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animal rights

Qyntel Woods

another Blazer gets a slap on the wrist
The bad news is that Qyntel Woods is getting off with a misdemeanor slap on the wrist for abandoning his dog in NE Portland. The bad news is that his other dogs are out of the picture and probably being abused elsewhere. The good news is that they are foreclosing on Wood's house. I certainly hope that he never plays b-ball again and that the millions he won't be making will be punishment enough.

It disgusts me that his buddy felons can continue to play ball and earn millions of dollars a year. The Blazer organization should fire anyone who had anything to do with allegations of dog fighting. We all know Qyntel Woods wasn't the only one. The authorities just can prove it.

I urge all of you to write your representatives and speak out on this and encourage them to pass laws that will provide stiffer punishments for anyone involved in dog fighting.

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Go Blazers!!! 21.Jan.2005 18:19


It is totally unfair to condemn the entire Blazers team for the acts of Qyntel Woods. There are basically two types of Blazer haters:

1) People who don't like sports and condemn professional athletes any chance they get. These people exist on the right and left of the political spectrum. Even though many Indymedia readers smoke weed, they still slam Staudamire and Rasheed for smoking.

2) Self-righteous zealots who generally conform to the stereotype of the Bush supporter, who seem to regard NBA players as slaves to the white man's dollar, and get irrate when somebody like Rasheed Wallace tells it like it is about racism in the professional sports industry and a corporate media that is all to eager to sensationalize any story they can about rich African-Americans. This is a sport where players who typically come from the poorest, most neglected parts of America's cities, perform for the entertainment of rich people who typically support Republican policies that do nothing for the advancement of civil rights and income distribution.

I do not blame any poor African-American who can, through his passion for a game, negotiate a fortune from the billionaire owners in any sports league. Professional sports is one of the few careers in which a human being can still exercise control over his value against an industrial machine.

You can fault players for their individual stupidity or lack of ethics, as in Woods' case, or their lack of philantropy and understanding of how fortunate they to have their talents and opportunities, but postings like this are just institutionalized racism. Why is it an NBA player needs to be publicly condemned for behavior a pop music star would be labeled "cool" for?

he got off easy 21.Jan.2005 19:20


"Why is it an NBA player needs to be publicly condemned for behavior a pop music star would be labeled "cool" for?"

Do you really think a pop music star would be labeled cool for committing
animal abuse? This behavior should be condemned regardless of who is doing
it. This isn't a racial thing. Those who abuse animals belong in jail,
period. I don't care what their profession is or what their skin color is.
Woods got off easy.

Not Defending Woods 22.Jan.2005 08:51


I'm just saying that all NBA players and the Blazers should not be condemned because of the behavior of Kobe Bryant, Qyntel Woods, Ron Artest, etc.

Boring blazers & violence 22.Jan.2005 11:33


The blazers are boring to watch at the moment. I've wasted ten bucks once over the past couple of years going there. I think the blimp was the most exciting part!
Qyntel should have hit a spectator- a lot less controversial and he would only have had a suspension.
Any how what is animal abuse? Keeping them in a cage like some birds, putting a choke chain on them, eating them (like cows, sheep, chickens, etc)? A of people would end in jail.
I don't know why people would want to see animals rip each other apart, or men beating the hell out of each other in a boxing ring.
We need to see what is going on in society, what is it that makes things like cock fighting, so interesting to some people?
Society is run by the rich, whose whole philosophy is ruled by violence for their interests. Whether it is invading another country or beating up strikers at home they will use violence.

the worst of the worst 22.Jan.2005 16:38


the Blazers, Inc - Corporate Criminals at their worst.

It's not like Qyntel's gonna have to run out and apply for
unemployment to pay his next month's power bill.

OR maybe he will - gold chains and BMW's aint cheap.

who is he? 23.Jan.2005 15:48


Missed it--

Qyntel Woods and fellow Blazers 25.Jan.2005 15:04

Susan Stelljes

It was pretty clear from the evidence that was revealed that there were other Blazers involved in the dog-fighting controversy. Or that at least they knew it was going on and chose to look away. Woods' buddies, that visited his home, said they saw no evidence of dog-fighting. What about the dogs that were outside in the bitter cold without food, water, or shelter. Didn't they think that this might be considered animal abuse? By choosing to ignore animal abuse is contributing to the problem.

I do think that professional sports players are paid way too much in relation to other professions and are least deserving. Especially when most of them can't even put an intelligent sentence together.

Woods and his buddies don't really take responsibility for what they have done. He lied about being the owner of the dog "Hollywood" He hid his other dogs from the investigators. Sure he donated $10,000 to the Oregon Humane Society but that doesn't even cover the costs of investigating his alleged crime. A Blazer player was quoted saying that "there are others who have done a lot worse" than Woods. Well, as far as I am concerned, animal abuse is bottom of the barrel. Beat each other up but leave the innocent alone.

The Blazer organization is nothing but a good ole boys outfit that will continue on with business as usual.

Disgusted 27.Jan.2005 13:50


Since you introduced race as an issue, I'd like to know why dog-fighting is glorified in African American culture. Why do so many professional athletes and rap musicians associate dog-figthing with, as you put it, coolness? It is not remotely "cool" to harm or neglect sentient beings who have no way of defending themselves and who depend on humans for food, companionship and kindness. As an African American, Qyntel should be more sensitive to the pain and suffering of animals. African Americans, too, once were considered property and could be abused and disposed of at will. He and others who engage in dog-figthing or any other form of animal cruelty are sick and should be removed from society before they harm anyone else -- animal or human.

all animals including sports stars are sentient 28.Jan.2005 09:45

Susan Stelljes

Most sports stars and celebrities earn way much more money than seems equitable based on their talent or their education. Putting two sentences together is an effort for some of them. I suppose to those who don't value education, sports and acting would be the only to make money.

I think that we all have given up on the idea that those who are in the NBA are role models to millions of young people in this country. And when they are even remotely associated with some thing like dog-fighting, it becomes an acceptible form of entertainment for young men. (and some women)
Just as the the gangsta look has become mainstream in in music and on the streets, dog-fighting is the next cool thing. It doesn't matter that it is illegal or violently cruel.

Judge Selander, the judge in Woods' case, commended him for donating $10,000 to the Oregon Humane Society. But they spent at least that investigating his alleged crimes. He did not cooperate with the police. He hid his dogs. My guess is that quite a few players and others within the Blazer organization know much more than they are saying about his involvement with organized dog-fighting. Many knew of his criminal neglect of his animals. Yet, all he gets is a $10,000 fine and a new contract. Nothing about this seems right to me. When did it become right for someone to be rewarded for being crappy human being. (OH I forgot it happens all the time)

Woods is required to do community service at animal shelter but even the Humane Society doesn't want him around their animals. I wonder why?

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