't you see what is taking place here? It's an unadulterated limited hang-out that, if ever played out like a trump card, still reinforces the government's official version of events that 19 Arab hijackers planned and carried out the 9-11 attacks; thereby removing all blame from them. But that's not what really happened. Being that burning jet fuel couldn't have brought down the towers, the jetliners striking WTC 1 and WTC 2 was merely a pretext for the deliberate demolition of these structures! That's the bottom line to 9-11.

Ruppert's limited hang-out is the oldest trick in the book, and I can't believe how many people have fallen for it. But what Ruppert doesn't want you to do (thus he diverts your attention) is to look at what actually caused the physical collapse of the WTC towers. More importantly, if that part of the government's version of events is undeniably proven false, the entire "myth" begins to crumble. This is precisely why they've gone to such great lengths to steer you away from this crucial point.

With this information in mind, how can 9-11 be dead, as Mike Ruppert asserts? How could we ever, in good conscience, turn our backs on this event and 'move forward' as Ruppert suggests? It would be a betrayal of the greatest magnitude. All I can say right now to Mike Ruppert is: you can close the door on 9-11 if you want to, but Lisa Guliani and I will never, until our last dying breath, leave this issue behind, and that's a promise.

author vs author 24.Jan.2005 00:16

beat a dead horse

"...and when my book 9-11 on Trial is released next month..."

nuff said

Boy, if only we had enough 9/11 websites, bush would be brought to justice 24.Jan.2005 00:41

CIA double agent (booga! booga!)

"...people are going to come searching for answers to the question of "what the H*LL is going on" - especially since the corporate controlled media is providing tabloid news relevent to nothing. The 9-11 Truth websites will provide them with the answers"

Actually, people will more likely be asking, "Hey, where did all the heat, food, and light go? Can you realy start a fire with two sticks?"
Anyway, speaking of a need for more 9/11 truth websites, did you ever google 9/11? Boy, are you in for a surprise! But don't listen to me, I'm just a demon whispering doubt in your ear... booga! booga!

Booga! Booga! 24.Jan.2005 04:08

Vicky Davis

There can NEVER be enough 9-11 websites. I'd like to see 100 million 9-11 websites because the more websites there are, the more people will begin to know that AL Qaeda is really the Special Forces unit out of the Office of Force Transformation in the Department of Corporate Defense.

100 million * zero = zero 24.Jan.2005 09:17

Jesse (CIA Special Ops Agent for the other side)

We don't need anymore 9/11 truth websites then we have. The visibility of the 9/11 investigation on the internet does not rise with the number of google or yahoo pages people have to wade through. We don't need 100 million websites that all say the same thing. Basically, UnansweredQuestions.org, QuestionsQuestions.net, and any of the sites they link to, provide 99.99% of the 9/11 related info out there. People should have focused their efforts on bringing the investigation public visibility outside of cyber-"activism". Some did, but not nearly enough. A poll shows that half the pop of NYC already believes Bush Inc had full knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and intentionally allowed them to happen. Where were they? Posting on websites? We needed people in the street. We especially needed the "progressive" left media, such as The Nation, Z-Mag, and Democracy Now, to champion this issue. Instead, they stuffed it up their asses and twiddled their thumbs, merrily humming the comfortably familure, self rightous, white guilt-complex, lullabies, that keep the left the insular and marginal force for change that it remains. Where was Mike Ruppert during all this? Struggling to defend himself, and the larger 9/11 investigation, against arrogant, over educated, "progressive" elites, like David Corn and their eternally loyal "progressive" sycophants. Now, because the "progressive" left never picked up the torch, the window of opportunity to bring the perpetrators of 9/11 has closed until, at best, the neo-cons are swept out of all three branches of government. That will not be for a long time. In the mean time, despite the denials of those intentionally ignorant to the facts, the peak oil tsunami is rumbling on the horizon, and we should be focusing on preparing as a community to survive, or we won't live long enough just to get the chance to bring the neo-cons to justice.
Mike has taken more flak and done more to bring public attention to the forces behind 9/11, then all of the left's cherished "heroes", including Noam (conspiracies theorists are a distraction) Chomsky, combined, and squared! Now people have the gall to attack Mike Ruppert as a "Special Ops Agent for the other side"!? I'd like to be comforted by the belief that those saying this are just a small number of double agents themselves. Unfortunately, no one has yet gone broke betting against the ability of the left to rise above petty back-biting and infighting. No, Mike couldn't just be the messenger of misfortune, "He must be", as all those who deliver unwelcome news to the left, "a nefarious double agent. No, worse, he's a double agent, *and* a financial snake oil salesman. No, it's worse, he's all that, and, *gasp* a middle class libertarian!"
Fine, go charging ahead on you're quixotic crusade. Just don't come knocking on the doors of those of us who thought it wiser to prepare for the cold, dark, years ahead, begging for the food, shelter, and warmth, who's production you self righteously scorned.
What ever you do, don't think about this!
What ever you do, don't think about this!

Ruppert's consistent, Part 2 24.Jan.2005 15:08

Flee the country

No one should "latch onto an icon"-- more than a couple of mine have turned me off in the recent couple year political rennaisance I've experienced, and new "icons" keep entering the fray as to who I follow and support. Many of these newbies are folks I would have formerly shuned as a result of my own misguided emersion in the bogus left/right paradigm. Ruppert remains for me one of perhaps a dozen or so top tier light towers as far as my studies of this world situation. Perfect he's not.. ie, regardless of what the truth of Gary Webb's death is, I was disappointed to see Ruppert's undiplomatic flaming of Alex Jones, with whom Ruppert shares a large overlap base of followers, using the using the politically inflamatory label "internet trailer trash".

But watching the internet critics/propagandists seeking to discredit Ruppert suddenly piling on wrt his recent Seattle speech, accusing him of being sold out, on the take, a disinformation agent, a flip flopper, yada yada.. has been yet another lesson in the powerful nature of the establishment propaganda machine.

Why the rapid, noisy reaction? Ruppert says the 911 truth movement is alive but its usefulness as a political tool is dead, implying we should channel our energy accordingly-- ie towards surviving the coming global econonic clusterf#ck. This is perfectly consistent with what he said about the 911-truth movement 10 months ago. Again, don't believe me, watch the last 1 minute of this video of Ruppert at the March '04 Intl 911 inquiry in San Francisco:

And now nearly 3 months after the fake election, he declares 911-truth dead *as an effective political tool*, which not only ties a nice bow around his 3/04 SF comments, but which is also consistent with Ruppert/FTW's "roadmap" which says the intertwined Washington political establishment (dems/pugs), the courts, the financial system, and the "mighty wurlitzer" corporate media are all so profoundly broken/corrupt at this point that spending your finite energy on seeking to get CheneyCo convicted for staging 911 or for fake elections (see "Snap Out Of It!" from Nov 5 at FTW) is not an optimal use of our time.

The post Ruppert seattle speech fallout herein, with all these disinfo specialists in this very thread "cranking up the noise", piling on Ruppert with this hollow "split personality" sham, seeking to create chaos, and to divide and conquer the 911-Truth/Peak Oil movement; is a valuable study in propaganda in and of itself. I'll give "them" credit: if in 100 years, a "balanced account" of the history of America's decent into fascism is ever written, assuming anyone's alive to write it, they will have to concede that the mighty propaganda machine in its heyday, including the specialists flooding the internet (the Empire's biggest threat wrt their control of information/perception) with this divide-and-conquer NOISE-- are very, very sophisticated.

As for the more proximate future, we're on our own folks. And the Ruppert's CONSISTENT "roadmap" can only help you navigate it... if you don't let the propagandists herein successfully derail your attention from what matters.

non sequitur and internally inconsistent comment above? 24.Jan.2005 22:33


"seeking to create chaos, and to divide and conquer the 911-Truth/Peak Oil movement; "

Er, that would be Ruppert's characteristic, as you so pointedly noted, even in your own article. And that is what a great deal of the comments are about I think: Ruppert has a divisionary attitude and a hostile one at that and that is better off outside the 9-11 truth movement.

Er, non sequitur ?? 25.Jan.2005 09:48

Flee the country

"Er, that would be Ruppert's characteristic, as you so pointedly noted, even in your own article"

Er, sounds like grade A bovine excrement to me. Please clarify exactly what you mean, that is, if you truly believe your big word laden puffery has any real substance.

I'm waiting to hear an MP3 of the Seattle speech so we can hear Ruppert's remarks in full context. I'd guess the "rubber meets the road" meaning is, FTW for one will not direct more investigative resources into 911 truth, with the Cheney regime's reinstallation now a matter of fact. Those who've studied the abundant facts assembled by FTW and elsewhere know 911 was an inside job and the war on terra is a "necessary hoax" manufactured by our defacto rulers; but given the fascism which has descended since (actually the ducks for this have been methodically lining up for decades), trying to work within the system to bring CheneyCo to justice for 911 is not an optimal use of energy if not entirely futile. This is Ruppert's recent point, perfectly consistent with his message in Mar '04, and it's a salient point. Our corporate fascist system will never let the light shine on the truth of 911, and the FAUX-News marinated sheeple wouldn't believe it even if Cheney himself sang like a canary in a live State of the Empire address. So the minority who sees exactly what's going on can only prepare for the future, based on the best forward looking roadmaps they can find. In this respect Ruppert/FTW's work remains invaluable.

that smell is your brain 27.Jan.2005 14:46


"Er, sounds like grade A bovine excrement to me."

Wow, as if that is any kind of response, such an intellectualized comment you have there!

If, as you say, it sounds like shit it's because you have a pile of it between your ears. My comment still stands. Ruppert displays very troll like behavior AND HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME, and he is attempting to CENTRALIZE THE 9-11 COMMUNITY and thus make it easier to manaage and control.

"My comment still stands." 28.Jan.2005 11:25

Flee the country

"My comment still stands."

Translation: "There is absolutely no substance to my big word laden puffery."

Pffft. Keep a swingin' and a missin', shill.

hardly 31.Jan.2005 13:13


If I was missing, you wouldn't be here...

I want my MTV and my 9/11 activism ! 04.Feb.2005 04:19

Mike Tattoo

9/11 is dead.

And what the fuck are you going to do about it ?


Let's have flame wars and bait each other online. Typical American couch potato bullshit copout. Anybody who's heard Mike speak more than once knows that a lot of what he says is to force YOU into a position, to force YOU to react.

"Who the hell does Mike Ruppert think he is, and who gave him the authority to close the case on 9-11?"

He started off as CIA Drug Guy, became one of the more prominent 9/11 Inside Job Guys, and has since become End Of The World Guy. And now he's dropping 9/11.

What the fuck are you going to do about it ?

Bitch and whine online ? Use it as a chance to hawk my own book ? Take a number.

"Please take a moment and think about what we're telling you --- the WTC towers did not collapse due to jet fuel fires or from crashing jetliners. And now it's all proven in one place."

OK. I agree with you. So what ? People destroy their own property all the time for the insurance. Duh !

Are we historians or are we activist ? We've been acting like fools, a lot of us. Arguing over WT7 or what hit the pentagon like comic book geeks debating the merits of the new first person shooter game. And now our favorite 9/11 home entertainment system, the Mike Ruppert show, has handed in his resignation. Game over. Anybody want the 9/11 heavyweight champion title ? It's up for grabs, anyone who gets off their ass can have it.

Mike Ruppert has left the building. What the fuck are you going to do about it ?

And just for posterity... 14.Feb.2005 19:56

Flee the Country

A 90+ minute "books on tape" style summary of ..Rubicon. Ruppert speaks in Santa Cruz CA booksigning re ..Rubicon (MP3):


Full text: The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin, online:
(email these links to your entire contact list!)

On "Victor Thorn"/WingTV (and his whole alpha-attack-dog schtick on Ruppert, ie ), this dude is a bad CIA-disinfo joke! His oddly well funded website, articles, and "webcasts" where he and his malnourished sidekick sit there glaring at the camera; style, wardrobe, and set all geared to appear "underground", posing as "angry libruls" (based on the bottom of the wingtv link above where CIA oops I mean 'Thorn' write, 'Long live the progressive wing of the 9/11 truth movement. Ignore the traitors!!!') or whatever your-wing wing they magically morph into.. talking/writing smack about their target du jour in a junior-high-school tone... gawd! Sure they get some interesting guests to appear.. including Mike Rivera of whatreallyhappened.com yesterday, as they employ the textbook disinfo techniques of harping on an assortment of "real" info to establish credibility, establishing the pedestal of credibility from which they can insert their disinfo (ie aggressively demonizing Ruppert as spawn of the devil).

The transparent CIA "WingTV" sham is some of the best evidence out there that Ruppert is indeed poking a stick into our ruler's cage, and indeed it has the Wall Street/CIA spooks, spooked!

Historians or activists ? 18.Feb.2005 11:58

Mike Tattoo

"A 90+ minute "books on tape" style summary of ..Rubicon. Ruppert speaks in Santa Cruz CA booksigning re ..Rubicon (MP3):

 http://radio.indymedia.org/uploads/mikeruppert_10-20-04.mp3 "

Amen. That's a great speech. I've been burning the second part of that onto CD, from exactly 50mins into it to the end, and giving those to friends. Serious End of The World shit is upon us we're all 10 steps behind Karl Rove.

Even though there are disinfo agents in the Left I honestly don't think ANYONE in the 9/11 activism field has even made Karl Rove's "to do" list for the day. The sad fact is that we are pathetic and inefficient to pose no real threat. The creepy side of 9/11 ? Hell yeah there is, have you ever been to a meeting ? We proved that 9/11 was an inside job. OK. So what ? What has it accomplished ?

Maybe if we had gotten the Beastie Boys to get on MTV and say "Hey, don't pay your taxes. Put it into an account until the gorvement can account for the 3.4 trillion that's missing from the Pentagon." Then maybe we would see some change. Maybe if everyone in America got together and boycotted hard drugs we would see some change. We didn't do that. We blew it.

Time for a new strategy

Ruppert "Sold Out" 21.Feb.2005 14:25

Michael Hagerty mattandmike@comcast.net

Six months ago I happened to come across the "In Plane Site" web site. I downloaded the video and was shocked to find out that 9/11 was an inside job. Up to that point I believed that 9/11 was the work of "Terrorists?" with box cutters like the mass media claimed. I never questioned it. I also downloaded Ruppert's video and was convinced by that video that it was definately an inside job. I then joined his www.copvcia.com site. I began to e-mail Mike with articles on alternative energy sources if "Peak Oil" became a reality. I never recieved any answers to my e-mails or did he post any of my articles. When I heard he "Sold Out" I blew my stack. I e-mailed him and stated I would NOT renew my subscription to his site and I would never quit trying to expose the Bush crime machine's 9/11 coupe. He then finally e-mailed me back. It was a nasty e-mail telling me that I didn't know how corrupt the government was and that 9/11 activism was dead. It was time to move on. As far as I am concerned Ruppert can go f''k himself. He is nothing but a miserable coward and should be ashamed of himself. I am surprised he wasn't booed off the stage when he sold out.

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